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Speeding Ticket Help
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Ip Man
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I received a speeding ticket (80mph in 65mph highway) and the fine of $218. I personally cannot go to court because the court is 2.5 hr drive away from where I currently live. I guess my options are either to pay the fine or hire a lawyer.
I contacted a law firm, they told me it will be $300 fee for them and most likely I will not get points for my violation and I don't have to pay the ticket fee(probably) depending on my traffic history.
But in past 1.5 year, I have two speeding ticket already of smaller amount(70mph in 55 mph and 50 mph in 35 mph). Don't think they impacted my insurance fee.
I don't want to pay both the lawyer fee and traffic fine.
Guys is it worth paying fee to the lawyer or shall I just pay $218 fine?
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Where did this happen? City/State?
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For such 3 speeding violations within 1.5 yrs period with each one 15mph over the limit, you should be forced to pay fine and incur points and pay the hefty insurance premium. Those a'holes lawyers are just encouraging reckless drivers like you...
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Dude , 25 mile over means 4 points; on 10 points your license will be suspended. Don't look for 300 for lawyer now. Pay it. if you pay 215 to police now , it will show on your history for 3 yr and insurance will go up too.
I paid 375 to lawyer for speeding (71 on 55, mine was 6 hr from my residence). Judge reduce my ticket to parking violation, i paid 150 to court too; but totally worth it. It will never show in my history and no raised insurance.
Ip Man
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It was in North Carolina, highway 95. Not sure of the city.
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i had it same amount n just paid it online, who got time to go to court this n that
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jabo 200 ko lagi tirau ki natirau bhanera kina runchan Nepali haru yaar, chuiyapan ko pani euta limit huncha ni
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No wonder divorceguy why you are fked up and come here crying everytime. Its not about 200 or 500 dude , its about points you get on license, increase in premium. छोड़ मुजी तैले बुज्दैनस । तैले कुरो बुज्नि भए तेरो स्वास्नी किन पोइल जान्थि ।
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k ko points, Australia-Canada move huna lageko horra, points le farak parne. euta duita ticket bhaye k bhora, premium bad lare, dui char paisa ta badne ho, tesmathi speeding ticket le garda insurance badeko kaile dhekeko chaina, mero accident vayesi chai badeko thiyo tara not on speeeding. swasni le chodera gaye ta ananda vairacha haptai picche naya khaireni mexi hanna pairacha, tyo vanda k chaiyo malai.
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Just pay for the fucking ticket man. This is minor case why you need to go through lawyer and all that bullshit bro. Pay online as simple as that.
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What state do you live in?
If the ticket is out of state most of the time there will be no points on your license.
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Yep pay the fine and never go over the speed limit again!
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Got ticket back in January for speeding 78 on 55 mph.
Had 3 options
1. Pay $241
2. $113 and defense driving.
3. Contest

Hired attorney $50 to get ticket off my record
Paid $113 to the court
Defense driving course $25
DL record $12
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The location information was necessary before I make any suggestion.
First of all, I am not a traffic expert, so take my advice with grain of salt.

NC is member of the Driver's license compact, this means that it shares traffic violations with other states like VA. Hence, don't discard it despite a suggestion above.

Since this happened in a highway, it probably was a state trooper who pulled you over. Regardless of this, you might want to ask the lawyer if he goes to this particular court often or not. If he/she does, then they will have established a special rapport with the judge. This will help reduce/eliminate your points.

So, if I were you, I'd ask the lawyer first, then if I get satisfactory answer, I'd hire him. You might have to pay some minimal fine as well, but I still think it'd be worth it than getting dinged with points.

Be careful next time. Try not to drive over 10 mph, definitely not over 15 mph.
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do you guys know any lawyer I can hire? I gotta speeding ticket & improper lane change while driving on I-81.
That officer did not even want to listen to me at all. Since it's 6 hours and if I take a day off at work, it's not actually worth to go to the court. I can rather hire a lawyer, so I do not get points at all.

Let me know if you guys have any better suggestion.

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Be specific about I-81. Which state? Your best would be to hire a lawyer and see if he can reduce the fine to a minor violation.
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Thanks bro.. it was close to Roanoke.Yeah I was wondering if there are any nepali or desi lawyers or else I have to find some gore. But if you have any recommendations.. that'd help.

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Anyone else who can share their stories on speeding on Roanoke or lawyers there I can reach out to?

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Traffic tickets are minor offenses in case you are not worried about the records in your driving history. Most of the citing (NCA) won't require you to physically appear in the court. You can sign the ticket accepting the charges and mail it to the court address with the fine (cheque/money order).
If you rather want to contest in the court the look at the ticket and find the court location. Then google the location and search for the traffic lawyers close by. It doesn't have to be desi lawyer; find the one who has special relationship with the prosecutor/judge so that it can be reduced so some other minor non moving violation.
Sajha keto
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I got speeding ticket Abingdon, VA (7 hrs far from my home). I was driving at 80 mph (in 70mph). That was my first ticket. So decided to hire attorney from fisher law firm pc. I had the court date on June 30. According to attorney, court gave a decision that they will dismiss my case if I complete 8 hrs in-person driver improvement class and send them an original certificate. I have to send it by November 21st. I just completed the 8 hrs course yesterday and got the certificate. I am gonna send it to the court soon. Hope they will dismiss it. I got 4 points ticket. Hope everything will be fine:
Here is the expenses detail:
Attorney: $200
Driving record from DMV: $16
8 hrs Driver improvement course: $80
Court fine: Yet to know

If I would have paid the fine instead of hiring attorney, I was supposed to pay $131 and get 4 points.
Let me know if you need any further details
Last edited: 12-Oct-17 10:29 AM
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Thanks guys for your valuable input. I will probably reach out to a lawyer close by that area & hear from them. I mean I can pay the fine and court fee & the lawyer but do not really want to get the points at all because that is a long term impact.
Anyway let me reach out to them first & will take it from there.

Thank you again!!
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