travelling in AP
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Hey guys,

Do you think it is a good idea to travel in AP now that Trump is the president?
I have been looking over the internet and looks like a number of immigration lawyers have suggested not to do so after January 20th.

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Hey hows it going
Did you travel or got any ideas of traveling or no ? Please do write me .
I'm planning on traveling in TPS/AP next month
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Ntwister, do you have TD via TPS or Asy ?
If you have via Asy forget about travelling for now.
(If its very imp to travel , there are some important steps to take but still its too risky)
IF you have via TPS you are good to go but there are some thing to consider before you make trip.
- Do you have any serious charges ?
IF yes don't travel
-Are you working on IT showing you are working on AbC company but you are in XYz and there is middle vendor which are doing as Another company ?
Then don't travel , we have record of such person getting denied to re-enter . I guess I even posted link on sajha

I am not saying that they will all just go all into it but fact is POE officers are more powerful now and they can even ask your cell phone, email !!! And yes they have right to do that !!
You might get lucky that some nice officer screens you and say welcome back but what if you get some dhoti who knows all chor baato and start questioning you ?
My best suggestion, unless until its very important don't travel .
And those people with GC and clean record; they are always good to go anywhere.
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Wtf i just realized this question was asked month ago !! Haha
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Traveling is no issue unless you have clean record . I just stayed 40 days and came back fine no questions asked. They will stamp you passport paroled for one year so you can travel anytime. If you AP is for multiple entry! I'm taking a trip again in Dashain.
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Guys i have a issue my AP was denied saying even though my assylum case was administratively closed i doesnt mean i can travel so should i reapply for AP i really wanna visit family anyone in similar situation ??
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I am at Nepal at the moment with AP and I am returning back in a week.But before TPS I was Out of Status. SO far I haven't heard anyone with the similar case travelling in Trumps presidency. Hope everything goes good at the POE since I do have a clean records besides that. Let's see what happens.
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@Highway to hell don't be scared. Will be just fine ! Just be very confident when answering questions like how was the stay, how long was the stay , why did you travel. Why do you have AP ..
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Did they give you any reasons of why not being approved ? My asylum is on administrative hold means I can reopen any time after TPS is cancelled. Ask your lawyer or the fleld office your field office
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@cntryboy all they said was administrative closure doesnt mean the case is closed ...thats all i am debating whether i should reapply or not ....
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