Really scared about my life
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I feel like I have cancer or HIV becoz i have been itching a lot everywhere on my body. If something is on I will be ashamed to show my face in Nepal. How could I return home like that. I don't either want to go to doctor and find out. What if it came out to be positive. I am feeling like wish I could die rather. Sometimes I feel like may be it's becoz of the weather or may be I am allergic to anything. when I see spiders or caterpillars I start itching. The more I think what if i have cancer or HIV, I get to itch more.
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2 ui barsa bhayo bhane jachaoda ramro youn rog cha ki chaina thaha huncha rog lagekai cha bhane pani aaushadey pai halchani chinta garno hudaina .teme matra Hoina thuprai manche ko topi futne samasya huncha . testo dar lagcha bhane aba dekhi chai kasai sanga youn samparga garda 6 mahina vitra ko blood jacheko paper herera mahago khalko topi lagaera matra garne bare sochno
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2 barsa gaadi topi futeko manchhey ahile darauni Haina sathi .. Yo kunai chilauni samasya hola . It's not cancer ra hiv pani hoena .. Symptoms haru dekha parcha thalcha aru nai . Skin chilauni ra gastric Nepali ko rog nai ho.. I think u must be allergic to sth or eat healthy food work out . Garmi le pani chilaucha.. Goodluck
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khate talai scabies ya ta herpes bhako hola
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That looks like eczema. I had same itchy rash problem but not as worst as yours. Visited pcp instantly and he gave some antifungal cream which worked like a bullet. Go see a doctor asap. Aids le tyasto chilaudaina hola. Aids lage pani baru chado diagnose bhayo bhane cure huncha hola. K darayera jindagi jiuchau bro. Be a man.
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Not saying you have HIV. You seem to have worried more than necessary. Agree with robwin. With diagnosis management and anti viral therapy widely available, even AIDS can be managed. HIV infected Magic Johnson lives happy and healthy.

Nothing in this life is worth killing for.

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HIV infected Magic Johnson lives happy and healthy because he's got boat load of money to boot. It helps a lot if you have money and that can buy you a lot of resources which an ordinary person can not even imagine.
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I think retrovirus medicine for HIV is free in nepal
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some guys are scaring me off. Luto may be as I feel pain while itching.
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do you guys know of pruritus ani AKA anal itching?
nepali ma it is uncontrollable chak chilaune.
i have been having this problem since last 1 year.
if anyone has appropriate suggestion for treatment for this, that would thulo punya
i tried

hemorrhoids wipe - didn't work
pinworm medicine - didn't work
pranicure - it's not helpful for me. didn't work.
emuaid - it has helped a lot but still pruritus ani is there.

due to lack of adequate fiber in food, a liquid(which is not a stool) is flowing out from rectum after a bowl moment which has irritated the sensitive skin of anus. that lead to anal itching.

i am sharing this because after a research of 1 year, i have come to know that most of the men are most likely to have it during the life cycle. well women could also suffer from this but men are at high risk.
trust me, you don't want to have this :( :( 

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How old are you? Most of the time its nothing worrisome but as you say some liquid discharge from the rectum, which is unusual.
Go to a doctor, dont be shy.
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Back home one of my relative has similar problem: he used to get some white tiny worms. It went away after a year.
Sometimes, stool may remain in anal even trying hard to wipe it specially if it is loose or very-soft.
You can buy a shower head that has port to fit another shower hose. You can use that hose to to your rectum to wash out any residue hiding. It may sound extreme, try it and you may feel it has been washed away ( psychological effect, may help you )
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After I took benadryl I felt very sleepy and difficulty in breathing
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HIV is fake(It has already been exposed)... But if u vaccinate yourself, you are Really SICK. Cancer can be removed(Stop Eating/Fasting) Eat Green vegetables and fruits only...
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Tell your family never go to doctor’s office all the veggies and herbs will take care of it.
It is easier to advise than practice.
Keyser Söze
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HIV is fake? Why don't you try or expose it to yourself and prove it. Someone has expose it vanera bak bak garna matra haina.
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Keyser Söze
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mooji Marne bhaiis pariwaralaaii |
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