Full time गर्दा fine लाग्छ ?
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Tyo Din
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I have been working for ABC consultancy with QWE vendor in XYZ client since last 2 years. My project is ending soon( 3 months left.)

I have signed the paper with ABC consultancy that says "if you worked with same client or same vendor that we have assigned, you need to pay penalty of $18,000"

I have GC and my client has vacant full time position. I have good relation with QWE vendor and they can search me good job by directly working through them.

Can i secretly join my client full time work or job through my vendor, without my consultancy knowing this? If they knew that I choose my client full time work or job through my vendor, do i have to pay penalty to ABC consultancy ?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated!

Tyo Din
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240 views, but no reply. Friends, if someone is genuinely seeking advice, u people should give your suggestions and your experience. Sajha is meant to be for that.

It's my first thread to sajha. Heard good things about sajha users but very very disappointed!
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Seriously?? May be they have no clue about these kind of situation and don't want to give you wrong advice. Why do you directly jump the gun and think people don't want to help? I saw your thread but I have never been these circumstances so I have no idea what to tell you. You are not paying for advice from experts in this forum. I am sure someone will suggest. Good luck.
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Because its a STUPID question thats why. Read your OP throughly, you will get your answers there, you wont have to look anywhere or ask anybody.
If u still dont get it, ask sajha hasti "dhoti_prasad" . Just PM him.
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Read this :

Most state, non competes are very hard to enforce.
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Tyo Din, The reason why no one wants to answer your question is because there is no need to answer.
It's just like asking "Is it ok to rob a bank?". Well yeah it's ok to rob a bank but if cops catch you then you will be jailed or if not you will be millionaire. It depends on how you rob a bank and how smart is the cop. possibilities are
#1 cop:smart you:dumb=you will be jailed
#2 cop:dumb you:smart=You will be millionaire
#cop: smart you:smart=You can be millionaire or Jailed
#3 cop: dumb you:dumb=You can be millionaire or Jailed

So in above condition there is 25% chance that you will be millionaire for sure. There is 25% chance that you will be Jailed for sure
There is 50% chance that you will be either millionaire of Jailed. So choice is your. Don't ask me "What would you do in this case?" because I am already a millionaire and I don't need to rob a bank.
Hope this solves your dilemma. Have a great weekend.
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Yes you can join just join the client or join vendor without letting your consultancy know.. if you don't tell anybody you have joined the client or vendor then there is no way your consultancy will find you where you are working (I am assuming you are the only one working on that client from that consultancy). This is just my 2cents.
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