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Dear Sajha members,
I have just recently started to buy and sell stock, I am doing more research on my own but if any of you have been doing investment for a period of a time and know how to do the research and investment I would like to learn from you or if you can tell me how to look at the trend and when or which to sell or buy.

Thank you,
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I am very new to this stock market. I have few doubts and would be very glad to hear back from you:

1. Is penny stock under $5 very risky to invest? What is the price range to buy the stock?

2. Can you recommend any stock to buy this month?

3. Any tricks to buy and sell (like best day, time, etc).
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Get familiarized with basics first - fundamentals and technical of company.

Market is complicated..

As a beginner , use finviz to look for stock which meets your criteria (market cap, price, short ratio, float etc)

Good luck. Don't do emotional trading. Research and analyze ..

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Thank you edipre for your suggestion. One more thing- do I need to pay any hidden fee per transaction in "robinhood"? Please clear me. The most the transaction, the most the earning. Correct me if I thought wrong- I am new to this game.
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Technically Robinhood is not free. There is a minuscule fee on all sell orders which is imposed by the US Securities & Exchange Commission. However, Robinhood does provide free stock buying options. There is a premium Robinhood 'Gold' account that also offers margins for added buying power and extended trading hours. Gold account monthly price depends on the tier you select.

Robinhood may not be suitable for Active Day Traders. No desktop trading platform. No short selling. Limited options in terms of securities. Lacks support for Mint [can't track your holdings outside]. Limited to individual taxable accounts.

I would recommend Robinhood if you are a casual mobile trader who loves to trade few stocks or ETFs per week. You may want to max out your tax-sheltered retirement accounts 401K/IRA before investing in Robinhood.
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Very good advice. I am not very active right now and not investing a lot on this too. I am learning. Thanks for your suggestion !!!
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Anyone remember my DRNA pick at $3.50 earlier this year ?

It went to $10 recently and trading around mid $8s right now. +300% winner

Trading now:

Ip Man
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Newbie here. I invested around $2K in $BABA last week at its peak ($190). Now it is taking me down. Talk about timing. :(
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I had bought BABA at 140s...sold at 180s (had some Calls as well) and bought Puts last week w/ Feb expiration date but closed them today....generated a pretty nice return! As long there is cloud over the numbers that BABA says it has, I think this is going downhill ( I could have stayed in the put position for a bit long but wanted to close it out). But ultimately, I think it's going to come back though--where it settles is a matter of timing.

Bought WFC calls w/ Jan expiration date today. Tax reform, most likely to pass in some fashion, is likely to drive the price higher. Will see where it heads this week...may close it out a week or two.
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Kodak going to be new tesla
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bought some $FAMI this morning. flipped it twice so far.
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I was looking at it, opportunity missed.
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which account and which company is better for kids collage saving account pls???

Waiting for positive response. Thank you.
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This is what I have...

*Different state might have different plan since in Texas there is no state income tax so no benefits of college savings plan

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Bro, what is this NH ...500 Index , I am from Maryland and thinking 529 but i don't know anything. k garnu padhne bela ma BAKHARA, GORU hereyoooo
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For 529 go with bright Directions
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that is the fund name I have selected on 529 on Fidelity.

Different companies will have different fund name and different plans.

Bro, Ali katti google ni garnue paryo ni ta...I was like you few months back but did homework on my part
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Thank you Bro.
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Has anyone bought stock NKLA (Nikola Corporation)? Any comments/suggestions on this please?
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don't buy cheap stocks.
buy those with high potential of growth though expensive.
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To everyone who is new to investing, I started a YouTube channel to try to help you:

I am just getting started so I may not have answered all of your questions - but leave a comment in one of my videos and I will make sure to answer it.
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