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ZERO oil leak - NEW front seal, rear main seal, oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket & transmission pan gasket ($1400 value)

All new brake pads ($250 value)

HID headlights ($80 value)

NEW wheel bearings and hubs ($500 value)

NEW right sway link bushing ($150 value)

NEW left & right air temperature actuators ($300 value)

Like new tires

All paperwork available for the work done above.

Serious inquiries only. 

Year: 2008
Make: Chevrolet
Model Impala
Style: LT
Body Style: Sedan
Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: 156000
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Beige
Doors: 4
Engine Cylinder: 6
Engine: 3.5L
Drive Type: FWD
Fuel Type - E85/Gasoline
Title: Salvage Rebuilt

A/C, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Steering, Keyless Entry, Power Seat, Airbags, Alarm, ABS, Power Windows, Rear Window Defroster, Tinted, AM/FM Stereo, CD, Premium Sound, Alloy Wheels

Great car for excellent price. Well maintained and all maintenance paperwork available.

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Where is this Mansfield located? Which state?
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Mansfield, Texas. DFW
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A few questions:
Why were the wheel bearings replaced? (Got into accident)
What is passenger side bushing?
Has the coolant pump been replaced after 100k miles?
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wheel bearing and hubs replaced as routine maintenance advised by the mechanic (have paperwork to show all the maintenance done on the car)

passenger side bushing > component of the front drive wheels .

coolant pump has not been replaced. no issue whatsoever. coolant flush was done.
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I am a private seller. I bought this car as salvage title with 30k miles on it. This served me well until now and I got a new car so just trying to sell this car that I do not have any need for. Car runs smoothly, maintenance paperwork available, affordable and negotiable, so serious buyers please reach out.
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ghetto as hell

ill give you 1500 cash
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Here you go buddy, a nice luxury Lexus to match your budget! You're welcome!

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हैन टेक्सास मा धेरै जसो गाडी हरु Salvage मात्रै देखिए | के कारण होला ?

यो माथि चित्रमा देखाइएको Lexus Damage भए पनी लेखनलाई चै Title Status : CLEAN रे ? बनाएर बेच्ने भए पछि मात्र Salvage झुन्डिने हो ?
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Majority of the people do not understand the term "salvage/rebuilt", to them salvage=khattam and that is not the case. The Lexus has clean title, it just has been in an incident/accident and the owner is selling as is with clean title.

Total loss is arrived at when a vehicle’s total damage exceeds a certain percentage of the car’s value (usually around or above 75%). Laws vary by state, but after the car is tagged a total loss the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) then issues it a salvage title (in car-speak, this is known as “vehicle title branding”). This means the salvaged vehicle cannot be driven or registered in its damaged state.

Rebuilding a Salvage Vehicle
Once the vehicle becomes salvage, an auto shop or car hobbyist (or even the original owner) might purchase it with the intent of repairing it. The buyer must then follow stringent repair laws before the car can be inspected. If the salvaged vehicle passes inspection and meets all requirements (these vary by state), the DMV then issues it a new title.

So as to protect unsuspecting buyers, the vehicle’s re-salvaged status will be clearly indicated on the title, forever branding it as a rebuilt car. The actual wording used on the title, branding the car as rebuilt, varies by state. Iowa, for example, uses the words “Prior Salvage,” while Maryland imprints the title with “Rebuilt from Salvage.” Regardless of the exact language, the words will be clearly visible, usually stamped, on the title.
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Car is no longer available. It has been sold while smart folks here on sajha analyze the pros and cons of salvage title vehicle and offer their smart opinions and views.
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Good for you. Hope you got your desired price.

You are right. This place is full of shit ? People like me and others has enough time to analyze the pros and cons on every things that are posted here in Sajha, it is  not only about your salvage car.
As you know empty vessel sound more, we are jack of all master of none. You may see some one swearing and cleaning their lungs full of disgusting communicable mucus and trying to infect others ( harassment) .
Hope you do not have any more to sell ? If you do please post on local Craigslist site.

Long time ago I read best of the best in Craigslist  it was a rants about car that was posted in Craigslist. What so great or funny if your car is sold. It must be worth of the price he/she has posted therefore it sold. But instead of deleting the ad people add Sold Sold Sold Sold. Your comment reminded me that.
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