हामीहरुले २० जना केटिहरुसंग सेक्स गर्नै पर्छ रे नी !
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यो नया अनुसन्धान पढेर मलाइ ज्यादै खुसि लाग्यो साथि हो ! अब साइन्सले नी प्रमाण गरेको छ कि हामीहरुले घटीमा पनि २० जना केटि साथिहरुसंग सेक्स गर्नै पर्छ रे ! धेरै जना केटिहरुसंग सेक्स गर्यो भने हामीलाई प्रोस्ट्रेट क्यान्सर अनि अरु खतरनाक रोगहरु लाग्दैन रे ! अब हामीले आफ्नो गर्ल फ्रेन्डहरुलाइ यो अनुसन्धानको बारे ज्ञान दिन पर्छ साथि हो ताकि वहाहरुले हाम्रो स्वास्थको निमित्त भएपनि अरु एक्स्ट्रा गर्लफ्रेनहरुसंग सेक्स गर्ने अनुमति दिनै पर्छ !

तर खबरदार, "गे" साथीभाईहरुले अरु केटासंग यौन गर्नु भयो भने चै उल्टै छिटो प्रोस्ट्रेट क्यान्सर लाग्छ रे ! तसर्थ तपाईहरु चै एस्तो "गे"गिरि काम नगर्नुस !

साझाका समस्त केटीसाथीहरुलाइ बिनम्र अनुरोध गर्दै आ-आफ्नो प्रेमीहरुको स्वास्थलाइ मध्ये नजर राख्दै अबो देखि अरु प्रेमिका बनाउने छुट दिन म हार्दिक अनुरोध गर्दछु !

Sleeping with more than 20 women reduces male risk of prostate cancer, study finds

SLEEPING with numerous women protects a man from prostate cancer, a study has found.
By: Jo Willey
Published: Tue, October 28, 2014

Research showed that Lotharios with a lot of notches on their belts are significantly less likely to develop the disease.

Compared with men who have had only one sexual partner during their lifetime, those with a score of more than 20 conquests have a 28 per cent reduced risk of being diagnosed.

But the same is not true for gay encounters, according to the Canadian scientists. In fact, having more than 20 male partners doubled the risk of prostate cancer.

The findings are from the Prostate Cancer & Environment Study in which 3,208 men answered questions about their lifestyle and sex lives.

Lead researcher Professor Marie-Elise Parent, from the University of Montreal, said: "It is possible that having many female sexual partners results in a higher frequency of ejaculations, whose protective effect against prostate cancer has been previously observed in cohort studies."

The study found that men who were virgins were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who were sexually experienced.

Compared with those who had only had one partner, men who had slept with more than 20 women were 28 per cent less at risk of prostate cancer of all types.

They were also 19 per cent less likely to develop an aggressive type of cancer.

According to one theory, large numbers of ejaculations may reduce the concentration of cancer-causing substances in prostatic fluid, a constituent of semen.

They may also lead to fewer crystal-like structures in the prostate that have been associated with prostate cancer.

The age at which men first had sexual intercourse, and the number of times they had been infected by a sexually transmitted disease, had no bearing on prostate cancer risk.

A total of 12 per cent of the group reported having had at least one sexually transmitted infection (STI) in their lifetime.

While having one male partner did not affect cancer risk, having more than 20 doubled the chances of a diagnosis. It increased the risk of a less aggressive cancer type five-fold.

"It could come from greater exposure to STIs, or it could be that anal intercourse produces a physical trauma to the prostate," said Prof Parent, who admitted the explanations were "highly speculative".

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Gabbar Singh
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hahahha hasayo nas Bro le ....Harek kuro ko answer chai hunchha j hos Nas Bro sanga....Keep up ur sense of humor....
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Nas harayo bhaneko feri suru bho aba.........toit.......aba dekhi kaam ma feri sajha herna na huni huncha......:P
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I did already, 33 so far, I am blessed
Last edited: 31-Oct-14 06:30 PM
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Probably Blessed with genetal herpes. Lol
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Divorceguy, you missed a sign between 33, -...........LOL
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Divorce guy,

