translating marriage certificate in Nepal
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Hi every body,

Someone might have been in this situation, and may be able to answer my concerns.
I need to translate marriage certificate (from Nepali to English). I heard that Notary Public does it in Nepal. Where is this Notary Public located? Are photos needed for the translated certificate?
Is it genuine and accpted for US visa process?

Also, I am applying for H1B visa this year and will not apply for depend visa for my spouse till December. Do I need to submit marriage certificate for my H1B visa processing, i.e. do I need to show that I am married now  itself?

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पहिलो पटक हो??????

Dude, the marriage certificate has two leaves (yes, leaves..not sheets....folded shit). One is in English, one in Nepali.

At least that is true for the one gotten from Ktm CDO office.
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@idk2013  Pahilo patak ho.

Khoi, two leaves ko bare taha vayena... afno ta VDC bata ho.. nepali ma matra cha..
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 You need to go to Nijaamati Kitaab Khaana in Babar Mahal. That is the government office which translates documents written in Nepali to English for a certain fee. That was the scenario when I translated my marriage and other certificates back in 2004. If other Sajhaites have some updated info please share. Thanks. 
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 Get it from your wada karyalaya, or mahanagarpaika. Both Nepali and English translated ones, but with some additional fee. Muncipality charge Rs 310 (as I paid) for this job. I did it 1 month back.
Prakash Khadka
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Where I can translate my marriage certificate in Nepal?
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Based on my experience of working in the court in the US, you can translate Nepali docs with any Nepal Notary Public Council registered person. So, you need to need to go to Kitaab Khana in Babaarmal if that is far from you. these are the authorized people, and their phone number can be obtained from a Google search. No matter what you do, make sure the translator writes a letter of certification, that specifically has two sentences.

I certify the following statements "1. I am fluent and competent to translate Nepali and English language. 2. This is a complete and accurate translation of a Nepali Marriage Certificate into English"

I court, I have seen Kitab khana's translation being rejected by judges for not having those sentences.
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