Background check in Nepal
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Tyo Din
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In the process of hiring, my potential employer in US is doing my background check in Nepal and they are going for education verification as well.

They asked me last 7 years of my address. In last 7 years, for more than 4 years I lived in Nepal and my degree is from KU.

--Do you have any idea what is the process of doing background check in Nepal by US employer?
--Will my university respond to education verification nicely and quickly?
--How long will the whole process take?
-- Is there anything(follow up in Nepal) that I can do to speed up the process?

Guys, it is my genuine problem so please give me ideas if you have such an experience.

Your experienced will be highly valued!

Thank you in advance!

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I had the same case and mine was cleared in 2 weeks. I gave my department head 's information and they called the department to verify degree completion and also called police station to verify criminal records.

Good luck
Tyo Din
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In my case they have only asked my degree copy and university information(for education verification) and asked for my passport copy and home address( for background).

How can they proceed with only these information?

Tyo Din
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I have been waiting for this job for 1 and 1/2 months. Now, after going for background check in NEpal, I do not know, how much additional time they will require! So, I need to speed up the process. So, if you have gone through his process plz suggest me the ways.
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What is the name of the company (Company hired by your company to do BC ) that is doing your background check ?
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Unless your university representative do not deny your attendance there, you are fine. If they refuse to give any details , then its not a problem for you. Your university just should not tell them that you DID NOT attend . Address are not verifiable for most of the countries outside USA. Unless same like above, if you have given any contact details for verification and that person denies your stay in the said location with confident.
Tyo Din
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Thank you for you information @ paani_ma_paade_jasto. Please check your inbox @ NE_Patriots.
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I have not worked with that company. In my first job, my BC was done by Hireright. It was quick and was completed in 1 week. For my current job, CARCO group did BC for me. This company asked too many questions and tried to do through check. They asked information like dad's name, grand father's name, mom's name and also the passport no. and nagrikta no. I do not know what they verified but it took around 2-3 weeks to get the clearance from them.

To expedite things I used to call my prospective HR asking if I can give 2 weeks notice to my current company, once in every 2 days.

If you don't have any criminal history then you should be fine. Just try to give pressure to HR to speed up things. Make up some stories about your current situation in your job and try to get clearance from HR.

Tyo Din
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Thank you @NE for ur information!
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