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anybody with experience of federal job ( software developer or IT dept) mind sharing experience ? Been in industry for almost 9 years but never have worked for any federal or state government jobs, close to get offer. Any input will be highly appreciated except Magorkhe's tato na charo ko comment.
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santa lil helper
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What Kalikopoi said....
With your background you'll most likely become the IT liaison between the office you work for and the contractor.
The contractor do all the hard work.
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Which GS level they want to take you in? If it's 14, I will say take it, 13 you can consider it,below that I will not consider it.

Again other factors come into picture, like your goal in life, if you want more money, more demanding and fast pace daily work for your self , it may not be right fit.
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Thanks all for your inputs. After hearing different people and doing some research I am leaning towards accepting offer (hopefully I get) , I am already in my mid thirty and have done contract works for few years and been working in this company as full timer for almost 6 years, seen all in and out of Private companies . Benefits and time are really big factors, kid is growing so I can spend more time with him and be with him in extra activities.I will try it out and things don't go towards north will back to job hunting again hopefully job market will still remain hot.@meraj, didn't know about level 13/14, I will definitely find out and consider your point.
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Keep us updated, I have had few offers for federal jobs before but like you I was on fence and the pay scale on fed side wasn't that appealing. Also, like you now i think i should have accepted those offers as my kid is growing too and would love to live a laidback life.
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The federal job pays way less than the corporation. It makes sense as most of the employer are non-competitive and are there just for a paycheck. Even the GS-15 salary starts at $103,000/yr and can go up to 135,000/yr (without locality pay). To be in the higher end of GS-15, you have to be working there for forever.

If you are GS-09, and in DC area, you will make 55-60K/yr. That is like minimum wage in IT. One of my so-called friend is in Baltimore and decided to take the Federal job and started working at 50K and now is making 60K/yr after four years. I decided to go and work for the corporation and we started at the same range and now I am making around 150K with the bonus.

Guys/Gals, if you have a potential, do not work for Federal. Maybe once you are past 50 years, and you want to relax for few years before retirement not when you are in the mid-20s or 30s.
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You can't compare everything with IT. You can't compare genuine experience with 7 yrs of resume experience.You makes $150k in IT.Probably with10 yrs of experience where 3 yrs is real + 7 yrs is proxy .
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If you girls don’t mind, can I ask your ages? Just wondering at what age do you make 150k ?
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@ NepalPsycho I am 33 and make 150K. I know the handful of people who make more than 150K within two years after the undergraduate degree.

@200times My resume is not fake. I showed the real experience of four years and got hired. In last three years, I have been promoted three times. When you are on the job with a real resume, your charisma and hard work counts and you will get paid accordingly.
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I think age not related with salary, If you are bright enough and CS degree, get MBA from top rank university, CIO,CFO get paid tons of money. My understanding if you are in good company and potential they always encourage to go up up pay rate is not much issue for them. 150 K for full stack developer is not that high because their skill set worth to get paid.
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@rajmani, which state are you in? Salary, in most cases depends on state too...150 k in california or new york is similar to 100k in Wyoming or Idaho.
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@collegefootballrocks, I am in mid-west.
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rajmani in our community in the US where fake resume breeders not only get the job but also come openly and brag about it , i find your posting very encouraging. can you please state what path you took? did you come here for masters or undergrad? and did you go to state university or school of professional studies? and what was your major, gpa and did you get your first job through internship? were you on f1,h1 path too? thank you
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@mulajasto, did I hire you to write my biography? Even sauraba did not ask me so many question in a detail when I asked him his daughter's hand?
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haha.. np.. never mind then..thanks anyway..
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People worry about fake resume as if their job was stolen by people with fake resume. How many faked their bank statement at US embassy to got the visa. Also, its not the people who are faking or doing things on their own..There is a huge industry out there from their employer to prime vendors to implementation partners like Accenture who encourage you to fake. One job I had 10 years experience and my manager at Accenture introduced me to the team as someone with 15 years of experience and he was white. So what's the big deal. Faking is as normal as footballing fakes done by Messi or Ronaldo until refreee sees the foul and decides to take action..Some of you l are like those audiences crying out loud...cutting your own legs. If you go to the doctor for whatever issues, what makes you think that the doctor won't ask you for extra services that you don't need? If you go to a car mechanic he'll do the same..Ask you to fix things that you need not fix (not every time but many times)....The world revolves around these things and you all know it. This topic of fake resume will continue forever as there will be dissatisfied people of all kinds...and for all this reason one can say...why Nepal is poor socially...coz we're not united and we like to cut each other's legs...just to feel good or something like that...I quit IT industry some years ago and ..switched industry which is much more be dealing with women all day...and their make up I am planning to switch one more time to indian nepali gorcery store ...near some fortune 500 company hubs...where all of you IT workers that I can sell you sweets and rice and more rice....and you can eat and go to work ..
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hmm good analogies about mechanics and docs.. btw, god forbids but how would you feel if your loved ones was being operated by a fake resume surgeon?
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all these fake resume in IT...was not created by individual Nepali IT workers...There was a company I worked for in 2011 which had fired 90% of its IT department. People had more than decades of IT experience working in that company and they were all fired. The whole thing was replaced by contractors...Accenture being the main player...What they did? Kept some of the remaining IT workers for couple of years...for knowledge transfer knowledge to Accenture IT workers (fresh out of college students)..from Philippines and other countries in South America..Do you think Accenture didn't fake their resume to charge more money to the client? Is that Nepali people who do gave the idea to Accenture management? You all are bullshitters if you think Nepali IT workers are responsible for all bad things that may happen in the IT world...Its there...Read the biography of bill gates? He openly talks about how he lied his resume to get the first few projects? He can do it but not your relatives from Nepal or ximeki from Nepal? Everyone fakes in this world whenever there is an opportunity...some fakes are more faku than others...doesn't wall streeet fake, pump and dump..and it's regarded as 'invest on your own risk' and didn't housing market blow up ..because of all the fake and criminal activities that went on ...and nobody got caught? You all need to expand your mental horizon and leave other Nepali people alone..instead of constant bickering as if they are working at your computer messing your hard disk..etc...whoever fakes resume in IT and goes to work and survives or gets responsible on their own...but you all trying to sound like mahatma gandhi...i'd say fk ya all..everytime i hear you crying
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good argument, you convinced me .. thank you
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But faking by individual which is equivalent of lying is different then organized business based on fake resume . If the business if completely based on these practices they should be accountable. Individuals lying is different then fraudulent business practice.
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Dear brother gone12, however this thread is 3 months old I only wish is u r having a quality time with ur kid. Salary, a better job and forth on with hinder u from enjoying ur fatherhood. I hope u made ur choices and living a amazing life with ur nani, babu that's ur salary a joy of fatherhood. We as a human r tend to compete and almost forget to enjoy and benefit from only once in a life time opportunity. I hope u best fatherhood time no matter how much u make salary wise and where u hold ur job intfact a federal or private. Best u will get when u get home talk u ur lil one n teach him thru lives which will pay ur retirement better than 401k or ssi. Cheers and hope u are living a joyish life with ur loved ones.
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