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Form I 821 form print info
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I fill it out from computer and print it out but didnt get barcode as everybody is saying. just single line above "For USCIS USE ONLY"
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Fill the form online and save it as pdf file, then open the saved file in pdf reader. you would be able to see bar code.
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i fill it online and save it but once i save it didnt saved with data entered and was not able to see barcode.
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i am using mac to fill out the form
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I had the same problem on macbook, as a matter of fact i tried on couple macbooks using both Google Chrome and Safari and it didn't work.
Then i went with my Windows operating computer and used Gogle Chrome and it didnt work. Then i used it on Internet Explorer and the barcode was visible.
So use Windows Operating system with Internet Explorer and it should work.
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I just downloaded it without filling the form and it shows the barcode,

use this link, if you don't see barcode, send me your mail address, I will attach it\

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hey can u still help me out with a barcode on the form... my email address is yogkumariinc@gmail.com
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I tried my best same computer previous time it print form with bar code but not this time .l don't know why .i will greatly appricate if you could please send me copy of work permit ,tps renewal and travel document on my email.


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Got ap, Ead , Tps doc on jul 9th.
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i did fill out the form on internet explorer, but still couldn't get the bar code, can you guys help me out how to get the bar code?
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Dont worry much about the barcode. Manche haru ko without barcode nahuda ni apply garera TPS approval ra EAD ayi sakyo. Uta chai barcode mai adkidai cha. I submitted without barcode. Already TPS approved and EAD received. No AP applied
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long story in short i was desperat went to fedex office owned by indian i request him to try his computer he did and i got 3 coppiesof form with bar code.gave 10 he me both happy.my suggestion tell him to save that form in pdf format and copy in .....and later lode in your computer.
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try public library's computer and if need help ask staff.
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Guitarcenter you are dam right.i am one of your third sentence guy still looking for bar coad. Man I can't stop looking on my self reading yor post at 1 pm .any way thanks for your very funny and to the point post.
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I men luffing not reading correction please
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