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ramaelo Nepal
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I completed my project1 with ABC client and XYZ vendor through Indian consultancy 1 year back. That was my 1st project in US. I came US in 2014. I am no more associated with Indian consultancy.

Now, I want to work directly with same XYZ vendor with same ABC client for project2. (They have opening for project2 and they are interested on me). I know i need to put same resume there.(With all 7 years
But if the vendor wants to go for background check, will I be in problem?

Please share your knowledge.
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Depends on the Vendor and the Client . Some Vendor really does the back ground check  and in some cases I have seen that  Client also hires a third party company to do the complete Back Ground Check on your employment history . This may not be true for all the companies.
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Its worth the Risk. I would definitely take the offer. If it works, it works. if not, there is nothing to loose.
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I agree with what chinday says Just give a shot . No matter what's the outcome at least you have the experience for the future.
ramaelo Nepal
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Thank you for your suggestions!
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Nope... be careful that may lead you in to list of blacklist .... most company do the background check and if you caught that is there part of work,.... some take serious actions some not... so be careful... I know someone in same situation... today he is in blacklist and not to apply any company any more...
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How to know if you are in blacklist ? Is there a way to find out.
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I don't know the exact answer how to know that... but how that guy knew when he applied another job that time verification company got it, after that same second, third etc... I am not sure but just be careful and think twice while doing it... if you really confident then only do it, otherwise other lots of options to get a good jobs.... good luck
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