अमेरिकामा भारतीय-अमेरिकन इन्जिनियरमाथि गोली प्रहार
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Raam Raam
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अमेरिकामा भारतीय-अमेरिकन इन्जिनियरमाथि गोली प्रहार


स्थानीय सञ्चारमाध्यमले प्रत्यक्षदर्शीको भनाए उद्धृत गर्दै जनाए अनुसार पुरिन्टनले गोली हान्नुअघि 'मेरो देशबाट बाहिर निस्की' भन्दै चिच्याएका थिए । समाचारमा जनाएअनुसार उनले दुई भारतीयलाई मध्य-पूर्वका सम्झेर गोली चलाएका थिए । 

गोली हानेर भागेका पुरिन्टनलाई घटनाभएको केही घण्टापछि पुलिसले छिमेकी राज्य  मिसौरीबाट पक्राउ गरेको छ । प्रहरीले घटनाबारे थप अनुसन्धान गरिहरेको छ । 

यसैबीच भारतीय नागरिकलाई अमेरिकामा गोली प्रहार गरिएकोमा भारतीय विदेशमन्त्री सुश्मा स्वराजले मर्माहत भएको भन्दै मृतकको परिवारप्रति ट्विट मार्फत समवेदना प्रकट गरेकी छन् ।
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Where are Nasey, Whatajoke and other Nepali redneck wannabes?
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Nasey, Whatajoke were searched by ICE. I guess they are white guys, at least mentally and psychologically.
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Raam Raam
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aba skin goro ra kapal khairo nabhaye kunai pani bela j pani huna sakni bujhera belaima goro kailo banna cream pauder khojna dhasna laage ki plastic surgery nai garauna gaye khai kunni.
aba ta mexican jasto, arabian- middle eastern jasto, asian jasto waa indian nepali jasta dekhinu pani garo awastha vo yaha.
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Those who supported Trump and his sick ideologies are pathetic species in this world who are responsible for waking up all the racist in US in the name of "Make America Great Again" .
America is now divided into only two colours White and Non-White(Chinese, Indian, middle eastern, Nepalese, Mexicans......etc).
Ask yourself, Are you more likely to die in America by a terrorist or these so called mentally sick white racist? on in trump's word Radical Christian Terrorist.
America is gearing toward very dangerous internal race conflict zone which is white vs non-white and I blame Trump and all his pathetic supporters for that. You can be republican or Democrats or Independent but You simply can not promote nazi hatred and target specific group of people. What Trump and his administration doing is extremely dangerous move and promoting a serious conflict between people.
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It said the Indian guys worked for Garmin in Kansas. I know Nepalese (whose origin is Nepalese) works there. Kinda scary news. I found out about the News from Reddit.
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If this can happen to this guy, it can happen to any of us. Seriously, I'm really scared for my life now.
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Yesterday I wen my for a lunch at a local bar and this news came up in my mind. I had that scary feeling. It could happen to anyone and there are many racists people. Very scary.
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Welcome to Trump America. Made America Racist Again !
Bastard from North
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Isolated incident done by some stupid Red neck. Nothing to be worried about. This kind of incident will happen no matter who the president is.
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Isolated incident done by some stupid Red neck : Why don't we say this when there is some incident by so called Muslim or black person?
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You can call it an isolated incident when it happens to someone else. Will you be able to say the same if it happens to you or your dear ones? This is a hate crime, period.
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Yes hate crime had been always there and will always be there in this world as long as human exist in this planet because that's the nature of human being. The world will be always divided into good vs Bad
THAT is the exact reason why leaders are born to lead people. This is the exact reason why leaders can not say whatever comes to their mind like Trump. Even it's a lie but that lie helps to unite people it's president duty to convey those lie. You can argue me about Trump's policy vs Obama's policy which I hated some and liked some but you can not simply say whatever you want to divide people or target to a specific group of people. That's the exact reason why a politician can not or should not speak of their mind which can be extremely dangerous just like this.
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मानबिय अबगुण भए पनि हालको रास्ट्रपतिले यसलाई मलजल गरेको हुनाले सुसुप्त अबस्था मा बसेको लाइ जागृत गरिदिएको छ | श्याम बर्णका हरु अलिक होसियार हुनुस |
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