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Travelled to Nepal and back. Here is my experience.

Going to Nepal no issues whatsoever, stayed for 50 days plus.

Coming back via Kathmandu and Doha on Qatar Airways. Immigration officials in Nepal do know TPS, so encountered no problem, but i explained to them about the travel document proactively to avoid any confsuion, had to show work permit and that was it.

Almost same thing in Doha showed Passport and travel document boarded aircraft no issues.

Finally elephant in the room arrived in DFW after long transit and flight. I had decided not to carry any food item just to avoid any possible scrutiny or declaration to customs. I asked and was directed to the line for people with Travel documents. My Fingerprints and picture was taken no question was asked, I was only required to show my AP and passport, officer did not ask for any other paper, then I was sent to second inspection. There were five people ahead of me. I saw a lady behind the counter who looked like she was on some sort of visa of Travel document, she was asked to leave the country within certain date, that made me really nervous including everyone else who were waiting. I did not know her situation, not did I know her visa type or status, so I did not entertain the thought too much althought I felt bad for her and kid.

Officers took their sweet time, some asked question after question to other individuals. Finally they called my name, I was very nervous as I approached the window and officer who called me. As soon as I approached the window he said "you are good to go" he already had stamped my AP and passport. I had forgotten to surrender my I-94 prior to my departure so I asked if I could hand over my old I-94 and he said "no, not necessary". I was out within half hour.

That is the entirety of my experience, hopefully this will help who are thinking of traveling on TPS/AP.

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wow, so smooth, congrats
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What was your status before tps if you don't mind me asking?
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Thanks a lot @Furke
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I have the same question as Abhilasha and I am sure a lot of others who were out of status before TPS would like to know.
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@abhilasha and @wonton sorry about the delayed response on my part. Out of status.
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Thank you!
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Here's my experience...might be helpful to some:
Based on what I went through, AP is not necessary for those who are not out of status. I was on F2 when I first applied. EAD was approved but TPS was pending for a long time so I decided to abandon TPS application and went back to Nepal for 6 months (did not apply for AP). When I came back to US, there was a letter from USCIS saying that my application was incomplete because I forgot to answer one of the questions. It was already past the time they had asked me to respond, but I still sent my response just to see what happens. While the application was still pending, it was time to renew TPS. I was planning to go to school so I applied for renewal. After 6 months of waiting, uncertainty, and no progress whatsoever, I decided to go to Nepal and apply for a F1 so that I could start school this fall. And I did (without AP again)...went back home for 2 months, got my visa, came back and now I'm in school. And the funny thing is, my application for extension was approved about a week ago and I got the letter in the mail yesterday!
During this whole thing, the word TPS never came up anywhere including KTM embassy, and port of entry (HOU). Could be because I was on F2, had maintained my status, and did not use TPS EAD to work.
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To bakwaas_kura,
But once u are out of states with out AP or TPS granted. Your application is void? I did not understand how is it possible to have TPS and EAD despite of going to Nepal twice without AP or TPS granted.

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That's what I had thought too. But they still decided to approve the application! I guess they didn't care about traveling without AP because I had a valid F-2.
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Hi Sajha Users
Can anyone tell me what to enter on i-131 Part 1> other information> Class of admission
also on part 7 Do it make any different if you choose >one trip or more than one trip

Thank you
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Hi @captainB, class of admission would be your visa type when you entered, for instance F1 or something else. On part 7, select more than one trip just in case.

Hope this helps.
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Hello Bhanasuna bro
Thank you very much, it helps me big time.

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If I am applying under TPS what would be the type of application?

refugee travel document (Application Types B and C) or advance parole document (Application Types D, E, and F
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Also in the application Part 2(Application Type), What would be the right answer? 1a to 1f
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Where is Application Type? If you tell me where in the application; you have to choose (B,C,D,E,F) I think, I could help you and

On part 2 It will be 1.d
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@Captain B,

No, the application type is not mention in the form. It is in the USCIS application Fee Link. mention below.
Type B& C has different fee than rest (D, E and F) and If the TPS applies to D,E, F, which one it applies, E or F (Both has humanitarian parole) and why?
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Thanks for sharing the info Bhanasuna! Can I ask you a question- Where are the port of entry?
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Fees for all are same, you can simply make a money order of $575 and send it.

But as I mentioned earlier to check 1.d on part 2 form i-131, your category will fall on Advance Parole – Type D (pending I-Form I-485; pending Form I-821; or approved Form I-821D) not E And F since those are for people, who are outside of United State.

If you still get confused, please read the part 2 application type on i-131

Hope this will help you to resolve your curiosity.

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Thanks Captain B.

You helped me in many ways to understand the form.
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Hello Sathi Haru,

I was out of status for 2 years before TPS. Ahley chai working for IT company. I am confused whether I should make a trip to Nepal or not. Applied for Travel document recently. Sathi haru sanga kehi suggestion cha for someone who was out of status before TPS and then working in IT company. Any suggestions would be dherai helpful.
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