Transitioning to Scrum Master
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I am bored with the Business Analysis work. I see Scrum Masters do a fantastic job in my projects and their life is relaxing. I am thinking of transitioning to the role of Scrum Master if fake resume and proxy work. I don't think a great deal of technical knowledge is required to become a Scrum Master. Any idea about their billing rates? Is anyone in such a position now?
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I need business analysis role :)
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Hello ProNepali, that is a very good thought. I had a question about your current role. I have been working as a BA too for last 5 years but as a Full Time Employee I am getting 88K in Salary and approx 10K in bonus. But for some reason some of the tech lead friends of mine make me think that I am not making enough. I am not sure about Scrum Master billing rates but how about BA? is 90K a good or bakwas salary for Senior BA. Glassdoor Pay Comparison shows I am being paid above market for my experience and zipcode. But wanted to get your thoughts.
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You are absolutely right, Scrum master's life is relaxing. Since you are working as a BA, you have more than required knowledge to work as an Scrum Master.

To make your resume strong, just take the certification through
After that your life will rock.

Good Luck!!

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Don't we need to get the Scrum master certification in order to be a Scrum Master ? I think pay scale is better than BA .
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