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EAD processing time with TPS status
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When I applied for TPS extension several months ago, I only applied for the TPS and not for an EAD card. Now, I urgently needed to work so I want to apply for the EAD. Could someone let me know how long does it take to receive an EAD? I received a letter from USCIS a few months ago stating that my TPS has granted and also they took my biometrics while filing for the TPS extension. My potential employer told me that I can start working now if I can bring the card in less than a month or so. Is it possible to work now and get payment later once my EAD card arrives?
Please share your experience!
Thank you
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it took me little more than a month to get my EAD. It depends on which center you are applying too and once you send all your documents you can call USCIS and ask for the expedition for your case saying that it's an emergency. In that case, you may get it within a month. It took 2 weeks after I expedite my case.
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It is always better to apply EAD with TPS for unpredictable situation like these. It might cost 400$ but not getting to work due to lack or delay of EAD will cost 1000s of $.
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Thank you Hardworker1. Could you tell me which center is faster. Do they charge extra for expediting the case?Thanks
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center depends on your location so you have no choice when it comes to selecting a center and it does not cost any money for you to ask for an expedition. Once you receive a letter from uscis about your application submission then you can call them and ask for an expedition. They will ask a reason and you can say that it's an emergency because your job needs it.
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@Hardworker1, I guess we cannot apply online. Do they send letter once they receive documents? I don't remember I receive letter before. one last question, what are the the documents that I need to submit besides the following:
Old EAD card
Money order for the form
TPS granted letter from USCIS

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I would send check rather than money order as you will know that they received your package when you see your check has been cashed out from your bank account. Additionally, a cover letter explaining your case and what documents you have inside your package will process your case quicker as they can understand the case.

they will send a letter once they receive your package and you will have a case number in it. You then can call them and ask them to expedite the process.
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This is really helpful. Thank you very much hardworker1!
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@hardworker1 how much is the fee for just EAD? Is it 410 or 495? Tia
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