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Cryptocoin Mania bitcoin ether
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Please also research on XVG, WAVES, QTUM and TRON also. Looks promising.... Just my 2 cents please make your own decision while investing..
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Ripple is about to rise a lot now that Moneygram accepted Ripple for money transfer....what do you guys think?
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What about TRX .. any thoughts guys ? I have been holding it for a while. But Justin's frequent tweet is making me lose faith in this tech, it kinda like appears he himself starts to panic when the price starts to fall.
Last edited: 12-Jan-18 10:14 AM
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sojoketo is holding his trx
no shit coin makes out to top 10 of coinmarketcap
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Can you buy/sell bitcoin in Nepal? Where and how?
Sajha keto
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go to नजिकैको किराना पसल and ask him to give 1 kilo bitcoin. :D हल्का रमाइलो
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@deepocean ,

If you are inactive for a long time , the bot kicks you out automatically and cannot use the old invite. It was done intentionally to promote participation.

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Stay away from TRX!! It’s a scam!!
Last edited: 14-Jan-18 05:12 AM
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Altcoins are scam. Stay away from them.
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Crypto Market Is Losing Momentum. May end up like 3d printing fad.
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TRX definitely seems like scam, Justin Sun's pump not working on twitter. I would stay away from these altcoins.
Sajha keto
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Lost 5K so far...trying to get recovered. If I did, I will stay away from this...if not, I have to wait until it reaches to ZERO if it does
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Agree with Atiranjeet. All these are trending down with all the increasing hype/volumes. Stuffs don’t happen on stocks. When scams coins like xvg/ada/trx started getting so much support then they started going down more as more volume. This clearly a reason why these r scams and many more are there. Stay away of these scams or wait until it gets 0. So much of support yet performance is like bankrupt companies
Last edited: 15-Jan-18 12:03 AM
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TRX is backed up by alibaba so hold on to your coins.
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There's a rumor that they are trying to stabilize the price of bitcoin around $1800 and this is one of the reason why it's going down. Maybe a good time to sell and get what you can, just a suggestion, follow on your own risk
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All the cryptos tanking hard, there was some news saying bitcoin was manipulated... i think they're going to take this down big time ???

Every altcoin is getting dumped big time, hope you guys are not losing your hard earned money.
Sajha keto
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5K loss from my side
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Or on the other hand- this may be buying opportunity.Nobody knows.. Last time also on a similar news on china crackdown, BTC dropped to 5k from 9k.
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Going up again. Time to buy.
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People, do not put your hard earned money into Bit Coin and shitz like that especially late in the game...Invest on cash producing business....if you want to give your money away...give it to your extended family members in Nepal..There are 1000s of people out there who are 10m times smarter than you are on these bit coin games you are playing now or planning to play...You never win a game with players who are more competent than you...Trick is to find opponent weaker than you are...and you will make some dough..

If any of you have seen Square...or used Square (credit card processing thing)...look at the stock price in 1 year....it's up 4 times....what will happen to square in 10 years....it will probably be 200 dollar stock...because of it's need to small businesses..etc....

Check out fossil...the leather company plus watch company...expect the stock to double or triple in a year from now.....etc
Last edited: 17-Jan-18 05:42 AM
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I can't understand people investing on bitcoin which has a volatility % as much as 20-30% in a day. Man, you must have heart of a lion to invest on any coin.
I don't invest on something which I don't understand. I have heard there main bitcoin miners are mostly Chinese and people love to play gamble over there. I am not a gambler nor I am interested on it. I just can't think of investing on some kind of virtual encrypted currency with bloated value.
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