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Hi everyone! I am here on F2 (dependent) VISA and trying to find out if I can apply for the US army.
I was wondering how Nepalese students apply for US army or equivalent (Navy, Marine, Air Force, etc). The National guard recruiter in Boston told me that I should have a Green Card to apply. But I have heard that there are a lot of Nepalese students who have applied without having a Green Card and in fact upon completion of program they get the Green Card. Can someone help me understand the process? I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.
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In the Era of Obama anyone could go to US ARMY, Green card was not a requirement but you would get citizenship after you get recruited and have your 3 months training completed. Now, Mr Trump changed the rule. Only Green Card holder or citizen can go to army. And the sad part is those who are already in the army and have not got their citizenship yet, will not be granted citizenship and shall be deported if they wont get any other status once they will be thrown out of army.
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Techlover, do you have any source for the later parts of your comment?
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You can't join military service without a green card or citizenship.Like Techlover said, We were able to join military without citizenship or greencard as long as you have legal status but not anymore. I joined army 4 yrs ago when I was in F1 status.Got my citizenship, serve my country for 4 yrs. Just got out and started my civilian life. Feels great.
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Mithya Ji, there was a Pilot program called MAVNI until last year that allowed foreign born nationals to join US Army if they possessed selected languages skills. As you know, you need to be a US Citizen to serve in the military, so if you join through Green Card or through MAVNI program in the past, they will give you citizenship at the end of your training (length of training varies with your job you choose in the army).
Long story short, MAVNI program is closed right now and there is no sign of reopening. So, I suggest you to forget about it and find your alternatives to stay here.
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Thank you everyone. You all have been extremely helpful. It seems its a "No Entry" road for me. Well it is what it is. :)
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