Name the next Cabinet Ministers

   Former Supreme Court Judge: PM Ram Hari 04-Oct-02 KingBhakta
     Who else?? Ashu >> PM Paschim >> 05-Oct-02 SOULFREE
       I would rather make Paschim the PM. He w 05-Oct-02 Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai
         Bhattarai ji, Hazur ko naam ta dekhina n 05-Oct-02 SOULFREE
           Guys dont forget Nepe. Nepe would be a g 05-Oct-02 Naresh_karki
             Seriously, rumors in Kathmandu..... D 05-Oct-02 Kancho
               And Kanchho, Which of these people w 05-Oct-02 Biswo
                 And who is Dhanendra Bdr Singh? 05-Oct-02 paramendra
                   para, He is former Pradhan Nyayadish 05-Oct-02 COPY&PASTE
                     Instead of guessing who will hold cabine 05-Oct-02 makuro
                       Bhattarai bandhu, desh ko “pradhan 05-Oct-02 Paschim
                         Haha. A welcome exercise Paschim !!! The 05-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                           "I also wanted to suggest giving the &#8 05-Oct-02 sparsha
                             On a more serious note, (sorry Paschim f 06-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                               Paschim ji lai... Foreign Affairs n 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                                 Isolated Freak ji... Minister of Ment 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                                   Thanks Paschim for nominating me for PMs 06-Oct-02 Biswo
                                     that was the portfolio i was looking for 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
                                       hey guys, Nice jokes. Can I file for 06-Oct-02 Saajan555
>King Gyanendra's pictures will be remov 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
   read this line ..Can any murder who is s 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
     "Minister of Mental Health and Psychiatr 06-Oct-02 KingBhakta
       Isolated Freak, don't worry much. Biswo 06-Oct-02 KingBhakta
         Accordint Deshantar weekly, Possible 06-Oct-02 kunjan
           Kingbhakta ji A good one...hehe! but 06-Oct-02 SITARA
             king bhakta ji, ma pani king bhakta, 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
               sitara malai chahi nabolayeko? tsk tsk. 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
                 Here is the list of new cabinet: PM: 06-Oct-02 Bahudaliya Panchayat
                   VV -- those are all good names from the 06-Oct-02 Paschim
                     Paschim ji; Thank you for responding. 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                       Hi Biswo, my Hon. Prime Minister, I have 06-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                         Yesterday evening, I was watching news i 06-Oct-02 SOULFREE
                           Geez, I'm surprised that Taranath Ranabh 06-Oct-02 SimpleGal
                             VV ji Thank you for your support. :) 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                               :) 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                                 LOL at Sitara's posting....Gajjab chha b 06-Oct-02 SimpleGal
                                   oui oui mademoiselle!!! :) Disclaim 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                                     Paschim bro!!! Seems like you are des 06-Oct-02 RumorMonger
                                       Yo saptahanta ra arko saptaharanbha saar 06-Oct-02 Nepe
Other Recommendation: 1. Hahoo Guru: 06-Oct-02 kunjan
   Was this government not supposed to be a 06-Oct-02 Biruwa
     Hey! You cannot declare someone a PM wit 06-Oct-02 Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai
       seems like everyone's on acid 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
         Deluded with all 'archies', I vote for a 06-Oct-02 ?
           Shree Panch King Paschim having duly app 06-Oct-02 paramendra
             And Paramendra ji... Minister of Pr 06-Oct-02 SITARA
               Sitaraji, my dear cabinet colleague. But 06-Oct-02 paramendra
                 Paramendraji, Points noted. The cabin 06-Oct-02 Biswo
                   And, btw, I have a feeling the UML will 06-Oct-02 paramendra
                     Biswoji, thanks for your e-mail. Talk of 06-Oct-02 paramendra
                       Sitara, You wrote to me in another thre 06-Oct-02 SimpleGal
                         **Yesterday evening, I was watching news 06-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                           sajha hasthis are competing in a maratho 06-Oct-02 WXW
                             And obviously WXW ji, ENJOYS watchin 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                               ...sounds like Sajhapur has declared ind 06-Oct-02 Arnico
                                 Arnico ji, The patient number 000000. 06-Oct-02 SITARA
                                   I see... did not read carefully... hav 06-Oct-02 Arnico
                                     Arnico ji, There is no confusion. S i 06-Oct-02 Biruwa
                                       Raat rahe agraakh palaunchha bhanchhan r 06-Oct-02 Paschim
para rastra thaha raxya don't go well to 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
   and beimng a pararastra manti in nepal i 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
     let me write one important thing this 06-Oct-02 isolated freak
       Nepe asked: "Like BP Koirala was when Ma 06-Oct-02 Paschim
         "Unless this *unholy alliance* between t 07-Oct-02 Paschim
           Ok, thanks for correecting me on sardar 07-Oct-02 isolated freak
             Aye Paschim, how could you indulge yours 07-Oct-02 Dilasha
               outta 66 posts, i just read dilasha's la 07-Oct-02 hyaterica
                 re: bilateral negotiations, don't make m 07-Oct-02 isolated freak
                   hawas ta mitra haroo, malai doctor saab 07-Oct-02 isolated freak
                     As the mantri in charge of Law and Justi 07-Oct-02 ashu
                       Our Law Minister Ashu-ji declares that h 07-Oct-02 Paschim
                         Ani, priye Dilasha, kurai nabujhi narisa 07-Oct-02 Paschim
                           >>...Priye Dilasha,.... WOW !!!!!!??? 07-Oct-02 kunjan
                             La, aba arko scandal aayeko jasto chha!! 07-Oct-02 Paschim
                               Oh dear, dear Dilasha.. Seems like I am 07-Oct-02 Suna
                                 hehe.. Just kidding..Dear Paschimji, Do 07-Oct-02 kunjan
                                   Dilasha Le hasaaayo... hahahaha!!! Good 07-Oct-02 SOULFREE
                                     Paschim Thought you were the "star-the 07-Oct-02 Suna
                                       Suna -- khusukka kaan ma bhannus na...Sa 07-Oct-02 Paschim
oooooooooooh Dilasha!!! Impressive!!! 07-Oct-02 SITARA
   Aaj k ko maagh mahatme ni, aaj ta Ghatas 07-Oct-02 WXW
     Sorry Sitara, But I didn't expect that f 07-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
       What is "Correction full of information 07-Oct-02 anepalikt
         Sitara, like my portfolio. Thanks. Hahah 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
           VV NK has been reachable ;). Call in t 07-Oct-02 Suna
             suna, tks. 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
               Someone has been conspicuously absent fr 07-Oct-02 Poonte
                 Pyara Sajhapur_ka neta_gan_haru: cc: Sa 07-Oct-02 diwas k
                   On a more serious note, I have been hear 07-Oct-02 Poonte
                     Punteji, Tapain chhittai Nepal janu pary 07-Oct-02 ??!
                       Deep bro ... sanchar mantri Candidates 07-Oct-02 Deep
                         Greetings! After a good night’s sleep I 07-Oct-02 Arnico
                           Hi Poonte, birseko chhina. NTV ko GM kha 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                             Arnico, great stuff!!! 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                               Arnico ji, Can I help you with poli 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                                 Kalankisthan ji Who ART thou????????? 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                                   Sitara Ji, I coudn't resist replying yo 07-Oct-02 Rusty
                                     Sitara Ji!!!!! Would you please transla 07-Oct-02 Rusty
                                       When Sajha sent its first cosmonaut out 07-Oct-02 paramendra
Does any of your characters ever speak i 07-Oct-02 Deep
   Sitara jyu ko agya bamojim Rusty Bro ko 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
     Sitara ji, sure! ... but I don't have 07-Oct-02 Arnico
       deep bro! mero man kai kuro bhandyo 07-Oct-02 jira
         deep tel minister: Yo pani naramro mantr 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
           Hi all, I am glad to see this public 07-Oct-02 Biswo
             tyo mu** dhukkur ganera basnu bhanda ta 07-Oct-02 Deep
               Biswo Bro!! Maaf pau. Tapai ko Grihaman 07-Oct-02 soulfree
                 Kalanki ji There was once a man from 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                   Action My Dear Cabinet Colleagues? Th 07-Oct-02 Logical Sense
                     khai ke paap gariya thiyo purwa janma ma 07-Oct-02 hyaterica
                       More Ministers: Anepali kt - Ministry 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                         Hyaterica ji- Ministry of HIND Sight... 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                           hing=hind sight* 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                             Those asking for new cabinet posts, plea 07-Oct-02 Biswo
                               Sitara jyu. Hazur ko word by word pa 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
                                 **if you are not biswoji, please don't r 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
                                   Kalanki ji, Thank you....I am ali pho 07-Oct-02 SITARA
                                     Sitara Jyu. Aafuleta Janpravat (kali 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
                                       feels good to be a full timer here on sa 07-Oct-02 hyaterica
mantri post ko tikas pani blyak ma beche 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
   (buruk buruk ufrandai)...aeeeeee! haina 07-Oct-02 Poonte
     [nepathya bata poonte lai bolaudai] ye- 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
       Poonte ji Ministry of Poonte Barshiya 07-Oct-02 SITARA
         (swa swa gardai...laamo saas tabera) je 07-Oct-02 Poonte
           Poontey ji Poonte scale industry oper 07-Oct-02 SITARA
             Lau hera poonte dai jossiya. Nalini b 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
               PM Sitara Ji and all, Has anybody thoug 07-Oct-02 Rusty
                 "Anepalikt - Ministry of "GAG", Yell and 07-Oct-02 anepalikt
                   anepalikt... Samaj tatha jankalyan mant 07-Oct-02 kalankisthan
                     Kalankishtan ko dherai bus ko dhuwa khan 07-Oct-02 anepalikt
                       Kalankisthan ji Today i see you all ove 07-Oct-02 Rusty
                         Que tal Sitara? My micro-radar had be 07-Oct-02 Biruwa
                           Bhasan Bhasan Bhasan, PMjyu, Yo Sabai 07-Oct-02 Logical Sense
                             Wow, Biswoji, portfolio bandphand-le ta 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                               pls read: there seems to be something fo 07-Oct-02 VillageVoice
                                 Biswo ji used to rock-n-roll for honesty 07-Oct-02 KingBhakta
                                   Biswo ji used to rock-n-roll for honesty 07-Oct-02 KingBhakta
                                     Dalal nabhanau na anepalikt. apachya sun 07-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
                                       Shiva puri hoina, Kailash bata, Kalankis 07-Oct-02 anepalikt
Rusty Jyu, Aaafno purpuro ma ke ko m 07-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
   kailash bata? kailash ta pet dukhyo bhan 07-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
     Well said Anepalikt: My REAL life is 07-Oct-02 SITARA
       Sitara Jyu, Darshan!! (Higher level l 07-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
         Oh my lord!!! this thread is inundated w 07-Oct-02 Dilasha
           AMBOOOO!!!!! kehi deen ko lagi boston 07-Oct-02 oys_chill
             Kalanki ji, Pani tatha Jaal mantralay 08-Oct-02 SITARA
               Sitara jyu, mero saadhubaad. Sitara j 08-Oct-02 KaLaNkIsThAn
                 Dherai din pachhi oys ko shwor sunna pa 08-Oct-02 Poonte
                   PM ji, when is the next cabinet meeting? 08-Oct-02 Arnico
                     <b><a href=" 08-Oct-02 paramendra
                       <ul> <li>Haina, Ye neta bhanauda haru l 08-Oct-02 Tropical
                         Constitution of Proposed By D 08-Oct-02 Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai
                           DBB ji hehe! You are peerless in yo 08-Oct-02 Himali
                             Kalankisthan ji.... Maph garnu hola.. 08-Oct-02 SITARA
                               Overwhelmingly large number of postings 08-Oct-02 Nepe
                                 Arnico, The first meeting will be hel 09-Oct-02 Biswo
                                   Biswoji was ejected out of eSingha Durba 09-Oct-02 WXW
                                     lord siva le wrong thau ma tyasto kam ga 09-Oct-02 WXW

Username Post
KingBhakta Posted on 04-Oct-02 07:40 PM

Former Supreme Court Judge: PM
Ram Hari Joshi: DPM
SOULFREE Posted on 05-Oct-02 09:58 AM

Who else??

Ashu >> PM

Paschim >> upa PM

Sitara ji >> griha mantri
Deep bro >> sanchar mantri
Jira dai >> artha mantri
paramendra >> sikchya mantri
dumbass >> rakshya mantri

Soul chai >> bina bibhaag mantri.
Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:05 AM

I would rather make Paschim the PM. He would be a good candidate. Hey, why not make an election stimulation on sajha?? That would be a good idea! Candadates for PM --
Village Voice

Candidates for Dep. PM
Nepali Kanchi

vote now!

SOULFREE Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:10 AM

Bhattarai ji, Hazur ko naam ta dekhina ni.

Huna ta eutai "Ex PM " le dimagkharab parisakya bela, there is no need for another Bhattarai ji,--- but being a basinda of democratic country as Nepal, I was surprised not to see yourself as candidate.

By the way, I urge to be bina bibhag mantri. its the most masti job.. no work, just chill out.
Naresh_karki Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:16 AM

Guys dont forget Nepe. Nepe would be a good prime minister.
Kancho Posted on 05-Oct-02 12:49 PM

Seriously, rumors in Kathmandu.....

Dhanendra B Singh - PM
Some Army General Dude - Defense minister
Bhes B Thapa - Foreign minister
Biswo Posted on 05-Oct-02 12:53 PM

And Kanchho,

Which of these people will be nominated by 'political parties'?
paramendra Posted on 05-Oct-02 01:01 PM

And who is Dhanendra Bdr Singh?
COPY&PASTE Posted on 05-Oct-02 01:11 PM


He is former Pradhan Nyayadish
makuro Posted on 05-Oct-02 03:35 PM

Instead of guessing who will hold cabinet portfolio, let's do some guessing game about who are the persons the parties going to nominate for cabinet members. My adkalization is as follows:

NC (Democratic): None
NC : ...
UML: Bamdev Gautam...
Paschim Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:06 PM

Bhattarai bandhu, desh ko “pradhan mantri” banaunu bhanda pahila malai ghar ko “griha mantri” khojdinus na yaar...bijog chha budesh kaal ma eklai hunda :)


I would have actually preferred the very pathetic DUD called Deuba heading a revamped, “clean”, “small”, and an “all-party” interim election government than ANY of the Panchayeti CLOWNS suggested. The only exception is Kirtinidhi Bista whose integrity I respect, but he has been out of active politics for SO long that it would be unfair to him to ask him to be enmeshed in the current, post 1996 “mess” which is so very complex. Ramesh Nath can (and will most likely) be a senior minister, but I'd worry if that man became the PM.


Anyway folks, just for FUN, here’s my list of FANTASY Sajha cabinet of 15 ministers headed by the great leader from Chitwan!!

Fantasy Sajha Cabinet

1. Biswo: Prime Minister, Parliamentary Affairs (samsadiya byebastha); Water Resources (jalshrwot)
2. Sitara: Deputy Prime Minister; Health (swasthya)
3. Nepe: Home Affairs (griha)
4. NK: Social Welfare, Women, and Children (samaaj kalyan, mahila, balbalika)
5. VillageVoice: Communications (sanchaar)
6. Arnico: Education; Labor (sikchhya, shram)
7. Paramendra: Trade and Commerce (byapar tatha banijya)
8. Ashu: Law (kanoon tatha nyaya)
9. Logical Sense: Agriculture; Land Reforms (krishi; bhumi sudhar)
10. Jira: Industry (udhyog)
11. Bikas: Finance (artha)
12. Deep: Local Development and Forest Conservation (sthaniya bikas; bann)
13. Suna: Works and Transport (nirman tatha yatayat)
14. San: Science and Technology (bigyan tatha prabidhi)
15. Sangey: Tourism and Civil Aviation; Sports (paryatan; khelkud)
16. Paschim: Foreign Affairs; Defense (para rashtra; rakshya)

I know there are many other well qualified names; but poor Biswo-ji had to limit himself to just 15, otherwise this would have been “jumbo”, and you wouldn’t like that, would you?!

