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How to make Buffalo Momo मम [EASY & QUICK RECIPE] | Nepali / Newari Food Dish
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Quick N Easy recipes
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Loved your channel Gorkkhay, liked and subscribed :)

I also have cooking channel and might have more views since I started 3 months ago but you managed to get 61 subscribers in 3 weeks which is not a joke.

Looks like we both have a passion at cooking, lets help each other out get this YouTube thing going :-)

Couple of suggestions but feel free to ignore it.

1. More than 5 mins cooking videos are waste, aint no body got time for that. with that said you can cut grocery shopping part but it looks cool tho.

2. Annotations are very important to keep your viewers within your channel, you don't seem to use those and cards too.

Happy Cooking My Friend!!

- Honest opinion for another cooking junkie
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Thank you mate, I am trying to make my future videos about 5 minutes and also I am learning to edit my videos with more annotations. Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate. I have seen you in youtube and I love how you made your momos and chowmeins.
Ma Nepali
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dada hajurko channel ekdamai ramro cha ..learnt to cook so delicious food through u..tks for that.. howevr try to make videos short whereever posible ..n PLz u seem so uncomfortbale speaking english.. respect ur try but yesto professional videos ma yesto english nahalnu hola.. herna nai uncomfortable huncha.. we all understand nepali so try to make videos in nepali..

or else u can pu english subtitle ..

happy cooking
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I am glad that you like my channel and Thank you for your suggestions. I promise to do my best in my future videos and be more comfortable :) I also wanted to do my videos in Nepali. Unfortunately, my wife does not speak Nepali and she edits my videos. Thank you again and Jai Nepal!
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मित्रहरु तपाईको च्यानल मा subskription अनि good luck! तपाईहरु स्वादिस्ट नेपाली खाना पारखीहरु लाई... यो Youtube Nepali Hit Recipe Channel र websites highly recommended है-

Virtual Nepali Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzn1rAA_Adqx0O2Mr0O95rA I Great Authentic Nepali Websites:
http://www.[Disallowed String for - Excessive Promotion].com/recipe
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good job :)
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Thank you Arryan, will do the same.
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Thank you beigemac1.
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