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RFE Notice Not Received It Yet
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Hi all,

I am in situation where i am supposed to received RFE Notice letter for I-485, RFE issued on Aug 24th based on USCIS website. On 14th September called the USCIS and raised the request to resend RFE notice letter. Now it Oct 11 still haven't received it yet.

- What are the Option Do i have in order to get RFE Notice Letter faster?
-Is there a way to call someone to get the copy of notice via Email or FAX?. If so how much time we need to wait before doing it?.

Your inputs will be highly appreciated.
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The average time is not more than 2 weeks to get the RFE by mail. I would recommend you to check with the USCIS where the letter was sent to. If you have recently moved, the federal mails wont be forwarded to the new address. What was your I485 based on?
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Hi ru_ben123,

I-485 is based on EB1.
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I had the same issue while back. I got an RFE as per USCIS online status. I called CS, what's the RFE about? but they refused to tell me. Anyway long story short, I never recieved one in my mail box. USCIS actually sent it to my attorney. It took around a week.
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