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Tyo Din
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My friend has been working in a company as FTE for 7 months now. He is in GC. He got some information from one of his colleagues that he might get fired soon. He is in probation period.

Before he gets fired, he wants to give 15/30 days notice to his employer to leave his job as soon as possible. Can this help him?

He do not want to have that record of being fired.

Please share your knowledge.
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Out of all the companies sojoketo have worked. He's fired from every of them
Soon, he'll be fired from the current one too.
What's the problem, moron?
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The only time he might have slight problem is if he ever tried to work for jobs that needs clearance . There they will ask for details on involuntary termination. If not then don't worry abt it , just hang in take pay till the date u get , use that time to get another job.

But sure it's true , and ur friend is trust worthy
Tyo Din
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@Meraj: What if he gives 30 days notice to leave company? Can they fire him with with in 30 days or can they tell him to leave before 30 days?
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If they have cause to fire can fire any time. But as given notice may show some mercy but not necessary.
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Generally company gives some compensation package when you get fired.
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ramaelo Nepal
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I think you are safe to give 15 days notice. When you give notice it's unlawful to fire you with in that 15 days unless you do terrible mistake.
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Probably they won't fire you if you give 30 day notice too, cause it's some decent work on management side to prepare documents for involuntary termination, espically if they are large company . They have to make sure they are not exposing them self to libiality and law suit. Unless there is something exposed during your background check and they don't want you on their campus or something is there related to criminal charges.

But also down side of volutntary termination is that you can't claim unpmoyment benefits.
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If his employment is at will then they can fire him anytime, regardless if he gives notice or not. Nowadays a lot of job application ask if you have quit your job because you knew you were going to get fired. Regardless, best thing to do is conserve money and look for another job and also prepare to apply for unemployment benefits. Yes you can get unemployment even if you get fired because the burden is on the employer to show that you were fired for cause and that is a high burden to meet.
ramaelo Nepal
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If the job application ask if you have quit your job because you knew you were going to get fired: you can always say "No". Because in your case you have not got any official notice from manager or other people.Even if you are fired you can put that in your resume and give reference to your friends who can tell that you worked there or you can exclude that job for your next job application.
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