Travel document (TPS) from USA to Nepal and Back
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I am going to Nepal soon, and I have AP under TPS.
What are the steps (documents) that I need at the TSA, Airport (airlines) and same while coming back from Nepal?

While Going to Nepal
I have old paper i-94, where should I surrender that?
At TSA, are AP and my passport enough to get through the security?
What are the documents that I need to show to airlines (china southern) people to get into the plane?
I have connection in China, any problems there?
What are the documents do I need to show at the KTM airport.

Coming Back to USA
What are the documents that I need at the KTM airport to fly the Plane.
What are the documents do I need to show at the USA port of entry?

Any extra documents/proof that I should take with me for in case?

Any Information will be greatly appreciated.
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How long did it take for you to get a travel document? It's almost been 2 months I applied for it but no update yet.  Whenever I try to check my case status online, it says validation error.
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I haven't got AP on my hands yet, it is on production status. It took 2 months and 26 days from Application received to card in production.

Some other people also have that validation error (at least I know 2 other people).
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@MimroRaMero, which service center was processing you case? Vermont service center receive mine on September 20 and still I have not got any decision.

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@captainB I sent it to Texas, and was processing in Nebraska Center.
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1 Heading to Nepal you just need passport and plane ticket of course, you can hand in your i-94 to your airline while checking-in, these days i-94 is done electronically. But save your boarding pass just in case.

2 Coming back Passport, TPS approval letter, AP required but keep your EAD handy. Some people have suggested Driver licence, but not necessary, keep that handy too.

Hope this helps, travel safe and back my friend.
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Thanks. I will keep it updated.
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