Okay, I will request Biswo-ji to induct Isolated Freak, DBB, Soul Free, Oys and others, even as “bina bibhagiya” in the next reshuffle. Don’t do bidroha until then, just be patient, okay friends? :)

I also wanted to suggest giving the “Raj Durbar” portfolio to Nepe-ji, but thought otherwise :)
VillageVoice Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:46 PM

Haha. A welcome exercise Paschim !!! The discussion was getting really charged. And come to think of it why not. Just look at the stakes involved ... I am still dazed.

Hey, back to our cabinet ... Who knows :::))) Some may actually decide to go that far. I wish you would, sincerely, give it a shot ... When you still have that fire in your belly before the ke garne symptom sets in ???:))

That said, haven't heard from our Mahila Tatha Samaj Kalyan Mantri for a l-o-n-g time. Hello, NK???? Are you there???? Lost in the wonderland.
sparsha Posted on 05-Oct-02 11:49 PM

"I also wanted to suggest giving the “Raj Durbar” portfolio to Nepe-ji, but thought otherwise :) "

You should have, Paschim. Nepe is the man for that.


After few months when NK resigns to take care of her personal responsibilities, Sanomaiya of Bhimsenthan should be given that samaj kalyan... portfolio. For Tukram, well....jira has to resign.
VillageVoice Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:03 AM

On a more serious note, (sorry Paschim for the relapse !!!), my vote for "clean" bill goes to Ram Hari Joshi (wonder which Nepali Congress faction does he belong to now?), Mahesh Aharya (Girija Congress), Ram Chandra Poudyal, Shailaja Acharya.

But all are going to contest elections.

NO: Khum Bdr.
NO: Bamdev Gautam
NO: Govinda Raj Joshi
NO: Bijaya Gachhedar
NO: JP Anand
NO: RK Mainali
NO: GP Koirala
NO: Chiranjibi Wagle
NO: Pashupati SJB
NO: Surya B. Thapa

Yi khunkhaar mahamanavharu lai ke garne ???? Sappai yek sai yek dada !!!
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:08 AM

Paschim ji lai...
Foreign Affairs nai suhanoon cha ni!!!!
KI hoina??? Paschim ji?

DO I detect a confession for certain likes?????

SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:19 AM

Isolated Freak ji...

Minister of Mental Health and Psychiatric Wards.
Biswo Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:34 AM

Thanks Paschim for nominating me for PMship. Unlike great Ganeshmanji (peace be upon whom) I am not going to pass the buck to some Bhattarai and I am gonna assume the position myself starting from this moment.

The first executive decision revives the local bodies without whom no government can function properly. Their term will be extended for one more year.

King Gyanendra's pictures will be removed from all government offices, and offices of diplomatic missions abroad as per the second decision of the council of ministers. The name of the council of ministers will be changed from 'Sri 5 ko sarkar' to 'Nepal sarkar'. Royal family's salary will be subjected to 90% government tax (because their salary can't be reduced by constitution).

The king doesn't have any right to enforce upon the members of council of ministers his will about our eligibility to participate in the next election. So, this ministry also decides to ignore his 'command' and will not bar any of its members from contesting next election.
Contesting the election is fundamental right of every Nepali citizen, and his majesty the king is reminded that any rule he makes in the midnight can't have any legal status.

By using the prerogatives invested upon the ministry of council by the sovereign people of Nepal, the council of ministers also admonishes his majesty the king not to take any action in the midnight, around Dashain, in the future, or it will be considered the breach of the agreement reached between people and the royal palace in 2046,and it will draw an open confrontation between the two.

More consultation going on in the council of ministers rightnow... :-)
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:36 AM

that was the portfolio i was looking for., lifelong suypply of Prozac, what else can i ask for. thanks much for nominating me for the post.

Now, i'll buy you a cartoon of rara chow chow when you are in town.
Saajan555 Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:36 AM

hey guys,

Nice jokes. Can I file for one of the Nominees or is it too late?????????????? I assure u all i will never take bribes, but I must take good care of my future wife and children. ehehehhe.......... I guess, that makes me eligible.

c ya all later
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:44 AM

>King Gyanendra's pictures will be removed from all government offices, and offices of diplomatic missions abroad as per the second decision of the council of ministers. The name of the council of ministers will be changed from 'Sri 5 ko sarkar' to 'Nepal sarkar'. Royal family's salary will be subjected to 90% government tax (because their salary can't be reduced by constitution).

If you do this Biswo, then you will be removed from the post right away, no, not by the King but by your own staff members.

>>The king doesn't have any right to enforce upon the members of council of ministers his will about our eligibility to participate in the next election. So, this ministry also decides to ignore his 'command' and will not bar any of its members from contesting next election.

You will be violating the constitution of nepal. your cabinet will be mor corrupt than the deuba's cabinet because you won't be responsible and accountable to anyone.

>>Contesting the election is fundamental right of every Nepali citizen, and his majesty the king is reminded that any rule he makes in the midnight can't have any legal status.

Can any murder who is serving his sentence can contest the elections from his/her prision cell?

>>By using the prerogatives invested upon the ministry of council by the sovereign people of Nepal, the council of ministers also admonishes his majesty the king not to take any action in the midnight, around Dashain, in the future, or it will be considered the breach of the agreement reached between people and the royal palace in 2046,and it will draw an open confrontation between the two.

Biswo, seek treatment.

You are loosing your credibility by posting such lame accusations.

your well wisher
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:47 AM

read this line ..Can any murder who is serving his sentence can contest the elections from his/her prision cell? as

can any criminal/murderer who is serving sentence in prision can contest the elections from his/her prision cell?
KingBhakta Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:00 AM

"Minister of Mental Health and Psychiatric Wards" for Isolated Freak.

Isolated Freak, don't worry. Your first client is Sitara herself, the Minister of Health. Sitara is dying for Paschim, will be soon sent to your wards for her special care. Did you notice her notes on Paschim's postings? Paschim had already rejected her offers by calling her "DIDI" and she is still trying to convince him "age does not matter". As Paschim is foreign minister, foreigners should not disappoint him "Whether she is your mother?". Prepare a good "KA" Class room and a bed for her because she is also minister of health.
KingBhakta Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:07 AM

Isolated Freak, don't worry much. Biswo writes "The first executive decision revives the local bodies without whom no government can function properly. Their term will be extended for one more year.".

Biswo's corrupt mind already spoke out. He knows that UML can not get the same set of local bodies as Bamdev did in the previous local election. Its unfortunate that the so called new cabinet head's first message to nation, has first line that is corrupt and ill fated. Feel very sorry. Biswo is not less than Deoba.
kunjan Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:16 AM

Accordint Deshantar weekly,

Possible names are:

1. Taranath Ranabhat
2. KN Bista
3. Lokendra B. Chand
4. Dhanendra B. Singh
5. Bisownath Upaadhaya, Trilok Pratap Rana, Bishnu Pratap Shah, ......

1.Bhesh Bahadur Thapa
2.Devendra Raj Pandey
3. Himalaya Shamsher Rana
4. Ravi Bhakta Shrestha
5. Roop Jyoti
6.Rajnedra Khetan
7. Rameshnath Pandey
8.Anuradha Koirala
9.Harka Gurung
10.Sachit Shamsher Rana
11.Yankila Sherpa
12.Jayaraj Acharya
13.Karna dhoj Adhikari
14.Jeet Bahadur Arjel
15. Kuber Sharma
16.Rajesh Kaji Shrestha
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:22 AM

Kingbhakta ji

A good one...hehe! but not quite made the mark... :)

Let us have double diagnosis Kingbhakta....... what say you?

Kingbhakta is running on hallucinations and suffering from dementia...
Join the circus sweety!!! :)

Paschim, paschim, where art thou?????????? your DIDI calling you, from the Paschim!!! :P
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:52 AM

king bhakta ji,

ma pani king bhakta, tapai pani king bhakta.. kasto mileko.. king bhakta king bhakta milera khau bhale.. kukura katne hoina dashain ma.. aani khukuri rum fodne, k bichar cha mitra?

ani sitara ji lai aarop, pratyarop, axyap nalagaun..hundaina ra?

bisow ko ta prahatantra bhanda bhanda alik fuskyo jasto cha mero jastai:-)
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:54 AM

malai chahi nabolayeko? tsk tsk..mero ta chiita dukhyo.. 4 ota prozac khanu paryo:-(
Bahudaliya Panchayat Posted on 06-Oct-02 05:00 AM

Here is the list of new cabinet:

Kriti Nidhi Bista

Tara Nath Rana Bhat (recommended by Girija Congress)
1.Ram Hari Joshi (Home)
2. Dhanendra Bahadur Singh (Law)

Only 7 ministors would be included.
(Source Darbar Sutra)
Paschim Posted on 06-Oct-02 06:04 AM

VV -- those are all good names from the Congress. For those with integrity, I'd add Narahari Acharya to the list. But I'd watch out for the ETHNIC balance!! Similarly, one man I have been following closely in the UML is Khadga Oli -- he's THE man to watch in that camp, quite impressive, unlike the lackluster MaKuNe. But I'm sure all of them will be standing for elections, so kura khattam. For the PM, I think Tara Bhat is worth considering. Kunjan's list from Deshanter is pretty good -- many names there are likely to make it.

Sitara -- Kathamndu ka thula bada le ta "didju" bhanchhan kyare jhan, hoina? Ke garne, gaunle pariyo, DIDI nai thik chha :) Anyway, jiundai chhu hajoor, Purba tira...and yes, Foreign Affairs might have a double meaning :)

Biswo, my respected Prime Minister, your Para-rashtra tatha rakshya mantri is with you!
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 06:28 AM

Paschim ji;

Thank you for responding... !

Some demented soul has been babbling that a certain Sitara has "designs" on your
Paschimi self! :) This time the Lady doth protest LOUD and Looooong, at such a Pap lagdo rumor!!! ;) hehe!!

As for "didi" or "diju"..... neither! I have only one little sister who can claim any kind of nata with me!:)

Isolated Freak ji;

Doctor, Doctor.....Give me the news...."He's" (king- bhakta) got a bad case of loving him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VillageVoice Posted on 06-Oct-02 08:48 AM

Hi Biswo, my Hon. Prime Minister, I have closely reviewed your points, and you can count on my whole-hearted support. I am impressed by your unwavering commitment to democracy, sir, and it's an honor to work with you and esteemed colleagues.

As communications minister, I assure you, sir, that I will carefully nurture the culture of openness through public debates and broad-based consultations, tolerance for minority/unpopular viewpoints, ethnic aspirations, and human rights.

We will have to make all Nepalis believe that we hold no malice toward anyone, and that we are out to establish a new era of compassionate governance.

While I will duly report all corruption charges against members of the defunct conuncil of ministers, I will also deeply honor the rights of the gentlemen to offer *their* viewpoints and defense. I will especially keep guard against attempts to use the media for propogandist purposes to dissmiss democracy at large.

Sir, your predecessor Mr. Sher B. Deuba made Himalayan blunders, but I still can't see how democracy, the time-tested system of governance, itself was the culprit as a section of our community is insisting.

Last but not the least, if I may, sir, I regret recent attempts to fan out rumors against a fellow cabinet member, sitara. I stand by the lady's claim that it's nothing but a "Pap lagdo rumor!!!" :)
SOULFREE Posted on 06-Oct-02 08:53 AM

Yesterday evening, I was watching news in Indian ZeeTV. Our ex-PM Deuba gave an Interview. He was nervous as hell. He was speaking half Hindi and half English. I didn't understand a word he spoke.

I couldn't help thinking; This is the leader we follow.

Paschim Ji, Kich kich hoina hai... If I do not get Bina Bivag mantralaya, Thick hune chaina. Mr Defense Minister, you better get ready to defend yourself, if I don't get that post. Atti huncha ni. Ghar ma srimati le threatning di saki, "yo saal pajero chadna napaaye maiti gayera baschu re", Sasurali le ryakh ryakh paari sakyo, euta jaabo mantri paani banna sakenare -- Biswo ji lai mero naam sabai bhanda pahila Consider garna bhannu hola, natrabhane tapai lai Foreign mai puryaidinchu... bhaarat ma ... Bihar.. laakhanpur ma.
na rahega defense minister, naa rahegi defense.G:-}
SimpleGal Posted on 06-Oct-02 09:30 AM

Geez, I'm surprised that Taranath Ranabhat is even being considered for the top office!!! The man ruined Nepal's reputation (further) with his crude translation of "bhat-ta-ta-ta" to "rat-a-tat-tat" (of the gun shots fired during the royal massacre) at the press conference televised on NTV last summer....even the Ticket Collector at the Dakshinkali gates was hysterical (not clinically, though!!) when my friend Merely mentioned it. Later I heard the culprit was the translator's bad ear for oenometopia, but the man (mr. Ranabhat) is still not he??
hmmm....lau...pahile ta "dubte ko tinke ka sahara hi kafi hai" bhanthe....aba ta tyo tinka pani afai dubne bhayo ni mr. Ranabhat jasta manchhe le desh chalaune bhae....but then again, maybe i'm just a political simpleton....
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 09:38 AM

VV ji

Thank you for your support. :)

As a Health minister...I refer to the " 'pap' lagdo rumor" as being necessary for all women of Nepal... to determine any cancerous cells in their health!!! Hence, from now on all women should resort to the "Pap Smear test" to annhilate all/any Cancerogenous rumours and rumour-mongers!!!!

As a health minister....

Here is a report on the Psychiatric Ward named "Cuckoo's Nest"

Case number 000000.1

Name: King Bhakta
Malady: Dementia, Aggressive dillusional tendencies
Height of dillusion: Does not know a male from a female; Referred to Sitara as a "HE"
Progress: Progressively declining....
Referral: DR. Isolated Freak.
Note to the Doc: Doctor, Doctor Give HIM the News; He's got a BAD case of LOVING YOU!!!!

Evidence: Random acts of pathological assumptions!

Prescription: "intellectual Silence"
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 09:40 AM

SimpleGal Posted on 06-Oct-02 10:38 AM

LOL at Sitara's posting....Gajjab chha ba! ;) we have RP McMurphy of Ken Kesey's materpiece resurrected!!! Another take for Hollywood....But I guess Jack is busy with his new (and much anticipated) classic in the making, ni, hoina ra? ;)
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 11:13 AM

oui oui mademoiselle!!! :)

Disclaimer: The above report on case oooooo.1 was prepared by the intern named "rato bhaley" who in fear of his life ( ...of being eaten alive by Dr. Isolated Freak), refused to edit and/or spell check the report content.

Editing pending.
RumorMonger Posted on 06-Oct-02 11:17 AM

Paschim bro!!!

Seems like you are desperate for "griha" mantri ni. Aba ta khoj nai paryo, haina ta saathi ho? Natra most eligible PM candidate lai gumaune darr chha ke! :)

Eyyy....tara sunna ma aunchha ki Paschim bro le euti prospective griha mantri khoji sakey re :) some amrikan keti re, dagtaar shagtaar re, ki kaso, huh, bro??? ke ho yesto? Paschim bro eso hami haru lai pani khabar verify garide hunchha ke natra ma rumormonger ko bejat ni feri na dhakai bhane hunchha. Saathi ho! election ko taiyari gare hunchha aba. do i hear drums beating? hehehe
Nepe Posted on 06-Oct-02 12:40 PM

Yo saptahanta ra arko saptaharanbha saarai byasta chhu. But I could not wait until then to join this thread which I am sure is going to be one of the most memorable thread of Sajha. And I think it will be so not because of the who is who in the fantasy Sajha cabinet but because of who says what about their responsibilities and plans.

