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I-485 processing time?
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I recently filled I-485 (EB2) and waiting for finger print notice. Has anyone recently got their I-485 approved? Please share how much time it takes to get it approved? I am planning to go home around end of September- 4 months from now (Dashain time). Will I be able to obtain at least AP/EAD?
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Yeah, I believe they are processing application filed on Nov/Dec 2016.
But, good thing is you are about to cross 180 days of filing I-485..

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Tracker 24,

what does 'EB 2 retrogressed to April 2015 priority date... (August Visa Bulletin)' mean?

does that effect EB3 approval time too? Today completes my 8 month of filing 485. how long will the wait be for EB3 485 approval any idea?
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Based upon what I understood is

they will only process application (Eb2 only not Eb3) with priority date April 2015 for month of august.

So, all Eb2 applicants have to wait for October Visa Bulletin to see the dates.

I think you are very close and should be hearing from them soon. Please update us as well.
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I think if you already filed it you are good. Plus only the eb2 retrogressed. In the past this has happened as well and the date became current next month. Regardless , file it asap.
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I crossed 75 days of filing I-485 and did not receive AP/EAD. Does asking for SR really works?
Any experience?
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Opening a SR yes does help most of the time , Mine was approved after a SR was opened.
You first need to open a SR for biometrics appointment notice. If that has been completed go ahead and open a SR for the EAD / AP
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I filed my I140 and i485 concurrenly in Jan 2017 but My I140 is still not approved. Should i be expecting I140 to be approved with I485 around October?
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I'd upgrade the 140 to premium
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Yeah I would too but my employer doesn't agree to do premium fearing RFE.
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i think you are close of getting i -140 approved. Good Luck..

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I got an update to my status for I-485

"Case was Received in local office" ?
When I checked the processing time of local field office it shows they are processing of early Aug 2016.

So, does it mean that I have to wait now till field office date becomes current( approximately one year wait) ?
Please advise....
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I am waiting for my approval too. Interview is done been waiting for a year now
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Update here...
Got a notice saying that case is transferred to Nebraska from Texas (RD May 21)..
Anyone whose got transferred has seen any progress ?
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for all EB-2 fillers,

Its Current again for month of October. Lets hope for best.

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any updates in your case.
My case was also transferred to Nebraska Service Center one month ago...

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opened SR and got standard response (EAD/AP).

It is in a line for processing and adjudicating.
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@pokhreli_kancho , my was also filed concurrently on Jan 2017 @TSC. No updates on anything. I am tracking few cases from end of December and they are not touched yet. So I believe at least a month to get to our cases. Looks like we have same employer lol. Update us if anything changes.
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@AngryGuy Luckily my employer agreed to do premium and My I140 got approved at the end of August. Just keeping fingers crossed for October. I have seen and heard I140 and I485 getting approved simultaneously or with a week or two time difference.
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My wife's I-485 case got approved today in NSC. Got the magical text at 3:00 PM ET today. We both had applied for I-485 in TSC on Nov 3rd, 2016. Spouse case got transferred to NSC on Jan 27th, 2017. My (primary) I-485 case got approved on March 9th, 2017 in TSC. Wife's I-485 got approved in about 11 months (NSC processing time for employment based I-485 is Dec 2, 2016 as per July 31st, 2017). Thank You all for all the posts and your experiences. Good Luck everyone. Below is the brief timeline for wife's I-485.

EB2 Dependent
Nov 03, 2016- I-485 application filed for both primary and dependent
Nov 04, 2016- USCIS Received date
Nov 08, 2016- USCIS Notice date
Dec 01, 2016- Fingerprint date
Jan 27, 2017- Case transferred from TSC to NSC
Feb 01, 2017- EAD & AP approval date
Feb 08, 2017- EAD & AP received date
Mar 09, 2017- Primary I-485 approval date
Jun 28,2017- First online SRC raised by applicant
Jul 13, 2017- USCIS email reply on how SR will be handled, advised a notice within 60 days
Sep 26, 2017- Discussed with lawyer since it was more than 60 days. Lawyer advised that aggressive inquiry were generating some RFEs but we decided with my lawyer that they will call USCIS. Lawyer called USCIS and they advised to open another SR. Lawyer opened another online SR.
Oct 4, 2017- USCIS email reply on how SR will be handled, advised a notice within 60 days. This was the same email that we received on July 13th, 2017.
Oct 10, 2017- Dependent I-485 got approved, got the magical text around 3:00PM. I have read in many immigration forums that the interviews for I-485 will be scheduled for applicants who have filed I-485 after March 6th, 2017. Dependent didn't need to go for interview, so it looks like this got applied in my dependent's case.

Good Luck everyone. All we can do is be positive and hope for the best outcome.
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Congrats. After 140 days I am still waiting for EAD and AP approval..
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