Wire transfer from Chase Bank to Nabil Bank
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I am planning to do wire transfer $25K from Chase bank within a week. Can someone share their experience like how much they deduct in Nepal and what would be the exchange rate? Chase bank charges $40. Is there any other reliable transfer ways with the good rate? Thamel does not let me transfer more than $10K/month.
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Send it in dollars, you will get the rate set by NRB. Large amounts like yours are to be trusted only with Banks. Dont try to save couple of bucks.
ramaelo Nepal
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Try prabhu money transfer online. They have good rate but you have to show proof of your income. I transferred 22k last month.

If you live in or near New York, you can visit their office there.
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Sajha keto
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I have sent via thamelremit and prabhu in past. I am also planning to send $30K+. I am also looking for the best way to transfer. I am also new to this wire transfer thing
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@roomrent969 and @ramaelo Nepal
How come u guys share the same profile pictures. Do u guys share the common interest here and trying to market Prabhu Money Transfer?
Sajha keto
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I think its default one. I never changed my profile pic...dont know how my PP is Nepal's flag
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sajha has random default pics for people now unless you change it.
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I see. Thanks for clarifying @maxpayne.
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Finally, I sent $35K from Chase wire transfer. It took 3 business days to get it deposited in Nabil Bank in Nepal. Chase deducted $40 for $25K (Max amount) and another $40 for $10K. Total I paid $80 for $35K. Still, the deposited amount was better than any other transfer agencies. But, NABIL did not deposit based on the NRB rate, rather it deposited based on their own rate which was around 15-30 paisa less than NRB buying rate.
So, based on my experience, below is what I think would be good:
"Utako utai yetako yetai is the best" if its small amount as no legal complication for small amount.
Wire transfer is most reliable,legal way
Transfer via Prabhu money
Thamel is next
and so on
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