First of all, I whole-heartedly welcome this cabinet at least for the simple fact that it is not nominated unconstitutionally by Shree5, but by the people, our Paschim.

Secondly, to my delight and satisfaction, each and everybody in this cabinet are people whom I trust, who have impressed me on various occasions with their brilliant views regarding how we should move forward as a country and their commitment and faith in democracy.

And, third, which was the most critical, was that this cabinet is led by the most suitable person. My personal aspiration for a republic of Nepal is no secret. And I have found Biswoji ( and also Paschim and many other Sajhaites who are not yet convinced to be for the abolition of the monarchy altogether), to put in a few words, the most agreeable and reasonable person. And let me tell you this, after hearing the first executive decisions announced by our honorable prime minister Biswoji, my trust in him has doubled.

Honorable PM jyu, it will be my honor to work under your leadership. I would like to assure you of my full co-operation and commitment to the decisions made by the cabinet. I do not expect, however, in case I find any decisions in my best judgment being an advantage to the palace at the expense of the good of the people, I reserve the right to keep a respectful reservation. However, I would like to clarify it right now that as far as my responsibility as a cabinet member is concerned, I will understand that the crown enjoys the privilege granted by the constitution.

That brings me to Paschim’s ambivalence about my suitability for the portfolio of Raj Darbar mamla. Well, I will not prefer it. But if I have to, I accept it. Let me assure you and also Sparshaji, who said I am the man for that, I will not disappoint anybody- The Raj Darbar, you guys and a lot of republican friends, both in Sajha and outside. How do I do that ? Well, my mantra is simple- be honest and frank. Like BP Koirala was when Mahendra took him out of Sundarijal jail for a vacation in Pokhara. Paschim, is not that true ?

Back to the cabinet. Well I will take my time to compile my proposals regarding Niti/Karyakram of my mantralaya. For now, I am with our esteemed colleague, Village Voiceji, to welcome the initial executive decisions announced by the hon’ble PMjyu. I think these decisions reflect our collective resolve and signal what our fellow countrymen/women can expect from us.

Lastly, I would like to urge our colleagues not to be distracted by some people with suspicious intention and names. Let our attention be focused on Nepal Sarkar ko Niti ra Karyakram tarjuma garne kaam first. I will ask Guptachar Bibhag to keep track of suspicious people like IsolatedTrack and Soulfree to find out their real intention and affiliation.

We have a great task in front of us. Let’s roll our sleeves.

Ghiha Mantri
Nepal Sarkar
kunjan Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:19 PM

Other Recommendation:

1. Hahoo Guru: Chief of CIAA
2. Logical Sense: Supreme Court Justice
3. Gokul: Chancellor of Royal Nepal Academy
4. Dilasha: Head of Daivi Prakop Uddhar Samiti

More later.
Biruwa Posted on 06-Oct-02 01:32 PM

Was this government not supposed to be an inclusive one, with representatives from all parties? Unfortunately ,our very own "king maker" decided otherwise. This government has been designed by our hon' Paschim to incorporate only those people who have voiced a certain line (republicans), in this public forum!

Excuse me, Nepe but I find you suspicious of those who are against your belief. Do I see the rise of another dictatorship (oligarchy)? You must respect the beliefs of those who do not identify with your vision.
I personally don't hold any ambition for any ministrial position but would like to see a good representation from all sides.

Thank you ladies and gentleman, that will be all!
Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:08 PM

Hey! You cannot declare someone a PM without election, Paschim! That's unconstitutional. We need to hold elections. Biswo can be a nominee. I request His Majesty, the king of, King San, to dissolve the parliment and give permission to hold fresh elections in sajha (through polls). Till then, the interim government could be the one Paschim formulated -- Biswo PM, VV Minister of communication and so on...

Pe@ce People
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:13 PM

seems like everyone's on acid
? Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:17 PM

Deluded with all 'archies', I vote for anarchy.
No rule, self rule, No laws, self laws, No coersion, self coersion, break down the system. Anarchy -- the only remaining great experimentation of political rule due. Organized politics is more dangerous and dictatorial than organized religion.
paramendra Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:33 PM

Shree Panch King Paschim having duly appointed me into the cabinet headed by Biswo when the political parties refused to co-operate, and Biswo having come up with a remarkably progressive statement, I must say I am tempted to join the fray. But I have a few points to raise before I make a final decision.

After Biswo is sworn in, the executive powers come back to the Prime Minister's office from the Royal Palace. I am glad Biswo seems to be aware of the possibilities thereafter.

I must voice my alarm, though, for the gentleman mentioned for the portfolio of "foreign affairs," for that phrase is known to have double meanings and obvious connotations. I draw His Majesty's attention to the not-so-unimportant detail that might not be harmful after all. In any case, should the gentleman also join, I would want to work closely with him on issues of world trade, especially to jhakjhakao the bright, embarassing minds at the World Bank/IMF, with possible internet-based alliances with those individuals/groups that throng the streets every time those august institutions meet these days.

My number one issue, though, is that His Majesty did not consider ME for the top job. There is always a first time, and it is time a Madhesi made it to the top. After all, we are half the country, just like the women Paschim talks about A-L-L T-H-E T-I-M-E.

But I take solace in the fact that there will be future opportunities in which His Majesty's pahadiya prejudices will be held at bay, and I look forward to such interesting times, as the Chinese say.

I also protest the ethinc/gender imbalance in the proposed cabinet. Where are all the cowboys, I mean, women, madhesis, and janajatis gone?

But, again, I see future opportunities in interesting times that will follow. Rights will be earned, we don't expect them to be granted by this or that majesty.

Which brings me to my most important point. We must contest elections. Any citizen can, and that rule applies to us also. The king may not dictate otherwise. The two Congresses, the UML, the RPP, the Sadbhavana, the other little parties, all of them are spent forces. This cabinet ought to launch a new political party and contest the elections from all 205 constituencies. I expect us to come back to power with a handsome majority.

But before that we need to seek a solution to the Maoist solution. Yes, that is very much within my jurisdiction, and we, the cabinet need to keep a collective effort at it. I mean, what trade with a civil war raging on, right Sulsule?

We have to invite the Maoist leadership, the top five to six of them from both their political and military wings, from Pagal to Badal to Prachanda to Ghantakarna, everybody, Baburam to Babuaram, all and sundry. Even before they come to the table, we have to announce that we will hold a referendum. That we the cabinet do not hold the monarchy holy. We will let it go if the people might so desire. But we listen to votes not guns. And we will say that we will organize a referendum simulataneuously with the parliamentary elections. And that our newly formed party will join the Maoists in campaigning for an abolition of the monarchy. Artha na bartha ka kura, it is too expensive yaar, that is my only grudge. Plus, I have maintained a secret desire to see a madhesi/woman/janajati President over quite a dry dreams.

And if the Maoists don't take the offer, we go crush 'em. Militarily. Comb through the districts that they claim to "rule." Reconquer. Take over. I have secret word from on our own Lalooji, that Bihar will co-operate, since the Maoists are raising their heads there also. Face it, Rabriji did it in Bihar, and we still have not had a woman at the top.

Because, Biswoji, face it, there can be no true elections if the Maoist infestation remains as is, right? Right? Thik kura garein maile?

And, Biswoji, in an open manner, I am hereby informing you, that after our party gains the majority, I will be contesting for the post of parliamentary leader. I hope you will vote for me. If not, we will compete. Or if not you, I will compete against anyone else who might so desire, in the spirit of democracy.

But until then, granted my issues are accepted by the cabinet I throw my hat in, and pledge my commitment to your leadership.

I wish us all the best. May the royalists and the maoists live in interesting times. May the politicians from the 1990s and before retire this time around.

Btw, what shall we name our party?

And, yes, we will issue executive orders to make sure all political parties keep their books public. All fund-raising they do and stuff like that.

And, oh my, I forgot my most important point, almost. The CIAA goes ahead full-steam after the people who have been looting the country for the past 10, 40, 50 years: Congressias, Panches, Darbariyas, all. We will cease the loots, and throw them in, so they can have interesting times.

I look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to publish my private note to you online, though I have yet to trust the paper patrikas, especially those weeklies.
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:41 PM

And Paramendra ji...

Minister of Propoganda!

paramendra Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:51 PM

Sitaraji, my dear cabinet colleague. But methought that portfolio was for those defunct communist countries.

I would rather contest for the post of party President of our newly constituted party though. We will have to deal with the Maoists first. Once peace is secured, we can work to organize our general convention. I hope you and all the rest of our colleagues will try and make my election to the top job anonymous. After all, there is always a first time.
Biswo Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:53 PM


Points noted. The cabinet will discuss about it. I will vote for you for leadership position if you are elected from your constituency. People are your force, my force and our force.
paramendra Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:55 PM

And, btw, I have a feeling the UML will join us and the Maoists in trying to rid the coutry of the monarchy through a referendum, as the other leftists. And I am going to try and cash on my Sadbhavana/Nepal Samajwadi Janata Dal past to get them to join us on that platform as well, after all, the raja is a pahadiya right? And, after what happened to Deuba, I don't think it will be hard to convince him and his party to join the platform as well, though, they and the other Congressias might be reeling from our active anti-corruption drive. Well, that leaves the Koirala Congress for a continued constitutional monarchy. But then, Koirala is always known to hold on to old ideas like a tic. Let him. Who got hurt by a relic or two, right? Right? Thik bhanein Sulsule?
paramendra Posted on 06-Oct-02 02:59 PM

Biswoji, thanks for your e-mail. Talk of e-mail. I'd urge that all members of the cabient, if they have not already done so, which I doubt, ought to sign up with either Yahoo or Hotmail, so we can all stay in touch 24-7. And remember when we used to frequent San Pradhan's web forum? I suggest we choose that be our "spokessite." What I mean is, the cabinet uses that site to express its views, and seek that of others. In the spirit of democracy. All and sundry will get to feel they are participating in cabinet meetings. The media may get its fill of quotes from there. And you, Sir, might want to advise our own Paschim, to get a little less colorful, if you know what I mean, in his postings here and now. For we don't want media-created distractions. If you know what I mean. Let's just hope not too many journalists dig into the Sajha archives. But then, these are interesting times.
SimpleGal Posted on 06-Oct-02 03:41 PM

You wrote to me in another thread that your Hindi is "lamentably bad." you speak to me in French above! I see it....:) I have yet to learn that language--this summer when I'm in Geneva. Till then, pls. write in plain ol' English. My humble request to thee,, Swasthya Mantri jiu.... But lemme know if # 0ui oui mademoiselle!!! :) # was not directed to me. :)
In peace.
VillageVoice Posted on 06-Oct-02 03:44 PM

**Yesterday evening, I was watching news in Indian ZeeTV. Our ex-PM Deuba gave an Interview. He was nervous as hell. He was speaking half Hindi and half English. I didn't understand a word he spoke.

I couldn't help thinking; This is the leader we follow.**

Hare, oralo lageko mirgalai bachho le pani khedchha bhanya justo nagarauna hau, sathi. Akheer s-a-d-h-a-r-a-n nepali na ho. As if being dumped unceremoniously is not enough.

Agreed, Deuba's not so polished as His Majesty King Gyanendra who speaks impeccable English. But it must have taken enormous determination, loads of patience and talents--and of course a bit of luck--to get to Baluwatar, and twice, from those remote, remote hills. And he wasn't so fortunate as Marichman, mind you -- tappa tipyo rakhi diyo.

I am proud that a humble villager from dadeldhura, in the far west, no less, became my country's prime minister.

And prime minister Biswo, allow me to digress a bit in defense of your predecessor, sir.

Deuba, your certainly made big mistakes. You even forgot that it was a democracy that made it possible for you to become the nation's prime minster. How you first emerged as the leader of the far west (almost from scratch), securing absolute majority in the region for the Nepali Congress in the first general election in 1991. Then your gradual rise in the Congress ranks.

Yes, you had many flaws -- the primary one being your weak back bone. And your disregard for democratic values that you owe so much to.

I hope, very sincerely, you will make a comeback, though, and this time round learn to hold your head high, and look far, far, far, very far. Never forget where you came from and where you want to go: pls don't lose sight.

And pls don't get glued to the prime ministerial chair (or any chair) with superglue - stick tenaciously to democratic PRINCIPLES instead.
WXW Posted on 06-Oct-02 05:55 PM

sajha hasthis are competing in a marathon race of masturbation through the sajha cabinet. intellectual masterbation is our national problem. a pity situation.
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 06:35 PM

And obviously WXW ji,

ENJOYS watching it!!!

Arnico Posted on 06-Oct-02 06:57 PM

...sounds like Sajhapur has declared independence of Nepal and is now establishing its own cabinet...
But I am very confused... there seem to be two kings of sajhapur mentioned, one whose name starts with S and the other whose name means west. And I did not know that either of them ever became a king... and how did they become kings? And what gave them the right to appoint a cabinet? Did they also apply clause 127? Did not think sajhapur had such a clause...
and how about the cabinet composition? I thought the first list was just a set of nominations... still trying to decide about mine... don't know when the swearing in ceremony is (how will it be conducted? on chat? that should be hilarious!)... but some of the other folks on the list are going around talking as if they have already assumed the posts. And what's up with the health minister leaking patient medical secrets to the press?
SITARA Posted on 06-Oct-02 07:13 PM

Arnico ji,

The patient number 000000.1 has flown the cockoo's nest, hence the leak to the press:

Arnico Posted on 06-Oct-02 07:32 PM

I see... did not read carefully... have been trying to skim 500+ messages...
Biruwa Posted on 06-Oct-02 08:47 PM

Arnico ji,

There is no confusion. S is the King and the other whose name means west is the "King Maker". King makers are those powerful bodies who play behind the scene roles. In this instance, our westerner has chosen to play an active presence in the sajha media too ;-)

Don't know about the clause 127. His Majesty the King San might be planning to promulgate the sajha constitution at 10:45 pm tonight :-(

Terror! The bronze man called the menace of the uncanny aerial torpedoes that, not knowing of the thing which he was next to encounter. Had he been a clairvoyant, he might conceivably have looked at what he was to meet within a few weeks, and consider the menace of the air missiles of comparative mildness.
Paschim Posted on 06-Oct-02 09:43 PM

Raat rahe agraakh palaunchha bhanchhan rajniti ma -- ke ke bhai sakechha!!

Okay -- yes, this list is interim. Biswo has been nominated the PM by his party (he was proposed by Paschim and seconded by Nepe, and approved by his parliamentary party -- Paramendra was grumbling, but we told him to be patient just like Gordon Brown waiting behind Tony Blair!). But Biswo will now have to be approved by the Parliament with a majority. His appointment will NOT be decided by some person who has a job because his ancestors happened to hold the same job by virtue of their accident of birth.

After this, it is the PM's prerogative to form the cabinet of his choice. But as his trusted ally, I helped him devise the list! It is always hard to form small and representative governments -- but sincere efforts were made. In Sajhapur, with aliases and all, there is only one ethnicity: Nepali. And having 3 women in a 15 member cabinet (20%) is already a great beginning. Also Biruwa charged that "republicans" were preferred. That's untrue. This cabinet represents all sorts of views -- from ardent republicans to constitutional monarchists. But even the republicans have pledged to honor the constitution. As our Rt. Hon'ble PM has made it clear, what this cabinet will NEVER tolerate though is the constitutional monarch's suspect maneuvers to overstep his authority.

In Westminster modeled cabinet governments, substantive works happen through cabinet sub committees. The Education and Foreign Ministers -- long standing buddies from graduate school -- have been silently working on a 20 year vision for their land. That vision document will be subjected to the scrutiny of their cabinet colleagues in due course, and upon approval, be implemented!

