TRUMP 2016!!! Here is why?
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US Election 2016 and my TWO cents!!!


Obamacare is costing more money to me after they launch it I think it is the same way to everyone except to the Food stamps Guys. Even for those guys they think they have insurance when they go to hospitals they will find out how much they will be paying from their pockets. so Obamacare is total bullshit. Trust me I am telling the truth.


Collage cannot be free. How they will be run. It’s just a hoax to win the election trust me. Even if he did it free the money to run will come out from your taxes. You will pay collage fee for 4 years but you going to pay taxes for your whole life so this bothers me. Think about it.


They are so right about securing boarders. we need them to be fix. No more illegals. no more food stamps. this is all coming from our hard earned tax dollars. You guys might think democrats are good for immigrants that is absolutely false. When Obama was in office @ 2009 he was in majority both on house as well as on senate he could have pass the immigration bill. But he never did it. But on 2014 he put an executive order do you know why he wants to make people feel he did something but he knows that when republican will win they will repeal his executive order. so in fact he doesn't want to solve the problem.

That is my two cents. Creative criticism and appreciation are welcome!!! Trump 2016!!!

Thank you
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I thought if my comments are thoughtful, elegant , philosophical, subject matter related to the topic and so on are the key points to attract readers but I learn new trick. Thanks
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It worked on you didn't it?
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This is BOLD and
this one is not.
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What do you all think this tariff bring to the table.
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IS he winning 2020???
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Yes by landslide if Democrats fail to impeach him and if their nominee is Pete Buttigieg or Pocahontas.
Sexy In Sari
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Bill Gates and Buffet are upset with the Democratic Party.

Bankers are leaning towards Trump; that means New York, California and Florida are RED. JEWISH VOTE

Indians H1b is a kind of favor of Trump. That means American-Indians are on his side. INDIAN VOTE

Latinos losing DACA in Supreme Court, Latinos need to have Trump on their side. LATINO VOTE


BLACK VOTE as well.

2020 he wins again.

Mark my word.

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And Mark Fuckerberg is having private dinner with Trump, there goes Liberals down the Rio Grande River unless Michell O comes to their rescue. 
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Keyser Söze
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Everyone who survives to live next day and live good life is winner
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how the fu*K is this relevant!
Keyser Söze
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Coz the dead don't gives a sh$t about anything.
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Keyser Söze
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Yes!! Feel free to try it..kidding!
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Support for trump. He does not hate legal immigrants he only hates illegal immigrants. People have to follow the system and process like most of us who came to this country with the legal way, wait for their turn to get paper even some of us waited to get paper 10-15 years. Go trump.
Keyser Söze
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Everyone will follow system after they get their things done or get where they want. If a country can destroy another country for oil or for wealth, illegally crossing border is not so bad.
Keyser Söze
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"People have to follow the system" u mean like syphilis experiments done in Guatemala people?
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There is no other candidate who can replace a large margin or whatever. Not because of domestic stuffs but the international affairs he is handling so well..Hes got an excellent team in his cabinet -Wilbur Ross - known as king of distressed debt investing on wall street as commerce secretary - just one example. Even Nancy Pelosi - although a democrat- has been his great ally in international deals..etc. 
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