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Nepali Manche
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Hi guys any one has any experience with dukuti?? What should i do if they ran?? Should I file a case on them or no??Anyone has any kind of experience regarding this please help me out.

My story:

I knew a guy from Nepal.He was like a brother to me.As i work 12 hours everyday ,so I have no idea about dukuti.One day he told me about the ducuti and told that he is playing 3 other places so he cant afford to play so he want to share with some in ,so he offer me to share play with him $1000 per month so he asked me to put $500 and later when our turns comes we will share the amount.
I was enroll in the group chat in viber,as i was always busy he used to pick up the money and go.I never went to the place where ducuti was held .He told me our turn will come on January but it didn't happen.So i told him i wont play ,he said okey and told me he will also back out from the game too.
He told me he will get my money asap,but now he says he is going in each person house to pick the money.
Now he doesn't pick my phone make excuses.What should I do at this moment,should i wait for him to bring my money or should I go legally?

Suggestion needed.

P.S Never get into duckuti or any other gambling game.And never trust anyone here.
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Glad you learned most important thing of your life Never trust any1 specially on this money thing.
1) dukuti is all about trust and seems like you were betrayed by your own so called partner
2) no you can't do anything legally
3) since your turn was on January, looks like your partner took all money.
4) do you have list of all people playing ? Since you said you are in viber grp try to talk to them individually. Ask them about January winner.
5) looks like that guy took ur money on Jan because there is no backout in middle of Dhukuti. And he said he will back out too. Thats not possible.
6) all you can do is talk to that guy and try to get your share.
Good luck for next time.
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I am glad that you've realized your mistake in "P.S"... it is tough to get money back in dhukutti.. This business in fake...Move on..
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Yo dhukuti kasari khelinxa, kasailai thaha xa? Malai bujhaidinu paryo. Nepal ma huda suneko ho tara idea vayena.
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First of all you have to dhukuti is an illegal business. I don't think you have any proof that you have given some sort of money to your so called friend. So there is nothing you can do legally. But you can still go to police/court and complain about him.

@Furke - Why do you want to know about dhukuti? Are you planning to run this business?
One of my neighbor had this business when I was in Nepal, so I am trying to recall and put here:
a) If you are planning to run a dhukuti, you are called 'GHOPA'
b) you will make one group of dhukuti members(generally that can be 10 -20 persons)
c) you will make a plan to collect same amount of money(i.e. $1000/person )
d) Generally ghopa charges 2-5% facilitation fee.
e) There will be bidding every month to get the money except first month. As a ghopa you will take all the money in first month.
f) There will be highest bidding(i.e. highest minus) from second month, if highest bidding is $1500, then one gets 10000 - 200(ghopa fee) - 1500 = 8300.
g) now every member will have to pay 8300/10 = 830.
h) in this scenario, this person will get 8300 - 830 = 7470.
i) this goes until each member gets ones chance.
j) Whoever goes till last, he/she will make some profit.

These are the points I remember, so I am hoping you will get some idea about dhukuti.
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@ Nepali Manche,

There is something you can do. To file a case against that person, you need an evidence that the person owes certain amount and he denies to pay it back to you. So, text the person saying "Hey Ramesh, you owe my $5000, when are you going to pay me back"? Then ask him, "Are you going to pay my $5000 or not"? If he says, "No", then you have a case. It doesn't matter if you have proof that you gave that person money. You need proof that the person denies to return your money, then you have a case. Go to a local police station with the printout of text, and ask how you can file a case against that person. They will help you there. Good luck and hope you get your money back!
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@tic -tac,

Thank you for taking time to explain the process. I didn't understand the bidding process.
I was always curious as a kid, never asked anybody so. I hear in Australia, Nepalese play dhukuti.
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I am commenting without doing any research but it sounds like Ponzi to me. One of my nearest family member played and lost a lot of money in Dhukuti. But I never had courage to ask why and how. Since I live in US I perceive that my inquiring would be felt as interrogative and I am not liked (from what I hear). Hence I could not ask. We do not talk about it. I did not do a detailed analysis of how the game is played but the brief deskription by another poster sounded like this is a plain vanilla Ponzi. Having failed to stop even my closest ones (and most likely my parents may have lost money without telling me), I have come to the conclusion that I am an unintelligent person who could not convince his own family from being financially ruined. Anything that does not add Economic Value can range in scale starting from a flat out Ponzi (Bernie Madoff) to a financial bubble (refer Credit Default Swaps, CDOs and many Hedge Funds).
དཀྲོལ རོལ་གཞས
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Dude, you can't file any case legally based on words you need to show paper work so that you can file a case. If i were you i would hire some thugs and beat the shit out of him! good luck
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I've read that the system of 'Dhukuti'...helped Jews in America..progress....As they helped each other out...when banks owned by non-jews...didn't invest in Jews....Also, in Nepal, Thakali families did extremely well because of the system of Dhukuti....they had....

Dhukuti-like system is great for 2 reason...(with trusted people)

1. You not only share money, but share other resources, like knowledge about various things...opportunities..etc
2. You don't have to deal with conventional banks...and save yourself unnecessary high interest rates...

Google 'dhukuti and thaklai...there's a book written by some academics..about Thakalis of Nepal..and how Thakalis prospered in Nepal due them relying on Dhukuti system...

Like Benjamin Franklin said- Join or Die or the old saying...unite or die...Dhukuti (with rigorous system in place - Join and prosper) as you no longer walk in the wilderness- animals hunting together (lions, hyenas, etc do extremely well)....thinking of Dhukuti the same way...'hunting together"

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