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Best IT jobs for you
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Tech Jobs
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Hi, Magorkhey dajju, Happy tihar.. hajur yo fake consultancy ra hajur ko mukhaya ko k sambandha ho? alik bujeyana...
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jharko namanee prasta paree dinu bhaya aavari hunay theya
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मेरा गाउका मुखिया बा ले आफुले गल्ति गरेछु भन्ने जाने पछि पनि आफ्नो अडान छोड्दैन थिए , तिनी जस्तै बानि भएका हरुलाई एउटै श्रेणी मा राखेको हु !
Did you see that thread ? Some one was insisting that answer is still 9 after the good explanations with the correct answer is 1.

Now these so called IT guy's brain is focked up , every day they are creating new account and trying to approve their daily home activities. 

How is all of your life ? it became your full time job to fulfill your ego and  vengeance. 
Last edited: 12-Oct-17 02:02 PM
Last edited: 12-Oct-17 07:23 PM
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"How is your life ? it became your full time job to fulfill your ego and vengeance. "

huh?> i never had any problems with you.. i think you're taking me for someone else.
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Bro ani sunna na..Ek mahina ma QA training garera kaam paayenxa..ki paayidaina..k ho yesko..bastabik kuro chai
· Snapshot 382
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Nope: I was talking mukhiya baa-s and I was checking on other .

के भन्या ? हैन समातेकै के छ र छोड्नु ? गाइ बस्तुको नाकमा जुको पसे पछि निकाल्न गाह्रो हुन्थ्यो अहिले २-३ ओटा जुका मेरा गुद्वारमा छिर्या छन् | बडो जुस चुस्या भन्ठानेका होलान , त्यागिने बस्तु चुसेका छन् एक दिन आफैं निस्कछन |
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Stop being an asshole.... life is beautiful.... live the life in the fullest rather than blaming people and crying in sajha. Understand, you need to stop poking somebody else nose first to get the respect...
Chill Buddy! Life is full of joy...
· Snapshot 617
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I dont understand why u need to know c + or java to be qa or ba. U can be qa/ba by learning basic of sql and unix. If somebayd is doing lets encourage them to do more . Pls dont critise on every topic aand discourage other ..
· Snapshot 701
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Stop sending me inbox messages creating new login name who intend to get into my nurve. Keep it in your brain that I do not open and do not waste your time in if you are smart enough and your daily life is run by vengeance. If you are responding from foreign  land keep your sort out your priority and there were great advise to over come is yoga and meditation. 
 Sajha admin is moniting it and if offensive and filthy will block your IP address.
Do not enter Sajha with an ego like a child , no one but yourselves will suffer because your brain is paralyzed. 
Do you guys subscribe me? If so start unsubscribing may be the first step to steer your f**ked up brain to right directions. Hatrism will takes you nowhereचोरको खुट्टा काट भन्दा तिम्ले किन उचाल्छौ ?  
Last edited: 13-Oct-17 10:53 AM
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hatterika yo gorkhey, naam ma chai gorkhey rakhya cha , runa bahek kehi janena . Gorkhey naam kai beijjat gari sakyo. Badta naro mula saag, asti badi royera houston dubais aaba k dubauna khojyachas ? Aani yi paat haru pani feri yehi gorkhey nai bhetney raichan khutta tanna ko lagi. Ruayeka chan ruyaeka chan. Sajha esso kholyo ki yehi mula ko rauai dhuwai ra fed na tuppo ko post huncha. Aaai khasi ka chauriyeaka geda haru ho , esko khutta tanna choddeo ta. Sajha nai dikka lagni banai sakyo yo bajiya ley . User haru lai depression mai lagi sakyo.
Aba yeti bhaye pachi gorkhey bro lai ni 1 mahina samma ufrana ko lagi pugyo hola.

Aba popcorn liney , gorkhey ufreko herney.
You all are welcome.
· Snapshot 826
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Gorke ko gula futyo jasto cha .. wa wa runa thalyo. Tuka mula.. mail gardai hidna kam chaina
· Snapshot 823
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I know you very well , you belongs to the same circle of people who acts like mukhiya baa’s spoiled rats.
You should not worry about me on blocking me because I will say infront, I do not stab in back. Read it as it was written to you and then think unbiasly and indifferently. As a man who has some moral , basic ethics and who has family values  respect own as well others.
After reading comment back being an indifferent person.
Last edited: 13-Oct-17 02:38 PM
· Snapshot 841
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magorkhe1, I feel your pain. Trust me. I am on your side.
But, you also need to understand few things. Do not poke nose on others business. Only comment if you know 100% about the stuffs.Or be silent... just ignore.
If you keep on putting your legs on others business, people will respond. People will not stop.
Just chill out, be calm.
The more you give priority to those people and bring the stuffs in sajha public forum, the more you are encouraging people to be nightmare to you. Just ignore, be calm, do not poke nose on others business, only comment on what you know 100%,,, importantly, do not PERSONALLY attack any body based on their opinions and ideas... Do that... Trust me, everything will be fine.
Again, please do not backfire on me. I understand your pain. I feel you. I am with you. The missing point is, you are NOT understanding the concept of online forum. You are taking it too personal.
· Snapshot 989
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Huna na tah ho bro haru..All of you guys look expert in this field..kura haru sunda...ani ..1 mahina traning liyera qa ba ko
Interview kasari face garni purai ghokandaas hanne ho ki..ali ali bhujya bhar ma hanne ho..sake jati..ki..yo consutancy lai hamro interview ni lidinxa..bhanne suenko thiye..k k ho..baru bhanum ..na sunum..
· Snapshot 1018
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magorkhe1 knows it... he is an expert in every field from IT to nursing to Tax filing to divorce, you name it... listen to his tips, follow it, you will have a QA job in a month with an annual salary of $75,000 yearly minimum. I am the example... I am earning $110 K per year now based on his tips and suggestions...
Message him in private because he is a shy person and does not want to disclose everything in public... He is such a genius in sajha that no one is knowledgeable than him..
Good luck!
· Snapshot 1054
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thats what i wanted to ask with magorkhey dai, Gorkhali12, but he immediately suspected me of someone else and started attacking me. I think it's true when they say all creative ppl are little crazy. Well i could not gain much from Magorkhay dai but good luck to him.
· Snapshot 1143
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Bro haru..sachi..kun training lida ramro QA ko lagi..you guys look like from IT background..so i m just asking for suggestions..abt interview..consultancy..bachelor degree complete gareko xaina..but maile gareko xu bhanera bhaneko xu consultancy..mah..as i got advice from someone who recently did QA training and got the job..
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why not finish Undergrad degree brother? if you have kajag go for undergrad in EE, Comp Eng, Comp science, and you will get the job for sure...
· Snapshot 1331
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Mulaajasto: You are trying to be genuine but fakes are hoovering sajha.
There are couple people who are running to bite my balls because they know how to hurt other. Some of them are creating 10-15 names and posting one after another.

IT guys: are you still not convinced with the answer 1?
· Snapshot 1758
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Answer 1 ma k k lekhya ho lekhya ho k bhujnu testo..As i m a newcomer..ali bhujiyena..uukhan tukka..k k ho...
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