Parents health insurance dilemma
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Hi folks,

I am in a situation to buy health care insurance for my parents (67+ years) who came here in green card. My existing family insurance through my employer doesn't have option to include parents. When I dig around Obamacare marketplace, I thought my parents could be eligible for special enrollment via life events ( immigration status change) but that was denied. What other options are there? I am sure a lot of folks been to this situation where income eligibility doesn't help to get free/cheap insurance for parents. I don't see any other option but to buy individual private insurance with full premium.

Medicare is not available because of the fact that they must work at least 40 qtrs here in USA and/or established their residency in US for 5 years. How s this income thing applies to the parents who are not working? If they live in the same household, does my income apply to them and thus not be eligible for income- based healthcare? I saw somewhere in web that as long as I don't claim them as dependant in my tax, as an adult-they would be considered as a separate household. However, I can't seem to find a way to make this work - should I put zero to their income while going through healthcare marketplace?

The sponsorship (I-864) doesn't seem to prevent them getting help for healthcare though. I found this info in a blog, not quite sure if the state could mandate on their own. By the way, I m in AZ- hardcore rato ghati state....not so much immigration-friendly state unlike NY/CA
"The ACA legislation specifically says that getting subsidies and/or medicaid under the ACA i s not consider taking public funds and does not conflict with immigration rules. It also clearly states that legal immigrants can receive subsidies."

Anybody with similar circumstances - can you please chime in your experience? Thank you in advance !!
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I am also interested on this. You can't buy insurance from private insurer, because they don't sell to anyone above 65 yrs old because they assume every has medicare. People who live in CA, New Hessipre has state level option .

What are people going in other state. I thought ACA was only option. Why it got denied? If she doesn't work her income is zero right. Probally az hasn't expanded Medicaid like tx , but she should be qualified based on life, what is the reason for denial.
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+1. I want to know what are the options for parents who are under 65 years of age?
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@kancho_ojha , @meraj
I'm currently in similar situation, trying to find Health insurance for my parents who just came here in GC.
I would really appreciate if you could help me with your experience.

Thanks & Happy Bijaya Dashami to you all.
makar rashi
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You can try with your state based exchange website if you have one or try for federal market place. If your parents have no or low income they may get help paying for their health insurance i.e. Advanced payment of tax credit (APTC), which can significantly lower their monthly premium. Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your suggestion.
My parents are 65+ yrs old living in OHIO and do not have any income. So while filling out the application, What do i answer for following questions?
1) How many people are on your federal income tax return this year? (If you aren’t filing taxes, tell us how many people live with you, including yourself.) You don’t have to file taxes to apply for coverage.
==> Do i need to include myself or is it just going to be my parents only
i.e. 2?

2)Based on your best guess, do you expect your total household income to be less than $48,283 for this year?
==> Since my parents won't be working, should the answer by YES (Total income as $0)


makar rashi
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If you aren't planning on including your parents in your tax return meaning if you won't be claiming your parents as a dependent (if you do your income will be counted too and they may end up paying more for their premium) in your tax return then you don't need to count them in your household. Basically, your parents need to submit health insurance application (2 people in the household, your mom and dad only) and need to attest that they will be filing taxes even if they don't need to file based on their income in order for them to receive APTC. Hope this helps.
makar rashi
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Do not include yourself in their application (I am assuming you already have your own insurance). So it is your parents only (2 people) in the household with no income.
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Thanks @MakarRishi. I really appreciate you help.
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I was never able to figure it out completely and mean time my parents decide to go back to Nepal and I stopped looking further. But few things I figured out.

1.) To be it looks like the only legit and decent insurance option if from obama care through market place.
2.) there is some confusing details on how to deal with application, tax detail, will they get subsidized etc. My recommendation is to work with one of those local agency in immigrant heavy area, which help for ACA enrollment . They usually seems to know those details .
3) There are some local hospital or heal system which have some kind of community plan , that seems to work for some people.
4) At some point I was considering moving to state with state funded universal heal insurance :), almost 2k for insurance for two parents was not workable for me.
5) if they live 5 yrs , you can buy some part of Medicare for around 500 , depending on state u live.
6) Majority of Nepalese don’t bother to but insurance or at least that’s what it felt like to me.

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