Another three-person cabinet sub-committee is to do with our country's accession to the WTO. That effort will be specially led by the trade-fanatic Commerce and Trade Minister, Paramendra, and will be assisted by the Finance Minister, Bikas, who got his PhD working under the trade guru Jagdish Bhagwati.

The burning issue now is, however, the Maoist issue -- and while the entire cabinet will work on this problem, a high level negotiating sub-committee has been formed under the Rt. Hon. PM Biswo himself. It consists of the Griha and Rakshhya mantris. Village Voice is designated the government spokesperson on the issue.

In my daily breakfasts with the PM, I informed the PM about Kunjan's suggestions. PM has assured me that he will soon appoint Dilasha and Gokul to suitable roles outside the cabinet. HG is on leave; and LS is already the Agriculture Minister. And San is not the king, he is the science and technology minister! This cabinet won't care who the king is, it cares about the rules and the institution, not personal traits of individuals.


I also condemn recent bazaar halla linking myself with another honorable cabinet colleague!! Sensational journalism to sell their failing newspapers! I request the Govt. spokesperson, VV, to do some damage control there :) And while I note a fellow colleague, PKB's suggestions to temper my romantic inclinations, I humbly decline, for Paschim IS what he writes, acts, and is. He is not an ugly charlatan with double standards. Besides, a healthy dose of romance within a serious political pursuit didn't hurt Nehru, BP, or JFK, why should then private matters of the bedroom be an issue for this simple Foreign Minister when he is 100 times more "chaste" and "responsible" than all of them? :)

Aru pachhi yaar…Sajha le garda jaagir nai khuskela jasto bhai sakyo…

Mantri, Para-rashtra tatha Rakshhya
Nepal Sarkaar.
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 10:20 PM

para rastra thaha raxya don't go well together in nepal. para rastra and raxya are both FULL portfolois (meaning, both mantris have to work really hard) and except for BP and some other leaders who thought that they knew everything, assumed three portfolios; pararastra, raxya tatha raj durbar mamila.

and for the most part, nepali PMs retain pararastra to themselves. this has been a trend after the multi-party democcary. before, we had capable pararastra mantris such as pitambar khati, krishna raj aryal, shailendra kumar padhayaya, sardar yadunath khanal etc.

and beimng a pararastra manti in nepal is the jhoorest portfolio. :-)
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 11:03 PM

and beimng a pararastra manti in nepal is the jhoorest portfolio. :-)

read this as being a pararastra mantri is being the jhoorest mantralaya ko mantri:-)

griha mantri gets commission
raxya gets all the maan-samman
pararastra only gets a red passport
sthania bikas makes money by not doing any bikas
artha le World Bank sita ghoosh magcha
rajdarbar mamila le kehi paudaina, khali gorakha daxin bahu dosra/tesra
swastha le alikati pasia kamaucha

ek paisa ni nakamaune, euta takma ni najitne haroo:

samanya prasasan (unless you start giving thado-tok adesh to transefr, promote or demote people)

bigyan tatha prabidhi

mahila, yuba tatha khelkud

batabaran tatha jansaknhya
isolated freak Posted on 06-Oct-02 11:18 PM

let me write one important thing

this mantrimandal will fail in two days because nobody in the mantrimandal comes from nijamati sewa and nobody knows the nijamati sewa niyamabali.

tippani uthaune, sadar garne.. tok laune.. thado adesh believe me HMG ko prasasan in not like what you guys are thinking of it to be. paisa sadar garauna artha dauda, yeta dauda uta dauda.. file haraune, file niskine..feri haraune..hahaha i wondr how you guys going to deal with all those.

anyways, good luck. may all you competent, educated, experienced people run the govt and prasasan honestly and smoothly.

griha mantri khatara hunu hudo rahecha. ramro cha la. CIAA, RAA, DMI sabai use garnus.. khoji khoji manche thunnus marnus.. k cha ra..after all, you have to kill peiople to run the country. and king bhakta and i seem to be the first one to have griha mantri's bakra dristi, tyahi pani niyam kanoon nabhako desh hoina..maharajadhiraj le sarboccha adalat kholi diyekai chan..rahya biruudha ko mudda dayar garna mildaina..

i have my lawyer ready!
Paschim Posted on 06-Oct-02 11:46 PM

Nepe asked: "Like BP Koirala was when Mahendra took him out of Sundarijal jail for a vacation in Pokhara. Paschim, is not that true ?"

My response: Nepe, BP Koirala says his relationship with Mahendra was one of simulataneous "anuraag" and "dwesh". That Pokhara trip happened when he was still PM, not when he was in Sundarijal (BP met the king briefly only in India after his 8 years of imprisonment). According to BP's memoirs, he spent a week or so on the banks of Phewa as the king's first private guest, and Mahendra is said to have confessed having had a tremendously lonely childhood and not having any friends growing up. Fascinating glimpses of Mahendra's youth can also be obtained by reading Nara Shumsher's very recent memoirs -- he writes that Tribhuwan disliked Mahendra (after their fallout over the latter's choice of Ratna as bride), was humiliatingly ignored, and were hardly on speaking terms. These personal glimpses shed some light on the dubious public persona that Mahendra went on to assume.


IF mitra, 15 cabinet ministers don't run around files, tippani uthaundai -- that's the job of the CIVIL SERVICE, which is 100,000 strong at the moment, in case you didn't know.

Yes, Para-rashtra and Rakshhya are TWO different portfolios. Cabinet ministers can hold two or more portfolios. Nothing wrong with that. Usually, the PM holds Raj-durbaar and Rakshya. But this is no set rule. Even after democracy, Madhav Nepal, although not PM, held Defense, and so have Fatteh Singh Tharu and Mahesh Acharya. And Kamal Thapa/Prakash Lohani were full-fledged foreign Ministers even after 1990.

And, NO, Yadu Nath Khanal was never a foreign minister -- he was a distinguished foreign secretary and diplomat and is a respected scholar, but he was never in politics.

So, your idea of a sexy portfolio is takma and ghush?!! No wonder you support the King and the Panchayat!!

The importance of Foreign Ministry can't be overemphasized -- just look at our failures in bilateral negotiations with India, Bhutan, UK, etc. And Defense is quite important if we have a forward looking agenda to gradually democratize the Army through what Biswo calls "civilian infusion". This is important for its own sake, but also to blunt the illegitimate power that the king has been enjoying since PN Shah's time. Unless this *unholy alliance* between the king and the Army is not severed, democracy will not be secure in Nepal.

Sabai tarun democrats lai chetana bhaya!
Paschim Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:00 AM

"Unless this *unholy alliance* between the king and the Army is not severed, democracy will not be secure in Nepal."

Please correct this as follows:

Unless this *unholy alliance* between the king and the Army is severed, constitutional democracy will not be fully secure in Nepal.
isolated freak Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:21 AM

Ok, thanks for correecting me on sardar yadunath khanal, and kmnow the govt. ministers have to do sadar garne, badar garne, tok laune ..aani tippani bajhaune, nabhaye ta sachib le dui deen ma mantri lai mantri mandal ko bishesh baithak bolayera tapailai sarkari sewako lagi ayogya kina ghosana nagarne bhanera maharajadhiraj kaha sifaris pathai sewa mukta garauna sakchan, mukhya sachib ko sifaris ma mantri mandal ko bishesh baithak basera tapaiko rajinama maag garera maharaj kaha swikriytiko lagi pathauna sakchan, yesto bhayeko cha.. najir nai bhannus.

100000000 lok sewa aayog pass nayab subba khardar le tippani uthaye pani, sakha adhikrit upa sachib , saha sachib ra sachib huda tapai ko table ma aayae pani, tapai le feri sabai tippani, aadesh, suchana lai kelayera herera nijamati sewa niyamabali bamojim cha ki chaina herera matra sadar garna milcha.. bahudaal ma mantri harule yahi nagarera sabai bigreko..tyasaile yo pani khayal garnus.. prasasan ma bhayeko kushashan lai sushan ma parinat garnus..padia maryada ra gopyata ko khayal garnus.. aani matra desh bancha.. tara sabai karmachari ko haat ma chadera chora ko naam ma 1 karod 9 lakh himalayan bank ma deposit garnu bhayo bhane chahi bishesh prahari, akhtiyar le samaucha, thado pajani huncha..

re: bilateral negotiations, don't make me laugh paschim. this is my turf and i can talk about it 20 times more confidently than you or anybody here, but that is when the time comes.

la mitra bhanan ta dherai maan lagya thyo tara bhanna mildaina, tapai feri yojana aayog ko policy banauna aaunda bhetera beer khadai guff garaula..
Dilasha Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:24 AM

Aye Paschim, how could you indulge yourself in “ghor pakshyapaati” by excluding the ever so “passionate Dilasha” that too from the main cabinet? :) I’m totally hurt :-( Anyway, for “instant gratification”, I declare myself through these very precious words: Desh ka pratek kuna kapcha ma bikas ka paila lamkaundai, harek nepali haru ko “mutu ko spandan spandan” lai choyera, paush magh ko nyano gham liyera, nepali haru ko jeevan ma naulo asha ko kiran jagaundai, “desh ko aadharbhoot awashyakta ko paripoorti”(borrowing King Birendra’s favorite and redundant line from his speeches) garne none other than the very distint and significant position: GAUN SUDHAR MANTRI!!! Because……the old clichéd but one of the favorite lines of our politicians suffices my “paribaddata towards my mantriship”: Jaba samma gaun ko chautarphi bikaas hundaina, tabasamma DESH ko bikas hune chaina ra GAUN ko bikaas bhannu nai DESH ko bikas ho ani VICE VERSA!

Deep le bhane jhain, ma pani bhanchu “La jjaaa!!!” :)

As for the rest, I would like to adorn my “fellow sajhaites” with “special positions” as they are of utmost importance to the Sajha Cabinet. I know I know it isn’t the gaijatra season anymore but hey, there’s no harm in revisiting the old place, is there? So, after rigorous shuffling through their postings, I would hereby like to hand the following people their respective “kursis” (which I hope they won’t break) and do the so called “karyabhaar ko hastaantaran”. Some of them deserved two positions (hence the job enlargement) due to their potential to do double justice to their roles so please have no hard feelings among one another. I’m just trying to be fair ya know, so forget love, “all’s fair in war and politics” kaso? (after all, isn’t that what the politicians proved in Nepal?)

Biswo- Counseling Mantri/Chitwan jilla mantri
From his golden advice to the lovelorns I have gathered that Biswo definitely has a flair for counseling so there isn’t anyone who could be better in saving his fellow Sajhaites from going down the drain. A nepali version of Dr. Phil. :) As for the latter, his enormous affinity towards his hometown and everything in it has made me believe that Chitwan would be muchas better in the hands of our very own Biswo and he is the only one who could show the Chitwan baasis the light at then end of the tunnel!!

Paschim- Solution Mantri/Aaswashan mantri
The man is full of solutions and alternatives and what could be a better platform than this to “practise what he preaches” especially in terms of crisis, this position will give him an excellent opportunity to solve the myriad of problems that lie ahead of us. Hence the minister of solution. With his “hope and optimism” despite all the “damages” created by the political havoc in the country, he has beaconed the hearts of many and has made us all think, “hmmm, perhaps the best is yet to come”.

Paramendra- Link Mantri/Civil rights and Affirmative Action mantri
Since we can’t always rely on Paschim’s solutions/alternatives, Param’s links can be the last resort so we definitely need him in our cabinet. :) He seems to be passionate and vocal about discrimination based on gender, religion, age, race and what not. As someone else noted, he seems to have been well ahead of time, just like Star Wars episode IV- a new hope! Or let’s say Steven Spielberg!

Nepe-Ghazal mantri
Life’s not all about work, work, and just work! So with a little bit of geet o’ ghazal, sher o’ shayari, this man will provide the much needed “refreshment” to the cabinet not to mention the “realization” that all work and no play make the ministers…..(fill in the blank)

Ashu- Jack of all trades but master of how many? (that’s for us to find out) mantri/Time Mgmt mantri
From politics to business conferences to essays to articles to tika tippani to bibechana to languages to movies to tango to salsa and now to flowering seeds (btw did I miss any?), this man could be a perfect example of time mgmt. One doesn’t need to go to Barnes and Noble to check out a book on “How to manage TIME successfully” Boy does he ever sleep? One might wonder.

Arnico- Planning mantri/Minister of photograph
No, I’m not referring to family planning (although he might consider it in his agenda ;-)) he seems to be the man with the plan. He could definitely surpass ours as well as his own expectations if his plans could be well implemented however he wants to then we shall all cheer for him. And he takes good pictures too, so the first thing I’d want him to do before we the ministers sit down to do our table talk, would be to capture me in his lens. Click!! click!! Khitchhyaak khitchchyaaak!! :)

Deep-Incidents cum Stories mantri
Whenever we’d get tired of our discussions, I’d prefer that Deep would tell us a story for he is so good at it ki even a lousy minister who likes to fall asleep (plus the snoring!) can wake up instantly and and ask him to start from the beginning. Btw, I have a confession to make, haven’t read any of his stories :)

Oys_chill-Memory mantri
He’s got the best “memory card” that can store, carry, transfer and retrieve numerous images and thus allows us to tread on his memorylane time and time again. A significant position indeed!

DWI- haikus mantri in partnership with Ebony_firefly
Dayaan, baayan, jatatatai haikus nai haikus

Deshbhakta Bhattarai-Flag mantri
He’ll play a vital role in making us more patriotic everytime he sits next to us during the cabinet meeting with his never fading/always pharpharaune jhanda!!

Okay okay enough of guys, before the ladies file for Desperate treatment, I better appoint them as well.

Sitara-Humor mantri
Boy if humor could kill, I’d be long dead! She could be the rescuer for all the ministers from their usual boredom. And a little bit of spiritualism with a “zen” therapy wouldn’t be bad either. ;-)

Anepalikt-Correction full of information mantri
Simplegal-Clues mantri
NK-Kavita mantri
Suna-hostilities mantri

Okay folks, this much only, gotta sack out now!!! Hope you enjoyed!!
hyaterica Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:41 AM

outta 66 posts, i just read dilasha's last post..jawaab chhaina. it was awesome!

dilasha, is it too much to ask you to do a little research on whether I fit into any of the leftover mantralays? :-)
isolated freak Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:51 AM

re: bilateral negotiations, don't make me laugh paschim. this is my turf and i can talk about it 20 times more confidently than you or anybody here, but that is when the time comes.

and that right time will come, when you become our FM, appoint me as your special advisor.. i got brahma gyan on negotiations being in mental assylum and while undergoing treatmnent from Dr. Pagal Bahula..indra bhagwaan le aayera, brahma gyan.. tatwa gyan ra sabai gyan paune bardaan diyera janu bhayo..aani danga parera indra bhagwaan lai pranam garna lagda ta khaat bata ladera dhaad nai bhachiyo!
isolated freak Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:06 AM

hawas ta mitra haroo, malai doctor saab le email pathayera aaja ko miti dekhi nai lagankhel asapataal ko bed no. 1 ma bharana garne jaroori, gopya suchana pathaunu bhayekale, aajako miti dekhi, mero manasik sthiti thik nabhaye samma yaha aauna namilne dekhiyekole yaha haroo sabai bidwan haroo, ramaila sathi haroo tatha satru haroo lai namaste bhandai, feri chitai bhetne aasaka saath..
bye bye..

it was nice discussing with paschim and others on constitution, legalities of the King's move and to get to know Sitara-tararara (TANGO ALPHA ROMEO ROMEO TANGO ALPHA:-)

Alright guys, will have to postpone my web postings for indifinite period of time bcause i have to get my work done.

la ta sathiharoo, satru haroo, sabai jana..until something big happens next, bye bye.

a very happy dashain to all of you!
ashu Posted on 07-Oct-02 03:28 AM

As the mantri in charge of Law and Justice, I hereby announce -- by the authority vested in me by the esteemed Sajha colleagues -- that all that you have been
posting so far in Sajhastan (or is it Sajhapur) is deemed legal and just and
constitutional, even faintly moral.

