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CGFNS needs credit hours in transkript
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Hi guys,
My sister did her PCL nursing in Nepal. She applied for CES report in CGFNS. The CGFNS is asking the school in Nepal to provide credit hours for each course she took. The officials at the school in Nepal are confused about how to calculate credit hours for each course. Did any of you go through this , if yes, please help!

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As far as I know, usually CGFNS is the one who evaulates the transkript from Nepal and converts into equivalent US credit hours. My wife did not had to do such thing when doing her evaluation through CGFNS. But that was long time ago, I don't know if they have new system in place.
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Yes, that is a requirement for CGFNS. Transkript for evaluation must have credit hours for it. If you have the syllabus from TU (or CTEVT), credit hours are listed there. You can use that for standard courses like Nepali (foreign language), English, Behavior Sciences, and so on. For combined courses, like Fundamental of Nursing I/II..., you should break this down into med/surg, and other.

Once you gather all those, create a transkript, print it in the official letter pad of the school, put the stamp, and CGFNS will accept that as an officially modified transkript.

If you need more help, PM me.
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Thank you Pakheta and nepaliketo for your valuable suggestions. Nepaliketo, I just PMed you my email and phone number. Below are the copies of cgfns letter and part of my sisters transkript, we don't know what to do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Full transkripts mailed directly from your nursing school (******* College 01/2011 - 03/2013). We realized that clock (credit) hours are not listed on the transkript we received from your school, ONLY GRADES/MARKS. We need course hours in order to continue our review. The reason that this request is so important we need to determine the weight that each course is worth. Grades only provide us with the applicant’s total ranking in the course content. We would appreciate if your school could reformat your transkript to provide us with this information. ***Please request your school to provide official transkript with clock/credit hours for each subject you completed*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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I am also confused. Isn't CGFNS's responsibility to translate Nepali marks to grades ?
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It is CGFNS' responsibility to translate Nepali marks into grades (GPA), and they will do it. The issue is not about that.

The issue is the fact that CGFNS requires a transkript with credit hours or clock hours written in it. And unfortunately, Nepal's transkript does not have that. So, CGFNS has no idea for how long you studied a certain course. That is when it rejects the transkript and asks for a modified transkript. It happens in almost all cases.

As before, if you help, simply send me a PM and I will help you.
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nepaliketo12 i am also in the same boat. Need your help, I have PM you.
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Sap1234, I just responded you
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nepaliketo12 I have been struggling with this issue and haven't figured out anything yet.... will be extremely grateful for your help.
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Hi Guys, can anybody please help me how to handle this cgfns requirement of credit hours in transkript? My college has no idea and I am really confused how to breakdown PCL CTEVT courses into credit hours.
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This is very finicky,
There are filthy rotten tomatoes in TU and colleges. The well-dead craps in gov. institutions even do not enter in work stations without bribe, second they do not know what we are doing. CGFNS course by course verification is very genuine and go through clinical-course hours for equivalent US acad. standard. TU BSN graduates have good workouts and comparably easy however; almost impossible for PCL nursing and very cumbersome to CTEVT graduates. We all wasted time and money but there is no reference & work around exist. I talked the college/TU and briefed how it is evaluated in aboard, they asked me what what hours I need to have to make it. I requested them to put the exact course hours that are in the curriculum (syllabus in Nepal), they put ridiculous hours and after 6 months,CGFNS rejected due to discrepancies. I tried to get a copy of curriculum online or elsewhere, its none where available. What a crap!! what they teach in Nepal?
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Iwande, Do from california board. I guess they ask to take extra course (Psychology or something like that) and good to go.
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I live in east coast why do I go Cali?? I already have RN in CVS state, just have to do CES.
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