Anyone renewed their passport through DC embassy lately?
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Curious whether anyone's renewed their passport recently, and how it went for them. 

I was dumb-struck  by the attiutude of the Nepal Embassy at DC when I inquired on this matter. 

So here's what my experience was like - their site provides an application form. It supposedly has links to instructions on how to fill it up and what size of photo to use and all that. Those links don't open. The form is asking for 35 X 45 photos. Places in US take 51X51 passport size photos. 

I called last month and spoke in English - some guy piked up the phone, told me to go to their website, follow the instructions and send the application. And the passport would processes in 2 months time once they've received it.

I found out about the photo size discrepancy and I called again, and this time I spoke in Nepali. Diffrent guy picked it up. Here's what he said 
  • A4 size in Nepal is different from A4 size in US
  • If I filled out the form available on the website, I'll never get the new passport. Because of the size issue (both paper size and photo size), the goverment won't approve my application.
  • So the only option - I need to send a paid envelope to them with a letter enclosed asking for a hard copy of the form. 
  • They send the form to me, I fill it up and then send it back to them.
  • They send it to Nepal, and it'll come back in 3 months after that.
Is it just me, or is this pretty much the only way of getting my passport renewed?
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@CARDINAL. Hi Cardinal, sorry to write you very late, I did received mine as well. All well take care.
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@ Yolmo - Glad to hear that. Happy traveling!
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Any way to check the status of the process?
I sent my form on May 27, and never heard if its accepted or sent to Nepal.
Its been 3 months now, and when I try to call the line is always busy.
I tried to track my USPS return envelope tracking number, no results, they have not sent me the envelope yet.
The money order status shows that the money has been cashed-out on July 23.
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I used to communicate through emails. They are quick in responding emails.
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I will give it a try.
Thank you.
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Sent them an email and got the reply today. Here is what is in the email:

"You will receive your passport soon.

That's it. Didn't mention how soon or the approximate time frame I should expect the passport.
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I wasn't expecting this but, my MRP came back in 3 months from the date applied.I think its pretty good since it gets shipped to Nepal and then back. There is still a room to expedite the process but I don't want to complain since I heard it used to take 5-6 months back in the days.
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Did you get your passport?
It seems they have started to put the information of dispatched passport here:

If you have not got your passport yet, it might be in this lot.
Good Luck
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I haven't received my passport. The embassy sent me the passport, but I moved from where I was staying 3 months ago. The mail is supposed to be forwarded by USPS, but the tracking number says, since the mail is not deliverable in my old address, it is going back to sender.
So looks like, I need to contact the embassy again and ask them to send it to me again.
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I got my MRP within 3 months late last year. The process is very easy and smooth. People at embassy are very friendly and helpful. I called and talked to them and followed their instructions. You can ask for forms. They will send you in your postal address and send PP size photos without resizing because they will take care for you. They want all documents original but don't worry nothing get misplaced. So, just be nice to them and talk to them and they will help you.

Peace Nepal
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Hello All,

I am planning to renew my hand-written passport as well. My visa expired on 2013. Will that be an issue to renew my old passport? btw, my passport expires on 2017.

And Can I get the temporary passport while the renewal process is in progress?

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Visa status has nothing to do with passport renewal.
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Yes, VISA can be stamped on your current Passport. Why bother with Passport renewal, it's like good until 2017.
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Well , at least they are working on it.
They may send it either by weekly or monthly basis. In Nepal they will not expedite because you paid by dollar, it will be go in general queue. You guys know how it works in Nepal, it will run at snail pace. They do not have enough manpower: all are gone out of country. 

Even in US , the regular passport renewal time is 30-45 days. It took double of it , that is good ,  isn't ? 
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Thank you YoLMO for clarification.
Bittertruth- Yes, that is right. I was only concerned since it is hand-written.

Thank you guys for comments.

Manko Sathi
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what is the issue?
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Come back in 5 years again and I'll tell the issue haha
Manko Sathi
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ehho2 lol
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I am having difficulty on renewing my passport
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समसामयिक कुरा हो , फेरी जन्मियो !
मैले जुन बेला चाहिन्छ तेसै बेला लिउला भन्नि बसेको छु |
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