Moreover, I hereby announce that Paschim's romanctic forays may sound immoral to
the prudes among us, but this law mantri says that they are perfectly legal and even encouraged.

I propose that the Caibenet pass a note of sympathy to Paschim on his lamentation
that that "Sajha le garda jaagir nai khuskela jasto bhai sakyo…"

Dilasha, yes, I do sleep.
But not for long :-)

law and justice mantri
Paschim Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:07 AM

Our Law Minister Ashu-ji declares that he sleeps alone. But hopes that this is "not for long". By decreeing romantic forays legal, I can sense that he now intends to speed up his efforts to hook up. Romance legal bhaye pachhi ta, luki luki ILU garna parena -- kahile Nagarkot, kahile Godavari garda slow hunchha affair...aba ta Mantri-ji le khule-aam Chabahil ma hos ki Baneshwor ma, haat samaundai, mwaain khadain…la, Kathmandu tataune bhaye, ki kaso? :)
Paschim Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:12 AM

Ani, priye Dilasha, kurai nabujhi narisau na! Yehan katro katro yojana bandai chha timro laagi! Napattyaye, pls. refer to a posting above. I was requesting our Hon'ble PM to put forth your candidacy for Nepal's first woman Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament!! Sitara-ji is already the Deputy PM -- so these are all good moves in a patriarchal society like ours. And come now…Dilasha…knowing me, how could I not promote you and the gender (linga) you represent?!

After that wonderful prabachan above, I am all the more convinced that you will use your charm to discipline all those unruly MPs who always do halla khalla matrai. And also protocol wise, the Speaker is just a step below the PM, and way senior than any minister.

Happy now?!!

La, aba ek choti yo dukhi Paschim lai herdai, musukka haansi deu na ta :)
kunjan Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:18 AM

>>...Priye Dilasha,....

WOW !!!!!!???????
Paschim Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:53 AM

La, aba arko scandal aayeko jasto chha!! Balla balla euta aago nivayeko, feri arko...Ke ho yo? Maun brat sandhera jogi banna matrai banki? :)

Sajha ma bolyo ki polyo!

Dear Kunjan-ji, FYI, Nepali translation of a perfectly innocent English word called "Dear" is "Priye". Nothing more, nothing less :)
Suna Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:07 AM

Oh dear, dear Dilasha..
Seems like I am dhabba maroed with "hostilities" here but I must say I have always admired people who don't beat around the bush so I am humbly moved by your confidence in me to combat our eloquent sweet-mouthed neighbours with my hostile moves. :) A little bit of passion is always good hoina ra? Maybe its the magar side in me that comes out a teeny weeny bit more than my bahun side. But please rest assured that should others have the confidence to vote for me, I would use my charming side as well. :) I just don't happen to possess the writing clout nor the time to charm the sadasyas here right now. But who couldn't be charmed with tato tato momos and red label huh?
kunjan Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:08 AM

hehe.. Just kidding..Dear Paschimji, Don't take it seriously :-)

(Nepali Mansikatako Pradarshan gareko ni!!!!!!!!!!!:))
SOULFREE Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:12 AM

Dilasha Le hasaaayo... hahahaha!!!
Good one ni.

You should be a "ashwashan" mantri. dilasha stands for ashwashan, right?

Biswoji said

"I will ask Guptachar Bibhag to keep track of suspicious people like IsolatedTrack and Soulfree to find out their real intention and affiliation. "

Biswoji, hazur lai ni heraula ni. Hamro ni akhtiyar ma connection cha ke. Raat ko dui baje hazur lai heart-attack nadiye, haamro naam pani soulfree hoina.

Badhi khich khich hoina hai biswo jiu. Just give me "bina bibhaag" pud -- and stop worrying about seeing "tori ko phul" diusai diusai. Hoina bhane, I have to think about changing "Pyaanal". Opposition lai bhadkaayera, uchalera, furkyaera hazur ko cabinet ko manche harulai ni lovyayera, abiswas ko prastaab paas garauna malai man ta laagya chaina. Tara ke garne, hazur ko yehi attitude bhayo bhane, i can gurantee you, it will take you only 2 days to move from PM quarter to 2 bedroom Apartment (makhan tol ma).

Suna Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:13 AM

Thought you were the "star-the most eligible bachelor" of our sajha samaj here. Contrary to the e-rumours, you have been seen to detach yourself as soon as the nick becomes e-attached. Am I to take that cue and not look for that long-lost sister of mine?
Paschim Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:56 AM

Suna -- khusukka kaan ma bhannus na...Sajha ma publicly announce gare po barbaad hunchha! Tyes pachhi, proposal liyera aaune kanya haru pani dhunga hanna halchhan...experience speaks :)

So, where is she? Your sis? :)
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:04 AM

oooooooooooh Dilasha!!!

Impressive!!! Right on the money too. You know your people well hehe!

As for humour: Thank you, I will take it as a compliment...:)

But some are meant to kill if not maim fatally!.... And Ah yes, The ZEN therapy, humor is the soul of zen....wit is the soul of humor! :)

As for you.... I will go along with your advice anyday when you are in th cabinet.

Energy Mantri- Soliel; to power democracy...(..what was the Nepali bhasha term for it....mon cherie????? ;)

Romanche (Romance) Mantri- Czar; the knight in shining amour!!!! :)

Hahoo guru- Palace purohit.... currently in maoundharan on the MT. Fujiyama.

Ebony-Firefly- Mantri of the performing arts (previous court bard)

MAD MAX- Mantri of Free Speech (Previously court jester)

Deepji- Mantri of Cultural Arts

Nepe ji- Mantri of Assessment and Time-keeping

OYS- Protection Mantri of the Young and the innocent

Rusty- Mantri of Foreign Language and Translations

Simple Gal- mantri of Europe Bhraman

Paramandra- Back up Mantri (can assume, any form, shape or style)

VV ji- Silence Mantri (heard when spoken)

Suna- Mantri of Olfactory: In the the process of researching how to add Suna ma Sugandha...

Sitara- Mantri of simple YODA backed by simple Zen backed by Simple Yoga, backed by breath of life!



Ithi sri skanda purane kedhara khandey maagh mahatme..........

All in peace and jest!!! :)
WXW Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:32 AM

Aaj k ko maagh mahatme ni, aaj ta Ghatasthapana mahatme hola ni. Biswo ko cabinet ma kina yasto herfer. bujhnai garoh bho ni hou.

Happy Dashain and congratulation to all Sajhastani People and cabinet members.
KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:55 AM

Sorry Sitara, But I didn't expect that from you. But I'd take it as world famous music composer sometimes play in honky-tonk just for fun.


If we go by the name of the master-blaster-sajha-guffadies,

Paschim could be direction minister, everywhere he goes, he is paschim of everywhere.

sitara could be astronomy minister, sutera taara gunne new hobby re sitara ko.
(i thought sitara was sitaram hehehe)

trikal could be astrology minister,
tirkaal ko jaal, langurburja ko khaal.
bujhe nepal, nabujhe khancha kapal

oyester could be seafood minister (see-foo chulho baalda see-foo garnu parcha ni)

jira masala minister, If marich can be PM, why can't Jira be M(inister)????

deep tel minister (goes deep) -- everything that has to do with going deep, Deep sir is there.

ebony firefly janjaati tatha electricity minister, ebony for janjaati, firefly for electricity.

simple girl teen kalyan minister, teen and simple (how to be britney spears wanna be and simple at the same time-- oops... she did it again)

paramendra religion minister, temerature minister, Cinema minister(para chadcha time time ma paramendra ji ko. Para chadya bela paramendra dharmendra huncha ni feri)

czar mahila bikas mantri. (zaar is lover of somebody's wife -- zaar kaatni)

suna (bhanana) communication minister. "ye SUNAta-- bhananata." suna, bhana, bhana, suna, maile sunina

Village Voice gramin mantri.

Mad max swasta tatha maansik bikas mantri.

Soulfree Murda mantri.

hahoo guru hahoo tatha sikshya mantri. (he is born guru)

Rusty iron (falam) mantri

Kunjan singhadarbar baagwani mantri.

ashu Tears mantri, he will try to encourage people to use more natural tears.

isolated freak ekalkattiye mantri, bina bibhaag.

dilasha heart and hope mantri... (dil and asha)
anepalikt Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:22 AM

What is "Correction full of information mantri"? hmmm........ am I being obtuse or should I simply get majorly pissed off? :)

Someone suggested oligarchy.... this feels awfully like that... all the patting on the backs and stroking of each others egos... gaining favors.


I guess you can call me "buzz kill mantri," but all this prancing and dancing, ugh... I just can't help it :)
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:23 AM

Sitara, like my portfolio. Thanks. Hahaha.

To you, and all, pls don't mistake my occasional (long?) silence. But then silence can be golden too :))) But been reading most of the stuffs - religiously whether I want to respond? That's a diff. story.

Paschim, ashu, suna, kunjan, dilasha and others keep the gaff-gaaf going !!!

Yauta kura ni, Sajhama yehi hisable ramaune ho bhane kaam bata fire gardinchha ni malai. Chanda oothaunu parla pheri, sathiharu. Hosgarnu ni :)

Have a good day. BTW, anyone spotted NK in any of the sajha corridors????????
Suna Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:31 AM

NK has been reachable ;). Call in the evenings.
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:36 AM

suna, tks.
Poonte Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:58 AM

Someone has been conspicuously absent from the list...hmmm

Ki, Poonte ko awaj kasaile pani sunena ho? jatti chichyaye pani yestai ho...sano manchhe lai kasaile pani nadekhidine...

Pakha, aba arko pali feri demokwasi ayo bhane stilts launechhu, ani dekhlau ni sable yo poonte lai...dekhne matrai hoina, munto nai mastira farkayera hernu parla...
diwas k Posted on 07-Oct-02 09:05 AM

Pyara Sajhapur_ka neta_gan_haru:
cc: Sajahpur ka nagarik_haru:

Sajhapur ka barishta nagarik shree Paschim jyu ko sujhav evam netritwa ma bhitra bhitrai euta desh chalauna sachhyam mantrimandal ko gathan bhayeko kura yaha haru le yatinjel samma ta thaha paai_saknu bhayo hola.

Desh ko su_sanchaalan ko laagi manonayan gariyeka byakti haruko baare ma tapai haruko saayad kunai gunaso chhaina hola. Tara jun kram ma manonayan bhayo, jun a_prajatantrik paripati apanaayiyo, ra desh ko bartamaan paristhiti_lai saamana garne bhaanaa_ma jun sadyantra rachera shree paschim jyu le aafnai duno sojhyaune ku_chestaa garnu bhayeko chha, tyo nindania chha, ra ma tyasko ghor birodh gardachhu. Neta Paschim ra mantri_mandal ka sadashyaharu baata yo awasar_ma aa_afno byaktigat swarthalai paripurti garne jun kalpana garnu bhayeko chha, tyo apamaanya ra aswikarya chha.

Tara pani euta aashawadi naagarik_ko naataale Sajhapur ko su_sanchaalan hune aashaa ma tyo mantri_mandal lai ma purna roop le sahayog garne_chhu.

Mantri_gan, mero yo niwedan chha ki mantri_mandal ko pahilo baithak aajai basera, yo mantri_mandal ka a_prajatantrik dhanga baata manonit sadashya haru ko nimna byawaran saarwajanik garidinuhola. Apechhya gareyaka biwaran_haru:

1. Paschim lagayat sabai sadashya_haru_ko "romantic affiliations". Yo aawasyak bhayeko kaaran ke ho bhane haal_saalai shre paschim jyu le (mera sabdama ultha garda) ".. ali ali daayaa baya ramra ramri mahila barga ko moha ma dubnale raaj_niti lai ramrai hunchha..." bhannu bhayeko chha jasto lagyo. Janatako purna biswas liyeko netritwa le euti duiti aaimaai ko fariya ma baadhine jun parikalpana garnu bhayeko chha, tyasle Sajhapur ko bhawisyalai ghaat puryaucha.

2. Paschim lagayat sabai sadashya_haru_ko ek_aapas ko kunai purano saaino chha bhane tyo khulasta garidinu_paryo. Natra yo mantri_mandal le naataabaad ra aafantabaad lai protsaahan gardaina bhanera ke aadhar ma biswas linu?

Sambandhit neta ra netritwa ko dhyan jaane chha bhanne yo nagarik ko aasha chha.

Nagarik diwas
Poonte Posted on 07-Oct-02 09:09 AM

On a more serious note, I have been hearing Tara Nath Ranabhat's name's among the final list of candidates for PM...
??! Posted on 07-Oct-02 09:36 AM

Punteji, Tapain chhittai Nepal janu paryo... dhilo hunchha... You will have to file your nomination for the next election.... I am always with you... So far my links work, all my acquitances will vote you from Tanahun 3 number....
Deep Posted on 07-Oct-02 09:43 AM

Deep bro ... sanchar mantri
Candidates for Dep. PM ...Deep
Deep: Local Development and Forest Conservation (sthaniya bikas; bann)
Deep-Incidents cum Stories mantri (Dilasha le mero kathai padhya chhaina re, bho aba?)
Deepji- Mantri of Cultural Arts
deep tel minister (goes deep)

Ok, ma khas ke mu** mantri ho? je diye ni chalauna naskne ta haina....taipani...

sanchar mantri...yo pani khatara mantralaya ho la! ramro maal banchha yasma!

Dep. PM candidate.....kurai chhaina...taal paryo bhane Biswoji lai suikaidiyera (not literally hai) PM huna ber laudina..

Sthaniya Bikas: Ramro sthaniya bikas gardinchhu ma. Dhannai mannu pardaina. Bata bata ma paya, hwakryang, langoor burza, juwa taas ko akhada kholdinchhu....jad ra raksi din ma sasto raat ma ali mahango gardinchhu...ani bhatti chaubise ghanta khula...ani sthaniya bikas ko thekka patta ta chhaida chha....yo pani solid mantralaya parya ho...

Incidents cum Stories mantri : Aba yo mu** chahi ke matralaya aailagyo....yo maal naaauni khali katha bhanera basne thar klass mantralaya jasto chha...tara Dilasha (kya latte dya ..mero katha padhya chhaina re...) le dya linna bhanna ni bhe na. Kehi chhaina...shiva buti nisulka bitaran garera tudekhel ma bhela garera byapak katha haankdinchhu....jana samartha badauna paye bhane....haina?

Mantri of Cultural Arts : yo pani mantralaya ta saandar ho tara malai arts sarts museum tira gayo bhane hai hai aaunchha. tara pani tyo pashupati chhetra ko kumari mandir ra anyatra ka tudal tira bhaka arts chahi khassa chhan. ma ramro chalaidinchhu yo sanga already plan chha...

deep tel minister: Yo pani naramro mantralaya ta haina. pyatul ra disel sasto ma layune mahango ma bechne garera nikkai maal hat launa sakinchha. ki yo katai tori sori...bhatas satas ko tel mantri ta haina? ho bhane ta feri plan b sochnu paryo ni.....

kuro feri khas ke mantri ho? huh dai? huh didi? huh sathi ho?
Arnico Posted on 07-Oct-02 09:50 AM

After a good night’s sleep I have decided that I would accept my nomination into the kyal-kyal cabinet of sajhapur: not because I expect it to have any impact on the situation in Nepal now, but because I have come to see that it can provide us with invaluable experience in group dynamics. It’s amazing how quickly calls for pajeros and cabinet inflation come about. It will be very interesting to observe how we handle ourselves, how easy it is to slip into doing what cabinets we don’t admire did, and to practice techniques to prevent degeneration of teamwork. May this provide participants and silent readers with an educational experience that we will be able to put to good use some time in the future.

