Driver of Murdered UML leader Killed!!

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sojoketa Posted on 28-Jul-03 06:07 AM

Kathmandu, Monday July 28, 2003 Shrawan 12, 2060.


Driver of murdered UML leaders killed

By Yuvraj Acharya

KATHMANDU, July 27 : Amar Lama, the driver of the jeep that met an accident killing the late UML general secretary Madan Bhandari in 1993, was shot dead today in broad daylight in Kirtipur. He was killed a mere two hours after being abducted by unidentified persons from the offices of a local newspaper in Dillibazar.

A group of unidentified gunmen, who abducted Lama from the office of Tajakhabar Weekly tabloid at around 1:45 in the afternoon, took him in a taxi to the hamlet of Kirtipur on the southwestern outskirts of the capital and shot him dead. The assassins then fled towards Panga village.

Senior Superintendent of Kathmandu Valley Police Binod Singh told The Kathmandu Post that the police have launched a massive manhunt. "We are investigating the case but we dont have any suspects at this moment," he said.

A local shopkeeper in Kirtipur, who saw the gruesome killing, said that he saw four men chasing a man in the middle of the town. They caught the man and beat him first, before one of them shot him with a pistol on the head at point-blank range. The shopkeeper, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "The person (Lama) kept yelling for help but no one stepped forward. I thought of going to help him but I couldnt take a single step after he fell down due to the gunshot."

The police later identified the dead person as Lama. The bullet had pierced his head and blood was trickling out of his ears. Police also recovered a spent bullet casing from the site of the crime.

Lama was the driver of the fatal accident in May 1993 which killed the then UML general secretary Madan Bhandari and chief of the partys organisation department Jeevraj Ashrit. Only Lama survived the accident at Dasdhunga in Chitwan district.

At the time, the UML claimed that Lama was involved in a conspiracy to kill its leaders. He was ultimately handed down a sentence of life imprisonment by the Chitwan District Court, charging him of negligence. The sentence was later reduced by the Supreme Court, and Lama was released after spending five years in prison.

After being released from jail, Lama quit the UML and joined the Nepali Congress party. He was regularly writing columns for Tajakhabar Weekly for the past few months.

Reacting to Lamas death, a senior CPN (UML) leader Ishwar Pokharel said it was sad that the only remaining witness to the fateful 1993 jeep accident is now gone.


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GP Posted on 28-Jul-03 06:38 PM

Who would have killed this poor fellow? Who went to jail for others political benefit?

This has surely cleared the Madhav Kumar Nepal, because the advantage to
Makune from this accident: he would not be known to many Nepalis was Madan
Bhandari alive. Makune used the death just the same way he used Lauda
Air Scandal for his poltical benefits, both the cases were void indeed.

But, Makune's biggest failure is "not to join the committee to investigate Birendra
family massacre". That is the end of his political career, though he is secretary
of UML, but, peoples don't see him a dashing personality, but, just a cunning personality, because he always used these incidents cunningly for his own
political benefit, neither for his political party nor for the public. Even the death
of Amar Lama, Makune will try to cash it if it is worth. Unfortunately, Lama
moved to Nepali Congress, and there are speculations whether Makune
is behind the death (fraction of chances: you can not deny its possibility in the same
manner Makune used Madan Bhandari's death and Lauda Air)? If Makune could
make much fuss from Madan's death and Lauda air, why can not we accuse
Makune for the death of Amar Lama, at least for the time being?