the topic is about having sex with 20 diff girls not 33 times sex to the same guy...
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giordano I ain't like u homo
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Guys divorceguy mean to say "I do alaways 36 so far, i m blessed" kuro bujdainan mora haru.
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Giordano n Facebook, timi haru ko kina tauko dukhyo k maile jati jana keti sanga suteni, maile jati jana sanga sute teti wata maile vane, kina dhatne
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Oie muji tero ama include gari 33 jana thokis ho khate
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Haina- Nas bro sex nai garnu parne hoo ki , blow job pani coint hunchha? Handjob pani count gare hunchha?
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user01 tero mommy lai doggy haneko, gayera sodhna, katro bhwang parde maile vanera, ta pani mero najayaz choro hunu parcha, ramro sita tero mom lai sodh hai, tero mom ko ta kasto koila jasto kalo raicha yaar, jandai vomit gareko teti bela
Last edited: 02-Nov-14 07:21 PM
Last edited: 02-Nov-14 07:24 PM
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Having a stamina to sleep with multiple partners for a man alone means he has stellar health and he maintains it. Male body with so many health issues, no matter how many partners he sleeps with is not gonna save him from any disastrous degenerative diseases.

One has to work on it since his teen age. Proper nutrition, daily exercise and enough sleep should ward off not just cancer but so many other diseases.

If you spend your every day like smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk foods, still expect not to get prostate cancer just by having sex with 20 women? You are dreaming pal.

Whoever wrote this article and came with this stupid research is a d-bag, just the numbering 20 women is as illogical as that "40 virgins or whatever number of virgins u get after you die" ideology.

Before you throw yourself to these stupid findings, save yourself from STDs, start working out, eat healthy and fcking swallow that saw palemetto pills everyday.

Btw, when our ministers believe that there's gonna be six days of darkness and asking panels how to cope with it, can't blame you. :P

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@divorceguy :: Then you woke up and realized you had your 1 inch nail up your mom's hole, LOL sucka
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साथी हो अनि हाम्री केटिसाथीहरुको बडी फिगर पनि झन्डै २० प्रकारको हुन्छ रे साइन्सले भनेको ! तेसैले हरेक बडी टाइपको ज्ञान दिलाउन तलका फोटोहरु प्रस्तुत गर्दै छु ल ?


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9 or 11 for me...................LOL!!
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4, 5 n 11 for me
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4589 i wud tear all 'em asses... 4 for sure I bet she can fuck gooooooood
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यो धागो लाइ पुनर्जीवित गर्दै छु :
साझामा ७/२४ झुन्डिने ले सेक्स बाहेक केहि कुरा गर्न आउदैन भनि मलाई गोप्य पत्र समेत लेखेको थियो | सारीले छोपी देलान है पनि लेखेको देख्दा कहिँ तिजको राति पसुपतिनाथामा तरुनीको पोका समात्न गएको अध्बैसेको समात्न पुगेर सताकोसे झाडी को खहरेमा राम्रैनै मुख दली दीइन जस्तो छ र तेही तर्साइ लाइ ब्यक्त गरे जस्तो लाग्छ |
लौ अम्बरे यो धागो ते रै लागि तन्क्याई दिएको छु |
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साझाको एउटा  बोकाले सानोमा आमालाई सोधेछ  | आमा आमा मलाइ कसरि पाको ? बच्चालाई जबाफ दिने तरिका एकै हुन्छ सजिलो र लाज मर्दो नबनाउने, उत्तर आयो हगेर पाएको हु |
बिचराले पनि महिलाबर्गको पाउने र हग्ने एकै हुने कुरा तिनतिघ्रे भए पछि गएको रहेंछ | लिङ्ग प्यासी हुन थाले पछि लाल्टेन बजारमा पुगेछ | सानामा आमाले भएको कुरा सम्झदै प्यास बुझाउने कुरा पछाडी नै हो भनी पछाडी लागे पछि हाती छाप चप्पल छोडेर कुलेलम ठोकेको अहिले सम्म कुमार नै छ रे अनि यस्ता कुरा पढ्ने कुरा त छोडौ सुन्दा पनि पुराना कुरा सुनेर रातो पिरो हुन्छ रे | अंग्रेजीमा " रातो पिरो हुने "लाई Translate गरि दिनु होस् |
Last edited: 13-Sep-19 08:19 AM
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