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bishal suwal
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bishal suwal
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Reading this comment would make me laugh all the time. I also said Milan is taking over the project building a video for my friend Binod who is flying a plane. I did not want to have the same video in this vlog. I should have put little more video from plane and you are right about that. Pink Tshirt !!!! its common for men these days trying those colors. By the way, it easier to seek attention wearing pink and girls love boys wearing pink.
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Why was it scary?
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Ko ho yo tori?
bishal suwal
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Thank you Angelina for watching it in details. Yeh, i said it was scary and i dont want to fly again. But i also failed to show it through the video. No one asked me this. I guess you want to hear this....
Ma USA aauda 1st ma Binod (pilot) lie university ma veteko thiye. Alik haudee thiyoo and when i look at him now he has become a pilot. Linden airport ma veet vo tyo din and plane dekhdaa khelauna jasto lagyoo cox only 4 people could fit in that plane. Plane herda nepal ko tempoo jasto thiyooo coz it was little rusty plus color alik faded thiyoo. Hindi movie maaa gaadi ko engine check garee jhaii, Binod was checking plane ko engine and cleaning dust out of it. Plane vitra chirna lageko, ladder nai dekhdina. Plane ma wing ma chadera vitra chirna par6 vanera vancha. Vitra chirchu ta jhann fohor. Seat pani luxury thiyena, alik wiring haru pani dekhthyoo. Plane sochda luxury huncha vanera sochnee garthyouu and reality ma herda it proved to be false. Engine start gar6 Binod le, start nai hudaina. 2nd time start garda fan chalthyoo and 10 secs mao rokyooo. Pachii balla plane chalyoo and udyooo. Malie pahila dekhi nai heights sanga daar lagthyooo, and only for experience i was on that plane. Teti bela weather pani naramro thiyooo. Hawa dherai chaleko thiyooo. Plane udddaa ta halleeko hallee garnee. It felt as if tyo plane ko engine ko karan hoina but hawa chaleko le garda udeko jasto dekhinthyoo. Binod ko eyes ma direct sunlight pareko karann he asked Milan to read the LED readings regarding status of height and frequency. Binod was busy talking to airport for updates and status regarding vision so that no other plane comes across. Airport ko manchee le 1 plane is flying near you, stat away from it vaneko suneko thiyee through our headphone. Because Binod had hard time finding that plane we were unable to find it. We were all looking here and there for that plane. Pachi Milan le dekhyoo and we changed our direction. Plane vitra chisoo thiyoo plus i was already scared, i asked binod to turn on the heat and stop AC. Binod asked Milan to find button to turn off Ac and turn on heat. Dherai buttons haru thiyoo, after 3 mins balla AC off vayoo. Malie kina kina plane padkincha ki vaneee daar thiyooo. May b alik dherai film hernee vayera hola. It was 5 pm when we were up. Afu lie yetri daar lagiii raheko thiyoo and Binod feri vancha we could have taken night shot of NY too and he wants us to say yes and fly again at night time. Ma faint huna matra baaki thiyee and Milan spoke finally saying we need to meet his sister and head back to Boston on time. Tehi vayera we did not agree to ride back again.

Those were missing in this vlog. I have done 4 vlogs so far and still learning. Sabai viewers lie yesto details haru maan pardo rahe6 and i missed these things till now. Ill work on it and try to improve it in next upcoming projects.

I am hoping that you read this. I dont usually write this taara since you asked me so i am writing it.
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La instu, babu Ko joke na hanna la... atti watis ur name huncha.
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Forgive me for being a critic but it's a TAD too long for a vlog. The point of it being a LOG is its supposed to be short and sweet. BUT then you spend hours taking the shots and it ending up not being in the vlog I hear you guys.

Good job. Camera / lens info please.
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Bishal thanks for sharing afu nai chadheko jasto bhayo. That sounds scary. Don't aviation authority require maintenance and thorough check up on something like that? It sounds worse than an old tempo. Next time you have to get on something like that, just get off and walk away. Not worth it.
bishal suwal
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Thanks for the comments. I would definitely work out more on "Holi" project.
I used sony a6300 for this vlog. It is a great camera. Expensive but worth it!
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I don't like shit about when u use like word Expensive...braw.. u gotta keep its straight u got it u have it.u use that shiiiiit. excuse my language. but you seem like ur are above normal. Excuse me if I'm taking u wrong. Show the good work and not ur richness. suck my
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