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How long does it take to get I485 approved?
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How long does it take to get I485 approved in most of the cases?
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Congratulations to those getting approved.

For me, "On November 8, 2016, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485".

I'm in EB-2 employment based in Nebraska.
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Finally got greened after years of uncertainties.
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EB3 RD-March 22, NSC
I am thinking September for a turnaround time.
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@mancini Thanks for starting this thread and congratulations! I am RD Nov 17. Let's hope I get greened soon too. Hopefully by mid-June, what do you think?
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Congratulations, mancini.

Your RD was after mine but approved first.
Now, I'm starting to worry.

zeePa, my received date is Nov 8th and haven't seen anything yet.
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Can I use my TPS EAD even I am waiting for I-485 approval based on Spouse I-140 case as secondary beneficiary?
Lawyer was saying my non-immigrant status H-4 would be void if i use my TPS EAD.
And other than that my lawyer won't help me answering I-485 case as did file via DIY package.
Any suggestion and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hital , you lawyer is wrong. You can use your TPS EAD with any other status.
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BTW dont know why NSC is so slow. 485 RD March 5th , and do not have a biometrics appointment so far.
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Hello All,

Any latest approval from TSC? Mine RD is March 8th and would like to guess my estimated time for I-485 approval.

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Congrats Mancini, what was your RD again?
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Thanks all.
Mine is EB2 Nebraska 16 Nov 2016.
November guys should get their approval notice pretty soon.
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Hi all,
need advice.

my h1b is expiring this july 14th. and my 485 is in process . 485 received date is nov 14th. i have already got my GC EAD card. my employer is asking me to file for h1 extension, which is another $1200 expense for h1 extension, but i might also get my gc approval soon too. should i change my status to GC ead and continue my work or file for h1 extension? My employer told me that if incase my gc gets denied, my gc ead will automatically be invalid/cancelled same day. so not sure if i should go for h1 extension or move to GC EAD ? although gc denial is only 10% chance.

anyone have faced similar situation, please advice.

please let me know who all have got their gc approval with received date of november, EB3, nebraska. when can i expect my gc approval for eb3 category?
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Hello Nepali_USA,
Here is my view/advice on your case. You are pretty close with your case. Based on the past data, NSC are processing applicants as of Nov 1st week. So, I think you should get your result by this week. Since, your first term expires on July 14th, why not wait until July 10. And, if you didn't hear anything from USCIS, then file for H1B extension. However, fill out all the docs and make it ready for H-1B extension. But, you have to pay for the lawyer ($1200) to fill out those forms, hmm. Gotcha.. If I were you, I would wait until end of the month as you are pretty close to your case. And, then start filling out H-1B 2nd term extension forms.

PS: My H-1B first term expires this August 14th as well and my priority date is March 8th 2017 - TSC. I am hoping I will get my GC by the end of June/ Mid-July. I am thinking to wait until end of July and file for H-1B extension beginning of August. Yours one is cheaper ($1200), mine is like $1750. Good luck to both of us.
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Any latest update here folks?
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Same question , any update ?
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Here is a new update for I-485 ya all.

I-485 Received Date March - 8th 2017, Concurrent Filing (Both me and my wife)
EAD Received - April 27th coz I filed TPS (Late filing) and got RFE on TPS as well. Both EAD & TPS got approved on April 27th.
H1B First term expired August 13th and didn't go for 2nd term. Started working on I-485 EAD since last week.
August 18th - New Card is being produced. :) :)
No Interview, No RFE on birth certificate (BC was on Municipality letter pad)
Hopefully it will arrive by next week. :)
Good luck for ya all.
Finally a long wait is over.
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Congrats coolbuddy.
The dreaded long night lasted 9 months for me. :)
Any GOT fans here?
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Any recent update guys?

Feb-11 485 RD for EB2 in NSC. Still pending! Anyone in same situation?
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Feb-1 RD for EB-2 concurrent in TSC. I-140 and I-485 both pending.
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Mine was received in Jan 20, concurrent I140 and I485, had to do premium for i140 after 7 months of waiting, approved in August end, still waiting for i485, TSC.
Hope to get that magical text/email this month or next.

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