That said, I am delighted to have been offered the portfolios of education and labor, and I would like to present some sample features of the agenda I will be working towards in the near future:

Within the cabinet:
* Fight with the Minister of Defense for an 80% cut in his budget, to be diverted instead towards “development” oriented ministries focusing on health, education and infrastructure.
* Create the situation (compromises, assurances,etc.) that allows an immediate cease-fire and discussions for a realistic compromise between government and rebel forces. I believe the point has come where the social and economic well being of our janta has to take precedence over ideology, revenge, and stubbornness, and the time has come to listen to the janta's call for peace.

Within the ministries:
* Improve the quality of education provided by government schools through teacher training programs, improved salaries and other incentives for teachers, better school facilities and improved supply reliability of textbooks and other school supplies to schools everywhere in the country.
* Improve accessibility to schools by opening new schools in areas where they are far apart, and by providing scholarships to the needy, with a special emphasis on getting every girl child to attend school.
* Invite the private sector to open skills training centers for people planning to go work overseas such that they can find better paying employment in less dangerous or dirty jobs with less loss of dignity, as well as create the skilled workforce that will be needed to attract foreign investment in our economy.
* Work with my colleagues in the cabinet and the private sector to create hundreds of thousands of new attractive jobs a year that can accomodate people returning from working overseas and allows us to create a situation ten yeras from now, when we no longer will have to depend upon remittance from overseas workers.
* Work towards making Nepal a world-class center of excellence in higher education and research, using the landscape attractiveness (plus suitable infrastructure whose construction will have to be coordinated with my colleagues in other ministries) to attract to Nepal campuses of reputable foreign universities and research institutes... shifting the marketing of the Nepali landscape and pleasant climate to tourists who stay a few days, to marketing it to higher-paying people who stay a few years to study, teach, or do research. (My friends in small towns in the mid-west can attest how big of an economic effect the spending power of outsiders at a college can have!). Over time the goal is not just to improve the quality and choices of higher educational opportunities available to Nepalis, but also to make Nepal into a destination rivaling the United States today in terms of attractiveness for people seeking quality education aborad. The aim is to eventually make the sale of education a main pillar of the Nepali economy.... (I invite the minister of health to consider a similar plan, focusing not just upon providing affordable healthcare to all Nepalis, but to work towards building Nepal into a destination for upscale health care "tourism". Hey, if we could provide similar quality, who would go to Bangkok if they could watch Manslu from their hospital bed?)

Okay, that is just a sampling, and by no means a complete list.

Meanwhile I am delighted by Dilasha's list of issues not represented directly by existing ministries, but that require attention in the cabinet and are thus best assigned as individual responsibilities. I am delighted to have been asked to look after planning, and wil happily take on that responsibility, hoping to receive sufficient support and guidance from NPC and individual ministries. Hey, I am always delighted with opportunities to day dream first, and then, once an image or vision of a new place or situation exists vividly, to look towards a path that leads there.
I am also happy to have been assigned photographic duties. As I have treated it as a hobby, I am happy for the opportunity for some fun. But, Dilasha, if you would like me to take photos of you/for you, then that should be a private arrangement after hours, outside of government facilities, and should be arranged directly without taking up valuable time of the cabinet. If you are in the Boston area (or in Kathmandu this winter) that's easy to arrange. If you are elsewhere in the US, then that needs, well, some planning :)

Meanwhile, Mr. PM, for I have 3 more points for the cabinet before I stop my slighlty more than dui shabda:

First, it appears that certain ministries remain without minister. Prominent ones include MOPE (Ministry or Planning and Environment), Awas tatha Bhoutik Yojana (Housing and Physical Planning?), and jal srot (water resources). What else is missing? And who will take on those portfolios?

Second, I hereby declare that I do not need any pajero-sajero... in fact, I won't need any government vehicle to take me between home and work. I will walk, bike, ride tempos, ride minibuses (would have also ridden sajha bus it they still existed), meeting sadharan janta and breathing unfiltered Kathmandu air. I invite fellow members of the cabinet to join me in doing the same.

Third, I would like to propose an amendment of our name from Nepal Sarkar to Sajha Nepali Sarkar.

Thank you. I will end my 1022 shabda here.
(Thank heavens for computerized word-count!)
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 11:41 AM

Hi Poonte, birseko chhina. NTV ko GM khali chha ni. Na ghabrau, saathi.

There have been a lot of applications, but keeping your background in mind, will give you a due consideration.

Are you also interested in Gorkhapatra Sansthan, and RSS (Rastriya Samachar Samiti)? Bidesh bhramanko awasar ramro chha !!! Ki Nepal Telcom nai takne? Yeso project proposal/s submit garauna baru.
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 11:45 AM

Arnico, great stuff!!!
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 11:49 AM

Arnico ji,

Can I help you with policy making....plzzzzzzzz? You make you job look so good!
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:09 PM

Kalankisthan ji

Who ART thou???????????????????????????????? :) and what art thou sorry about? :S

Sitara can be the Dance (celestial bodies) and Culture Mantri .... If Deep ji does not want it:

Nawami vighna Raja twom,
Kalpa vrikcham sthala sthitam
oooma mi putraya
mahakaya danthikam
nitya ko vidham,

Tandawa priye putraya
Tandawa priya rupena
Namo chintamani
nitya ma shudho budhhi
Om Ganeshaya Namoha:
Om Ganeshaya Namoha:
Om Ganeshaya Namoha :

Happy Dashain everybody!:)

Note: Meditating on my Dance Mantra during another massive Lockdown!

Rusty Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:38 PM

Sitara Ji,
I coudn't resist replying you! Hehehe!! I am included in your kitchen cabinet;) So nice of you! I am so glad that you still reminisce this HC even though I am vanished in space without any trace.

Now I can make use of my multi-linguistic ability, as being your foreign language minister;)

I solemnly take the oath that I will not be influenced by any direct or indirect corrupt inducements in future:)

De nuevo, gracias mucho!!!

Rusty Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:44 PM

Sitara Ji!!!!!
Would you please translate that for me:(
paramendra Posted on 07-Oct-02 12:46 PM

When Sajha sent its first cosmonaut out into space, San got on the phone and asked, "How goes it?"

"Jahan se bhi achha dikhe
Sajhastan hamara"

Came the reply.

Anyone from the cabinet heard from the Maoist leadership lately? What's the progress?
Deep Posted on 07-Oct-02 01:31 PM

Does any of your characters ever speak in Nepali, Paramendra? Why can't San say whatever he has to say in Nepali? Why in Hindi? is that the only language he knows? if yes, how do you know?
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 01:45 PM

Sitara jyu ko agya bamojim Rusty Bro ko laagi ma euta tukcha manusya le Sitara ji ko sanskrit ko poem nepali ma ultha garne suwarna awashar paa chu. kalanki paani tyanki ko kassam, I tried to translate it word by word. Bhul chuk len den.

Nawami vighna Raja twom >> Rajale nawami aghi "surprise" diyo re
Kalpa vrikcham sthala sthitam >> kalpa brikshya still bha ko stiti
oooma mi putraya >> u mummy ko chora(putra) le
mahakaya danthikam >> Maha kayapalat garyo re (nepal ko rajniti ma)
nitya ko vidham, >> nitya is kind of like "daily", means sherbahadur ko routine ma

(summery>> mummy ko chora hamra raja le kalpa brikshya na halliyeko mauka paari, nawami bhanda agadi, sherbahadur deuba ko daily routine ma naramro kaya palat garidiye re. Tyesle garda sherbahadur had to leave PM quarter re ani now he is looking for 2 bedroom apartment re)

Tandawa priye putraya >> Raja ko priye putra
Tandawa priya rupena >>Raja ko priye putra ko rup
Namo chintamani >> Raja ko putrako anuhar ma chinta cha re
nitya ma shudho budhhi >> Daily Raja le chora lai budhhi sidha parna lecture dinchan re
Pradhayakam. >> no tension re.

(Summery>> Raja ka rupban chora lai Raja le power afno haath ma liye dekhun aafno kaadh ma jimmewari aauna lageko ma tension bhai ra bhe ra Raja le chora lai aafno budhdhi ra gatibidhi sidha parna aagya dya chan re, "dont worry, be happy" re . No problem, no tension re)

Om Ganeshaya Namoha: >> everything gonna be fine fine fine re tin choti.
Om Ganeshaya Namoha:
Om Ganeshaya Namoha :

Sitara ji le malai "who art thou" re. Aaba Who art me bhanne? Naam mero kalankisthan, Ghar kathmandu jilla kalankisthan. Umer, Ajhai keti pattyaune umer gaa chaina. kaam chai kalanki paani tyanki ko paani kholne. Mero kalanki ma khub demand cha. Ma bina kalankima dharama paani aaunna... hehehe.

If you need more biodata, i can provide.
Arnico Posted on 07-Oct-02 01:55 PM

Sitara ji, sure! ... but I don't have the time and energy to post as often as you do... it may have to proceed at a pace that you find frustratingly slow.

everyone else... apologies for all the typos in my earlier posting. That's what happens when a minister of education posts stuff without proofreading. Bad example to our students! Will be more careful next time!

jira Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:07 PM

deep bro!

mero man kai kuro bhandyo la ......... jailey kich..kich..kich...kich guree rakhni!!
Nepali ma ewuta ukhaan cha ni "La bhu ba" bhunnei.
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:08 PM

deep tel minister: Yo pani naramro mantralaya ta haina. pyatul ra disel sasto ma layune mahango ma bechne garera nikkai maal hat launa sakinchha. ki yo katai tori sori...bhatas satas ko tel mantri ta haina? ho bhane ta feri plan b sochnu paryo ni.....

Deep jyu, Plan B lai skip garera Plan C consider garnu bhaye huncha. Deep Jyu le dashain ko mauka ma euta ni katha nalekhya bhe ra day by day deep jyu ko value diminish hudai cha re (kalanki paani tyanki ko kasam). Hazur ko plan i don't know, but my plan C chai hazurlai sahayek mantri ko pad dine re (hazur ko demand kum bha ko ma). Unless you could provide your brand new katha re.

Tel mantralaya has been divided into 3 sectors.
1. khaane tel
2. pyatrol, disel, mattitel
3. Banduk ko tel

Due to the maoist insurgency, Our army has been using too much bandook. so telmantralaya came up with the idea of banduk ko tel mantralaya.

Job Discription of sahayek tel mantri:

1. Tori bari ma basera dhukkur ganne.
if the number of dhukkur < 100 x 700 second PER DAY
then Deep jyu lai pad bata barkhasta garera dhobhi ghat ko Dhobi ko job ma demotion gari dine.

2. Tel sahayek mantri has to be responsible for and ONLY FOR banduk ko tel. khaani tel, paani wala tel, sel banaune tel ma oohaan ko kunai sarokar hune chaina.
Tel sahayek mantri has to know, if army byaarek ma army uses tel, then the quantity of tel has to be less than the quantity of banduk ko tel the previous day.

3. Banduk ko tel ghar lagna napaaine. Laage ni farak ta chaina, tara pani niyam bhanya niyam ho.

4. Din ko euta kodala ma saadh laaune, without asking whats the connection between kodali, dhukkur and banduk ko tel. laaune bhanesi laaune laaune. anyetha thick hune chaina....

Consider these discription and so bamojim hazur lai paycheck pesh garine cha.

(sakkal bamojim ko nakkal)
Biswo Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:27 PM

Hi all,

I am glad to see this public hearing where our ministers are actively questioned by public and media, and where our ministers have presented their plans for future. I hope that this kind of public hearing will be institutionalised in future, that every minister of future in our great country will have to answer questions before swearing in to protect our constitution and work for the sovereign people of Nepal.

Soulfree, I understand your concern, but hey, I didn't write that statement. Please show me where I wrote that. You are free to comment on us.That is your constitutional right.

Yet to hear from Maoists, Paramendra. They are not happy that a popular government is formed, and a massive defection in their rank is being reported. Well, we already knew good governance meant the end of insurgence.
Deep Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:34 PM

tyo mu** dhukkur ganera basnu bhanda ta ma already dhobi ghat ma janchhu ni....tyaha baru ghuda bhanda mathi sari sarera dyam dyam luga pachharne sanga yaso dui char hat gaf hanna painchha....ani tyaspachhi.....haina bhanya?

Aba story ko barema chahi...malai ahile bhayankar pelan pari ra chha ke padhai ko. Kya khattam khattam master parya chhan bhane....khali yo lekhera le tyo lekhera le....yo project...tyo project.mid term ...additional assignments...bhanera hairan. kich kich... kich kich. Afno katha lekhnai pa haina......

mantri huna payiena bhane ta ma sunghaidunchhu ni.............amonia!
soulfree Posted on 07-Oct-02 02:45 PM

Biswo Bro!!
Maaf pau. Tapai ko Grihamantri ka candidate Nepe ko sabdha lai tapai ko bhaneko ma. Galti le mistake bhayecha. Sorry.

By the way, Do I stil have chance to get the post of Bina bibhaag mantralaya? Tapai ko nazar ma ma girya ta choina hagi?

Nawami ma hazur ko ghar ma jhakke pahadi khasi pathaidiulani, mar haane manche ka saath ma. Mantralaya paaina bhane ta ma pani sunghaidinchu ni tapai lai, deep bro le jastai......... amonia.
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:06 PM

Kalanki ji

There was once a man from Kalanki,
who rode on a solar powered donkey;
He taught me the words,
of Mon and Ma Cherie
and made me feel like a French monkey!!!


There once was a man near the sun,
who lived near the sea, not a tern,
he carried a curse
of a big golden bird,
as he roams the cyber space just for fun!!!


Rusti ji,

But ofcourse....

You have the "mettle" to be in my kitchen cabinet. :)
Logical Sense Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:07 PM

Action My Dear Cabinet Colleagues?

Thanks for believnig and putting the all important 'Agricultural' ministry on me. Kunjan bro, I think I will stay with Agriculture, but, Chief Justice post seemed tempting too.

As soon as I saw my name nominated in the cabinet I was away in the remote village in 'listening' trip and getting the all important data to implement my agriculural revolution plans for next five years.

So fast I missed lots of fun in this thread!!!

Agriculture ministry seems no joke when I see that 90% of people are farmers in Nepal. My plan will seal off the border and I will refuse to feed Uttaranchal, Bihar and W. Bengal free of cost. I won't mind feeding them but not at the cost of our hard working farmers. We will feed anyone after we feed all Nepalese.

Under 'MY LEADERSHIP' Agriculture is going to be backbone of Nepalese economy.

My plan also includes:

1) Challenge all Sajhaites to come back to own a farm land.
2) Develop community farming,
3) Internships for college students to come and do farming,
4) Developing bigger plots so that ploughing and irrigation is economical,
5) Supplying Mag Mag Basna Aune Basmati Rice to all Sajhaiites, much better than Basna Rahit Dehraduini Basmati.
6) Export promotion of out Agricultural products,
7) Make sure the minerals of our Himalaya flows to our 17% fertile land in Terai instead of flowing to Bihar and Bengal.
8) Challenge PM Biswo to put Agriculture in priority list of providing infrastructure and proper budget for my aggressive plans, especially the Irrigation infrastructure
9) Effectively work with Uttranchal, Bihar and W Bengal govenment to deal with flooding problems, water distribution and irrigation channels. Dangle carrots infront of them by saying a good water control in Nepal is better for them.

More after my another trip to Far Western Agricultural zone.

