Interview for my mother in law
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My wife is pregnent and we are planning to call our parents to visit us, i want to know , what are the chances for my parents to get visa. any receny success stories.
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is it for your mother or mother-in-law ?
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First i want to try for my mother-in-law and after i have my baby born i might try for my mother too.
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oh, was quite confused.
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Its 100% Visa. Just send letter from dr from here and ask your mom and mom in law to show letter when they ask why you are going to US.
Sexy In Sari
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Those were the days, it used to be "mother first"


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Haha... you dont ask your mother to give massage to your wife. do you?
Suzu Sth
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@Laads: you never give reason wife is pregnant so bringing my in laws to help us.just google. That reason is not advised. Just ask them to tell to visit US. I just had my in laws interview and they got their visa without any issues.
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Suzu is right, you shouldn't say you're going to the US coz you want to take care of the new mother. To visit the US should suffice the reason; but, if the question warrants details, she can always say she is eagerly looking forward to seeing her grand baby. Good luck!
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I was told same thing "don't tell that you are going to care the new mother". One of my friend's mom was denied visa for same reason. So I told my parents not to say anything about this and they were granted visa. But later on one of my friends invited his mother-in-law citing his wife's pregnancy and she was granted visa. I think "taking care of new mother" might not be the sole reason for decision.
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Well I sent a letter to consulate asking that my parent's interview be scheduled as an emergency since my wife was due in a few weeks which was approved and visa was granted too. I sent the doctor's letter which asked the consulate to grant visa to my parents.
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My wife is a green card holder of USA. Recently she is going to apply for me to bring me to USA. We are having a little bit problem on filling the form I-130 and G-325A. if any one could provide us the sample of filled form of I-130 and G-325A than it would be a reference to fill the form for us.
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Thank you @all.
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@Laads, Been there, Done that. No problem at all. As @instagram said, just show the consular Doctor's letter and you would be good to go .....Enjoy your parenthood!!!!!
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@Laads- It should not be that hard. Most important thing is that your MIL has to prove her ties back home and that she has family, property and connections that she have to return to. My mom had her interview few days back, my SO invited her. . They just asked her four questions.
1. Reason for visit- family visit
2. Her and my dad's employment status
3. Her property, amount of land.
4. What my siblings do.

She was telling me that they repeated the same questions around just to make sure my mom was consistent with her answers.

Chances are doubled if your MIL applies alone that together with your FIL.

Good luck.
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