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Apartments around Plano,TX
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Hello Sajha ka sathiharu,
I am looking for moving to Plano, TX. I have a school going kid and looking for communities with a good school and safer neighborhood.
Agrim dhanyabad for the suggestions.
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anyone please suggest
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Plano still considered one of the best place to live in DFW area. They have good schools compare to other areas like Irving and Euless where 10s of thousands people live.
Living in Plano (DFW) is like living in Birgunj, too may Indians and Nepalese. you won't miss Nepal. I think the only thing don't like there is heat (garmi). You will make tons of friends there. I am sure you'll enjoy your stay in DFW. Hope this helps you; Good luck
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Thanks smtzac for sharing the information,
Do you know any apartments community names that I can look for there?
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No. I don't know any apartment community. I assumed you are moving there because of job. If so, just go to Rent.com and input the zip code of your job location and find a apartment close to your work and which fits in your budget.
If you're JUST moving there without any tie then just find a apartment on Rent.com in Plano. Once you live there for 3-6 months you'll find better option afterwards.
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Are you open to Frisco area close to 121 and Frisco ISD? I have a rental property if you are willing to lease.

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Please pm me know the details
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