- iti
hyaterica Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:10 PM

khai ke paap gariya thiyo purwa janma ma, jatti kurda ni kasaile afno naam euta khardar ko post ma pani sifarish nagarne yaar :(
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:12 PM

More Ministers:

Anepali kt - Ministry of "GAG", Yell and Prosecution

Soulfree ji- Ministry of Nirvana

Arnico ji

I think I can pace with you:

You post loooooong posts after a loooooooooong time;
I post one liners in short time/s!

The Ying and Yang of every Balancing Act... :)
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:17 PM

Hyaterica ji- Ministry of HIND Sight...( hyatterica, hing sight is 20/20.!!!)
Job Description- Bhool Sudhar!!

Happy now? :)
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:20 PM

hing=hind sight*
Biswo Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:25 PM

Those asking for new cabinet posts, please be patient, and be ready for impending general election. If you get elected, you have chance. Our council of ministers is already big enough for our small country.
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:29 PM

Sitara jyu.

Hazur ko word by word padhe. kholera meaning pani khoje. Nepali ma ultha gare. Hammer le tauko thoke, hammerma tauko thoke. Gokul dhup baalera meditation gare. Email gare, Instant Message chare. Tarapani hazur ko kabita ko artha bujhna sakina. Kalanki ra donkey samma bujhe, tya pachi SLC ko angreji ko question bho. 2 ghanta ghorida pani pyattai bujheta marijau. Saral Nepali ma lekhnu paryo hazur.

Jhan ta tyo second poem ta taalu ko tuppo bata gayo. Hazur lai bhool ma je paaye tyahi bhaneko bhaye bhul chuk maaf pau. Brain baata chirne kidney le thamna sakne reply pokhnu paryo hazur ko daibi haat baata.


By the way, Boka kinne? dashai lai sitaraji? Jhakke 10 dharni ko boka cha ni ma sanga. Nikkhar kaalo pahadi. Kalanki paani tyanki ko kasam. sasto ma... hazur lai ta jhan buy one boka get one free kaal ratri ko laagi haansh. Contact me...
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:38 PM

**if you are not biswoji, please don't read this. thank you!! **


Hijo raati ko party ma hazur le daaru ko sur ma kasam khanu bha cha hai!! Khanepaani tatha dhal bikas ta merai naam ma parcha bhanera. (whisper whisper). Malai birsunu hunna hai. Ma jatti ko capable minister ta koi ni chaina khaane paani ko laagi. Mero experience cha khanepani ma. Kalanki ma bihana bihana Paani kolle kholcha? maile ta ho ni. Maile tyo post napaye aru kolle paune, hoina ta Biswoji?

Biswojyu lai kun color ko bhale man parcha bhannu bha? Ma ek darzan hazur ko ghar ma TU. pathaidinchu.

bhetdai garula, parliament ma.

hazurko, bhauju ko ani hazur ko chora (kasto gyaani chora hazurko) ko mukh ma mineral water.
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:38 PM

Kalanki ji,

Thank you....I am ali phonetically challenged; will stick to nabujhiney English... :)

Already have a boka for Dashain.....thanks!

Oys ji presented the Boka to me! hehehe! :P

Health Ministry ma hunda ta khubai nai koseli paindo rahecha ni! !!
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:48 PM

Sitara Jyu.

Aafuleta Janpravat (kalimati) bata SLC diya. 5 choti ta gulting khaiyo. English chai sidha goes over my head. Paani kholna lai english nachahine rahecha, paani kholni jaagir khai. Aba ke ko angreji ni.

Boka ta kini saknu bhayecha. (aba kollai bechu?) wora para koi cha bhane esso bujhnus na. Discount rate ma dinchu ni.

Oys jyu presented boka to you? Good. That means oys jyu doesn't have boka, and he might buy my boka. Contact number pau na hazur oys ko.

Hazur health ministry ma? Ma ta upa PM bhanthanya. hazur upa PM hunuparne manche, how come health minister? Biswo ji le role khelya jasto cha.

By the way, if you have some saana karyakram or something like selling Legal drugs, malai contact rakhna nabirsanu hola hai. adha adha baadamla ni.
hyaterica Posted on 07-Oct-02 04:52 PM

feels good to be a full timer here on ?

Thanks for the post, sitara. Haina, aba chhito bhanda chhito shapath grahan pani gari halaun, feri mantri huna napaudai bighatan ko chapeta ma parnu parla..:-)
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:04 PM

mantri post ko tikas pani blyak ma bechera pathaunu parne jasto.

ek ka dus ek ka dus, dhoke minister khaali cha, ek ka dus ek ka dus.

dhoke minister: Nepal ma katti wota dhoka cha la bhannu ta? karodau holan. Euta mantri chahiyenata.. hamro hyaterica jyo le bada gunaso garnu bha cha. Dhoke mantri chai wahan lai dinu parcha.

Dhoke mantri ko kaam pani ta moj ko cha ni. Dhoka ma basera jyal kumari harulai line hanna paaune. manche dhoka ma dil jhyal ma.

BISWOJI, ALCOHOL MINISTER CHAHINNA? ma chu ni. khane pani ra alcohol ustai ta ho ni.
hathi baliyo ki hatti chap chappal?? >> ustai ustai ho naani...
tyastai alcohol pani jhol, paani pani jhol... alcohol ministry pani chalcha.... Tu samparka rakhum la biswojyo.
Poonte Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:05 PM

(buruk buruk ufrandai)...aeeeeee! haina kasaile sunena ki ke ho??? hullloooo!!!! (ajhai pani ufrandai) pani ghusne ke mantrii mandal ma....hyalllllooooo!!!!!! (talu ma chit chit pasina nikaldai)...jatti ufre pani nadekhne...hareee...paschim jeeee!!!! louna! sitara jee....source force laidinus na!!! (ajhai ufrandai, ani talu ko pasina puchhdai)...oi, village voice! sathi bhayera pani kehi nagarne???...louna ni!!!!!!!!!!! kasaile kehi ta garideu yo sano manchhe ko nimti! Anepalikt...Suna boju...sainli dd...kehi ta gari deu...kehi ta bhani deu...ufranda ufranda khuttai dukhi sakyo...chichyaunda chichyaunda ghanti suki sakyo....hareeee Shiva! Narayana!
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:14 PM

[nepathya bata poonte lai bolaudai]
ye-chis-chis-- oye bam!! oye poonte, oye poon, oye.. poo

[poonte le pachadi farkidai debre eye ko daine corner bata herera]
ke? (hufff hufff... ) malai (hufff hufff..) bam bhanchas?? kina bola?

[ishara le bolaudai]
yeta aaija na, kopchero ma....

[poonte came to kopchero]

Tikas kinne, khel mantralaya khaali cha ni... aru lai ek ka 20 ma bechi ra, tapai lai ek ka 15 ma dinchu. Khelkud mantri ta hazur nai hunu parcha. Tyo tapai ufrya dekhni bittikai maile ta yo tikas tapai kai laagi save garera rakya... tapai khel mantri nabhaye ko hune? lalten baalera palten? tapai ko ta body ni kheladi ko jasto cha... maradona jasto .. pudke pudke... hamra panche khel mantri ni ta gyante thiye ni... sharad raja. Wahan ko bido hazur le nathame kolle thamne? kinne tikas... ek ka 15. .... la ek ka 14 ma dinchu tapailai... esso bidesh jaane toli ma mero ni naam rakhi dinu, Gold sold lyaula... Tapai ni happy, ma ni happy, hunna ta?
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:29 PM

Poonte ji

Ministry of Poonte Barshiya Yojana
Job description: Incharge of Poonte scale industries!!!

Happy? :)
Poonte Posted on 07-Oct-02 05:43 PM

(swa swa gardai...laamo saas tabera) je bhaye pani linchhu bhanthenko thiyen, tara yo dillibazar ko bhai kalikasthan ra sitara dd le ta sahrai po hepyo hou...(huff-puff gardai)

(aba loppa khuwaundai)...eeeeeee la, tero khel kud mantri! tai rakh tyo 1 ka 14...sittaima diye pani uuuuuu (tukucha tira dekhaundai) tyahan milkaidinchhu. bajjiya, ke bhanthaneko kunni? sano dekhdai ma hepeko? malai tyo sukul gunda Sharadar sanga tulana garne? (bhuin tira thukdai) thuikka papi nakacharo...tero dimag ma kida napareko...

Haina, Sitara dd...tetti sahro hepnu pani bhayena ni...poonte indutries banaune? Russian Matyurska dolls? hunata aba nepal ma Russian transnational corporation khole tyo pani banau na ta hunthyo...tara maile ta yesso pararashtra takeko--a,rika le bomb hanna aye pani ma sano manchhe lai Nani Maiya Dahal ko fariya muntira lukna sajilo chha...yesso kaan fukidinusna la!
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:06 PM

Poontey ji

Poonte scale industry operates hand in hand with defense ministry:

Micro cameras,
Micro grenades,
micro view finders,
micro phones,
micro bugs,
micro scopes (for biological war fare)
micro radars,
Micro minis (for the super female spies)

All this ties up up Micro Economy of the ward off Gobalization from India and china...

This is a very covetted post!

If you don't want it we can give it to Ashu ji or Biruwa ji (who just emerged from a micro seed stage!)
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:39 PM

Lau hera poonte dai jossiya.

Nalini bhy nalini bhannus na ta, ke ko tyo kuhiya naspati jasto anuhar parya. If you don't want it, then don't take it. Aru chadai chan ni... koi cha khel kud mantri ka ummeddwar... tikas tikas... ek ka 10. Tapai nabhaye arka bam ji ni ta hununcha ni. Bam Dai, tikas line hoina -- hazur ko ta experience pani cha mantri pad ko.

Ma sangachai biswajyoti ko hall ko ticket bechne jasto rankira, ani sitara jyu sanga chai kasto cooooooool bhayera kura garya. Poonte jyu, bhaye ni nabhayeni ma ta bhandinchu.. There is Politician running in every cell of your blood. lau jaa ta. Kasto chito party badalna jaanya. Hot Chocolate bata 1 second mai ice cream huna ta politician le matrai jancha.

Time ajhai fuskya chaina hoi, tyo sitara jyo ko micro comment sunerata malai ni bhaye ni nabhaye ni poonte jyu lai nai mantri banaunu man laagya cha. Jhukkera Ghus khayena bhane ta kathmandu ma micro-mini skirt ko big bigi dekhna paaincha ni... poonte ji, ma tapai lai nai Support garchu.. kalanki paani tyanki ko kasam.

by the way its KALANKISTHAN, not kalikaSthan... ma garchu agra ko kura poonte jyu garnuhuncha gagra ko kura.
Rusty Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:39 PM

PM Sitara Ji and all,
Has anybody thought of Sports Minister? If that position is vacant, I would love to take it:)
Well, you guys might think we really don't need sports and athletics improvement in Nepal, then I withdraw my proposal;)
anepalikt Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:48 PM

"Anepalikt - Ministry of "GAG", Yell and Prosecution "

So where is the yell and prosecution coming from? I think some people are taking their cyber duties too seriously... get a life!! and stop nominating people who are not in the rat race of being stars in sajha!!
kalankisthan Posted on 07-Oct-02 06:52 PM

Samaj tatha jankalyan mantralaya khaali cha.

hazur ko uchcha prawachan sundha malai hazur tyo post ko laagi P+E+R+F+E+C+E+T lagya cha. Pech kasum biswo jyo ko? ki kinne tikas?? ek ka 20.

job discription:
go to samaj and do kalyan.
ghus khaana paine. kassaiko ankha nalagne.
75 jillamai ghaderi jodna milne.
kuro chalam??
anepalikt Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:11 PM

Kalankishtan ko dherai bus ko dhuwa khanda khanda tapai ko dimag chahi ali touched (by an angel) bhayecha ki kaso. Kura chalnai man bha bhe pani dalal chainna thiyo hola. :)

I have to agree with that this whole thing smacks exactly of what WXW said above....

and no I do not like to watch.
Rusty Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:14 PM

Kalankisthan ji
Today i see you all over sajha threads. Which minister are you? ..LOL. Sorry if I didn't follow the complete cabinet.
Can I get my job description too:p
Biruwa Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:27 PM

Que tal Sitara?

My micro-radar had been swinging full-time only to detect my name being proposed by the witty (notice the double t) Sitara for a ministerial post for Poonte Barshiya Yojana .

Unfortunately, Dilasha has already assigned Arnico as the planning mantri and that ministry runs Poonte Barshiya Yojana :-( Also Arnico accepted the post as soon as he got up from his bed! He got the ministerial post along with his Bed Tea ;-)

As they say "politics is a dirty game". You cannot be a politician and remain "clean". Besides there should be at least a few Janatas who go about actually doing something. If every body becomes a ruler then there won't be any body to do the actual job ;)

Reminds me of a story:

One company decided to open a warehouse in the middle of a desert. So after building the warehouse they put a watchman for the security of the warehouse. After a few months the head of the company decided to assign a secretary to the warehouse so that she can keep track of whether the warchman is doing his duties correctly.

Since there were now two employees, the board meeting of the company decided to assign an accountant to the warehouse to keep track of the records and also a manager cum human resources to manage all the employees of that warehouse.

But as the economy declined, the company started looking for ways to cut costs. So after due deliberation, the company decided to lay off the watchman.

Moral of the story is: Don't loose sight of the real need.

When you are faced with economic crisis ministers with grandiloquent speech go only so far! And the biggest disadvantage is that They cost us money.

That will be all for the moment!
Logical Sense Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:56 PM

Bhasan Bhasan Bhasan,

PMjyu, Yo Sabai Mantri Haru Lai Barkhasta Garnu Paryo, Ek Din Mai.

Kura Bahek, Kaam Bhaneko Ta Kehi Pani Chaina?

Maile Katti Papers Haru Pes Gari Saken, Kursi Ma Ta Ko Hi Pani Chaina Re.

Sab Ki Ta Bhasan Didaichan, Ki Ta Bhasan Sunna Ga Chan Re.

Yestai Bhayera Ta 12 Barsh Dekhi PM Haru Kathmandu Ka Buhari Haru Le Saari Phera Jasdai Phernu Pareko.

Ani Barkhasta Hundainan Ta?

Jau Kaam Garna.......

Aba Bhasan Sakyo, Jas Jasle Port Folio Payena Timi Harulai Embassador Banayera Bidesh Pathaidiunal Pugena Aba?

Ke Kich Kich?
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 07:58 PM

Wow, Biswoji, portfolio bandphand-le ta swasthaniko katha po yaad aayo.

sattyawati ko deha patan pachhiko laamo adhyaya or somewhere????

phalna phlana aye, ani prahbu prasnna bhayi timi tiyhan ka raja....pheri phalanla, phalana aaye, ani prabhu prasanna bhai...pheri planana, phalana aaye, prabhu prasanna bhai....that goes on and on, remember? there seems to be everything for everybody :))

that said, the *real* king out there in kathmandu must be having a hard time with all the king's men lining up for their bhag...:) just see the fun begins when someone decides s/he didn't get the dues, "Ma justo rajbhakta...!!!"
VillageVoice Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:01 PM

pls read: there seems to be something for everybody.
KingBhakta Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:18 PM

Biswo ji used to rock-n-roll for honesty, rule and order. now he is Sajhastan PM and says , 'As they say "politics is a dirty game". you cannot be a politician and remain "clean"'. Biswo ji speaks chinese mind. Biswo ji's logics are crude and lack enough evidence. Biswo ji wants to revive local bodies and don't want to revive parliament. Biswo knows how to play dirty game of politics.

