college football pick'em 2013
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 Hellooooooooooooo everybody,

Let's do the pick'em again. The last year of BCS. This year LSU_tiger and/or Gabbar Singh will be the admin of this pick'em.

So, AP ranking is just out which very much resembles coaces poll, and we all know Pre-season ranking doesn't make any sense. but still we all adhere to that. and as expected Alabama is number one, and I thought Urban Meyer/ Nick saban rivalry was done when Meyer left florida, but he is right there, can we see these two teams in national championship? and who the hell gave that one 1st place vote to Georgia?

So, again SEC has 6 teams in top 25 (in fact top 12), and 3 from each division, seems well balanced huh.....

and big 10, and pac-12 5 each, and big 12 with 4. Interestingly, there is no Vtech, pennstate, and Mich. state.the teams that used to be in top 25 . 

Alabama is looking for many records ( i guess), esp 3 titles in a row, and seems likely unless Georgia manages 5 yards, oh well than their are LSU/ Texas AM in regular season. Texas AM will be either hit or bust, depending upon status of Johny football. Lets discuss it. 

Happy football season...
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Second again. Next year will be first
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And thanks to Admin for putting this thing together.
Gabbar Singh
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Are you the sajha admin? Just curious if this is legit...Also, if you are the admin, let me first make things clear rather than asking you again and again....

Do you want me to coordinate with first and second (last year and this year) and get back to you with all information?

Gabbar Singh
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For prizes, please send me your information. It includes your name, address where the prize needs to be delivered, T-shirt (prize) size, and any comments you may want to provide. Following people, please email me your info asap. Thanks.

Last year admin: Shivanagar
1st place: Mac
2nd Place: Jacksparrow

This Year :
1st place: Sparty
2nd place: blue_moon


Gabbar Singh
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So far, I only received information from blue_moon. Others, please send me your info. You can initialize your first name just to be anonymous.....
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3rd this year. Not bad I guess. Well played everyone and thanks to admin for putting this.
Gabbar Singh
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Thanks Jonny Bro...
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 Gabbar bro,

I sent the information. Thanks for putting this together.

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do you need mine? lol
Gabbar Singh
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Shivanagar Bro: At least I need your address info...and may be t-shirt size...nabheteko dherai bhayo, motayau ki???

Thanks blue_moon, Sparty and Jacksparrow for the info...I am still waiting for mac's information, after which I will send them to sajha...Thanks guys...
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Congratulations to top 3 winners... Thanks a lot to Gabbar and shivanagar bro for running the show for another season. See u around fellows
wit's end
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hey, I thought came in second last year along with sparrow.
Gabbar Singh
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wit's end: Did you? I don't know man....I will contact Shivanagar (last year's admin) and find out if that is the case. IF this is correct, I would later request you to provide me your info....Thanks for understanding...
Gabbar Singh
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wit's end: you are correct...I just referred to one of the shivanagar's post in this thread and bad....

Could you please send me your information with your name, address, and t-shirt size? Sorry for the confusion and thanks for understanding....
wit's end
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Gabbar Singh> thanks for the quick turnaround. Would you please send the tee to Shivanagar instead. My way of saying thanks to him for putting in all the work last year. And my thanks to you for all your hard work this year. Thx again.
Gabbar Singh
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Wit's end...well, i will request that to sajha admin...hope it should be fine to them...Also, I hope Shivanagar does not have any problem with that as well....Sabai kura milyo bhane no problem....
imperfect harmony
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Congrats to winners and thanks to Gabber sing and Shivnagar bro for  running the yr feri bhidna parcha...ROLL TIDE!!!
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Wit's end, Thanks for consideration, But I guess I have my share from previous years and I will also get as admin for that year too. So, don't worry. It's your, you have worked through it and you deserve it.
wit's end
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Thanks @ Shivanager. I guesss I'll take it then. @Gabbar Singh email sent. Thanks again.
Gabbar Singh
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Still waiting for mac to send his info...Don't know if "mac" still exist....Well, I will wait until today ....If I do not get any response, I will send other information to sajha by tomorrow....Thanks everyone
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