Rt. Honerable PM Mr. Biswo, tyo kurshi ta magic rahecha ni ta. tyaha basne bittikai change bhai halyo ni sammanniya PM jyu ko mind. sachhikai ko chair ma basne ko halat ke hola.
KingBhakta Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:19 PM

Biswo ji used to rock-n-roll for honesty, rule and order. now he is Sajhastan PM and says , 'As they say "politics is a dirty game". you cannot be a politician and remain "clean"'. Biswo ji speaks chinese mind. Biswo ji's logics are crude and lack enough evidence. Biswo ji wants to revive local bodies and don't want to revive parliament. Biswo knows how to play dirty game of politics.

Rt. Honerable PM Mr. Biswo, tyo kurshi ta magic rahecha ni ta. tyaha basne bittikai change bhai halyo ni sammanniya PM jyu ko mind. sachhikai ko chair ma basne ko halat ke hola.
KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:26 PM

Dalal nabhanau na anepalikt. apachya sunincha ke. Ma ta euta syano tino medium matrai ho ni. Feri Mantriparishad gathan ko mauka every day thodai aucha ra?

Ani anepalikt naani chai kata bata ni? Sivapuri ko tuppa bata? u basya thauma chai dhuwai naudne jasto.... Bemani!! Tapai lai post nachahiye yaha ummedwar chaang chan. khoi leunus.

Looks like logi dai le ni seat paaunu bhayena jasto cha. Tyasai le ta marich chumurkya jasto garera, darha keetera, garjan garera, girija le PM post lose garda khutta bhu ma bajarya jastai bajari rahanu bha cha ni. Logi dai, hazur le post napaaye samaj kalyan mantralaya linae? AnepaliKT le "i quit" re. that post is vacant. hazur ko agya siropar. Khabar paau.
anepalikt Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:35 PM

Shiva puri hoina, Kailash bata, Kalankisthan jyu, Kailash. "I quit" bhanna pahile race ma ni hunu paryo ni. Malai ta hool dekhera dar lagcha , yasto tachad machad bha thauma...

dalal apach bhayeko ma chyama....

But I still say, this seems to be too close to real life for some folks:)
KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:39 PM

Rusty Jyu,

Aaafno purpuro ma ke ko mantri pad ni. Duniya lai paani khuwaudai samaj seva gardai ma time kata hunu ni mantri pad ko. (For your info, ma kalanki paani tyanki ko paani kholne maanche). I am just trying to help some wannabe mantris to become mantri.

Tapai ko ichya cha bhane, how about Treasure mantri??
Naam nai kya khatara... Treasure minister.

Huna ta Nepal ko treasure ra hazur ko naam haththi ra haththi chaap chappal jastai ho..
tai pani.. Nepal ko treasure pani "hing nabhaye ni hing baadhya taalo ho". Kaath kaatera lagepani chyakan ajhai cha. Khaane chances thupro cha.

Job description ke hunu ni

Basne, paisa ganne, secretary sanga "rangeela" ko geet gaune
daily ali ali chyakan ghar lyaune...

aru ke ni...
KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:41 PM

kailash bata? kailash ta pet dukhyo bhanera suti raa cha.
SITARA Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:42 PM

Well said Anepalikt:

My REAL life is as Dangerous as my cyber life!!!

KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 07-Oct-02 08:48 PM

Sitara Jyu, Darshan!!

(Higher level le thikka paarera rakhnu paryo ni sitarajyu lai
kun bela mantri bhai dine ho ke tha) hehehehe..

Malai agya dinus,
dharama paani kholne bela bho..
ma hinde!!
Dilasha Posted on 07-Oct-02 10:03 PM

Oh my lord!!! this thread is inundated with soooooo many halla khalla, ki i feel like i'm in the midst of Ason ko sabji mandi. Is this similar to the environment created in those parliamentary sessions coz i feel that that "bhawan", "sadan" or whatever one might call it, is way too congested so we definitely need another mantri who could take charge of building another bhawan, who could be best for that Sitara?

And my "dear" Paschim, :) kuro nabhujheko kahan ho ra? "pahilo" cabinet formation ma shaamil nagareko le po chitta dukhako ni, pheri afulai J kura ma pani "pahilo" nai hunuparne ;) anyways, that self declaration was just a result of my outcry for self contentment kya. anyway, thanks for the sweet words but i guess i'll have to accept the position that Kunjan ji gave me "Head of Daivi Prakop Uddhar Samiti" for now which as a matter of fact reminds me of the program. My committee (the real one i mean) has been working very hard to organize this fund raising event which i'll officially announce in Sajhapur next week. There are still some things that need to be confirmed like the venue. therefore not now.

And Arnico ji, next time i come to Boston, I will definitely set up an appointment with you for the "photo session" hai? in the meantime i'll engage myself in an intense regimen of diets and proper exercise so i can shed some extra pounds and become as svelte as Kate Moss :) Btw, I loved your "goals" and "plans" very promising indeed. la la aba execute pani garnu paryo chitai nai.

And Sitara, your nominations were hilarious as well. purohit baje for hahoo guru? "minister of poonte barsiya yojana"? man that's really phunnny!!!

Ani Ashu, Grapevine has it that you're on your way to tie the "holy matrimonial knot" sooon. k ho? don't forget to invite me esp for the janti okay. la! la! seto daura suruwal ra kaalo jhamjhame ishtakot lagaundai, kaalo chaata oddaii, kaalo ray ban dhalkaudai, janti liyera chahin katatira jane ni?? dont' forget to reserve the Sajha bus for all the sajhabaasi. :) btw, thanks for the info about the red cross. We have decided to donate the funds to them and i sent them an email last week but haven't heard from them yet. nepal ko kaam ta ho, sadhain dhilasoosti.

Okay last but not least, Deep ji, i was just kidding when i said that i haven't read your stories. Not all of them but I have read quite a few. k garne samaya ko abhaav le garda laamo postings haru padna nai nabhyaune kya. But I'll definitely read the next one you write hai.

Hawas ta, ajalai yeti nai. gotta go back to my studying. I wish you all the Sajhapur ko Sajhabaasi a very very Happy Dashain and Tihar. May this auspicious festival bring nothing but joy an prosperity to your lives. :)
oys_chill Posted on 07-Oct-02 10:43 PM


kehi deen ko lagi boston ma "king(of sajha)" baata "rookie award" lina gaako ta , sajha le kachuli pheri sakecha......and KING decided to postpone the award........aroo more capable rookies chann re :( HUHUHUHUHUHU!!!

sitara ji, how ironic, u nominate me for youth and innocence.......hehe i just lost both today :) YIPPIE!! well, gotta go to kill brain cells now !

MERO PRAN BHANDA PIYARO DAI "POONTE " Dai ko yetro beijjat........don't worry poo dai, I SOLELY SUPPORT YOR INSIDE DESIRE TO BE PM........u r the most valid candidate......poo dai, bhayena, les futao this party.....les start "sajha party(POO) alias :).........opposition party ko leader? what do u say poo dai? ani mero dashain ko "JAMA" tayar bho/ kaile line aam?

PS# kalankistan jyu, aajkaal ma sajha dherai chaunu bhako cha...k ko asar ho? dark side of the moon, ki lotta sitaras??? :P
SITARA Posted on 08-Oct-02 05:10 AM

Kalanki ji,

Pani tatha Jaal mantralaya.

Still at the watering hole ki?????????
KaLaNkIsThAn Posted on 08-Oct-02 08:26 AM

Sitara jyu, mero saadhubaad.

Sitara jyu ko golden Vote paayopachi ta mero jan kalyan bhai halyo ni.

(Guys, tyo melamchi jiudai cha ki chaina? ki sappai rittai sake bajiya haru le. Ma aauna lai ni, essso khane paani ma khana paaune thau ta melamchi nai ho kyara)
Poonte Posted on 08-Oct-02 10:03 AM

Dherai din pachhi oys ko shwor sunna paunda purnima ko jun jasto anuhar bhayo aja mero...harsha ra umanga le chhayo mero dil...tyo papi dalal kalankisthan le mantri nabanaye ke bho ra aba? Mera param bhai oys le ramro idea jhikyo...MA ABA AFNAI BORODHI DAL KHOLNE!!!! KOI CHHA????????????

aaunus, aaunus, dd-bahini/daju-bhai haru!!! hamro naya TALU CHHAAP ma chinna launus! Mantri banna lai pani thupprai seat khali chhan...mantri banna man nabhaye vote dinus! la la la...aaunus yo sajha bata shuruwat bhayeka nata-baji lai bahishkar garoun! hamro party swachha chha...sab ko lagi thaun chha...ucha mastishka bhayeka sablai tettikai thaun chha...

sadyasyata ko lagi afno CV samet samparka garnu hols: param dai-bhai Oys/Poo...Ph # 1-900-HOT-PARTY
Arnico Posted on 08-Oct-02 12:25 PM

PM ji, when is the next cabinet meeting?
paramendra Posted on 08-Oct-02 12:34 PM

Tropical Posted on 08-Oct-02 12:58 PM

  • Haina, Ye neta bhanauda haru lai kasle manonit ga re ko?

  • Ani election ko miti kahile lai cha?

  • ki election ma uthne aat chaina. Heraun ta election ma utheko.

  • election ma na uthikana payeko mantri haru ko Bhasan ta khub charko cha ba!

Desh_Bhakta_Bhattarai Posted on 08-Oct-02 04:38 PM

Constitution of
Proposed By Desh Bhakta Bhattarai
Article 1
Section A is a Constitutional Monarchy, in the net, with the monarch Shree 5 * King San Bir Bikram Site Administrator Dev. Any one, who is given the title of "Site Administrator" will be regarded as a Monarch.
Section B
His Majesty's rights are protected. He has the right to regain power at any time and to even destroy the site, and let us loose in cyberspace. He is respected and can be only commented on the "Comment" section. He holds the power of Security and Judicary. He can oust any user of at any time, if the user has abused his/her authority or violates the rights in the discalimer.
Section C
The king has the power to hold his office, and nobody, except he himself can eradicate him from his throne.

Article 2
All people are registered freely and have equal rights in posting items.
Section A
No exception is made. Everybody enjoys the priveleges and the rights, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic background and language.
Section B
Law can only prohibit such actions as are hurtful to the Sajha community.
Section C
The free communication of ideas and opinions is one of the most precious rights of a person. Every registered user may, accordingly, chat, write, and post with freedom.
Section D
No person shall be ousted if he/she has used the site appropriately without violeting the terms and conditions of use.

Article 3
Everybody has the right of privacy.

Article 4
The government of is divided into three sections -- Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. The Judicial branch is headed by the king, Executive, the Parliament and Legislative, the Parliament. Thus, the Parliament holds the most power.

Article 5
There is freedom of expression. However, religion cannot be a part of threads. It leads to propaganda, and racist, sexist, ethnicist beliefs. Therefore religion cannot be a part of and nobody would be allowed to talk about the strengths of one's religion or the weakness of another. That violates a person's right to privacy. (Threads on religion take more space than any other!)

Article 6
Ousting is based upon 3 violations of the set of laws (The Discalimer and the Terms and Conditions)[strike one! strike two! strike three! Your OUSTED!]

Article 7
Section A
Ministers are to be chosen through the means of election through the polls. A poll for every ministarial position will be created. The results of the polls in three days of its creation would determine who will hold the position of the Minister. The same thing applies to the election of the heads of the Commission for Invstigation on Abuse of Authority in Sajha (CIAAS) and the Sajha Election Commission (SEC).
Section B
The nomination of the candidates for the Ministarial Positions should be filed and sent to the Sajha Election Commissioner at the following email address:
Nominies would be given a ticket each. No member shall file nominaiton for more than two positions.
Section C
The Ministrial Positions are as follows:
Prime Minister (Exercises the most power, after the King)
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Finance
Minister of Foreign Web Site Affairs
Minister of Communication
Minister of Conservation of Old threads
Minister of Law
Minister of Environment
Minister of Defence
Minister of Women and Children affairs
Minister without a department

Article 8
Ministers will use their power accordingly. Abuse of power is not tolerated.

Article 9
Hope everybody follows the constitution. Changes, ratrification etc. would be held as pleased by the Parliament (appropriately)

May lord Pashupatinath Bless
Himali Posted on 08-Oct-02 04:53 PM

DBB ji

hehe! You are peerless in your creativity!!! :)

Fabulous! But I also reserve the right to disagree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Which article allows the de-establishment of the consitutional monarchy?????????

San, San, where art thou....Pray refuse the laural wreath as well as the crown!!!!!!!!!!

BEWARE the IDES OF October!!!!

You can be our President!!!
SITARA Posted on 08-Oct-02 05:30 PM

Kalankisthan ji....

Maph garnu hola.......

Those limericks were not for you!!!!!!!

It was a posting mistake... no wonder you could not find it in the encarta!!!!!!!!!

But the mantra translation was priceless!!!! :)

Nepe Posted on 08-Oct-02 11:39 PM

Overwhelmingly large number of postings among which are some very stimulating, funny and delightfulness. Since I won’t be able to comment on each of them I will be content with first giving thanks to Naresh Karki, Dilasha and Sitara for their kind recommendation regarding portfolio for me, from PM to Ghazal Mantri to Ass-essment & Tyam keeping Mantri. I will not hide my gratification even if WXWji is watching and Nepaliktji is not watching ! Second, Sitaraji ko wit-o-humor ko kunai jawaf chhaina bhani rahana parne kura haina, but I cannot remain without appreciating a newcomer Kalankisthan ji ko binodpriyeta. Poonte ji pani kam hunuhudo rahenachha yes bidha ma. Poonte ji ka cool and balanced yet bicharottejak postings in various threads has impressed me so much that I am even ready to tender my kursi to him. Poonte ji ati yogya candidate hunuhunchha Sajha Nepal Sarkar ko laagi.

Sajha Nepal Sarkar ko legislative kura ma chhahi je prastab pani swikar chha hai malaai. By the way, Biruwaji ra Soulfreeji, I am for the inclusive government. I will support even welcoming the Maobadi. But with a minimum condition. And that is the commitment to democracy and abandonment of violence. So my reservation regarding Isolated Freak and Soulfree should be understandable. Must I tell that Democracy is the only and ultimate social contract for the contemporary world. Existence or lack of it is debatable, but democracy itself is not debatable. So prajatantra ko khilli udaaudai powerful rajtantra ko paxama raheka harulai yo sarkaar ma kunai sthan chhaina. No for anti-democracy people. Period.

Now, to the main kura. I am still working on Niti/karyakram ko kura. But I am very much impressed with the colleagues who have already bring forth their proposals etc. Thank you Paramendra, Logical Sense and Arnicoji. As expected, these technocrats have some solid and long needed ideas. I broadly support these proposals. I will write more later. I am thinking to focus on the issue of the corruption. While I will mostly rely on professional brains of the cabinet (Paschim, Arnico, Biswo, Ashu, Logical Sense, Bikas and others) for any policy/plan/program thing, I have some weird ideas regarding bhrastachar unmoolan. To give you a taste of how weird they are, let me start by saying that I do not support current dramatic stunt of CIAA. Yes, you heard me right. More to follow. Stay tuned.
Biswo Posted on 09-Oct-02 12:48 AM


The first meeting will be held soon after cyber-swearing in. I am also working for agendas to be presented on the first day of meeting.

Let the public hearing continue for the moment.
WXW Posted on 09-Oct-02 06:02 PM

Biswoji was ejected out of eSingha Durbar at Sajhastan. now Paramendraji is on the front row. it is now a relay HP race among our Sajhastan's leaders. MPji is fueling the HP competition with superb imaginations. YES, am i enjoying watching the HP competition.
WXW Posted on 09-Oct-02 06:05 PM

lord siva le wrong thau ma tyasto kam garnale rishi muni ka srimati behaal bhayera uniharule le lord siva lai sarape ka thiye re. aaja deoba ra aru neta le tyastai gari wrong thau ma HP garda shishu democracy ko po patan bhaye jasto chha. tyo patan ko raap le hami sabailai poleko chha.